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Be your own numerologist - Part II
Compared to astrology, numerology is very simple. In astrology, we have 27 stars and 9 planets. Basically, there are only 9 numbers in numerology (1 to 9). All other numbers are just repetition of the basic numbers.

WHEN A single digit number is added with 9 or multiple of 9 (18/ 27/ 36, etc) the result obtained represents the same basic number. 1+9=10 (1+9=10.1+0=1), 2+18=20 (2+0=2), 3+36=39(3+9=12,1+2=3).

Numbers in numerology:

There are 4 numbers - birth number, fate number, number related to Sun Sign and occult number (name number). The first three numbers are permanent. They cannot be changed. Occult number can be changed by modifying the spelling of the name. Birth number represents the birth date (month and year are not taken into account).

Birth number 1 is for those born on 1/10/19/28. Those born on 2/11/20/29 have 2.

People born on 3/12/21/30 have 3. Birth number 4 is carried by those born on 4/13/22/31. Those born on 5/14/23 bear birth number 5. Birth number 6 is for those born on 6/15/24. Birth number 7 is possessed by those born on 7/16/25. Those whose birth date is 8/17/26 have birth number 8. Finally, people born on 9/18/27 have birth number 9.

Know our fate number (destiny number) :

Fate number is the sum of the birth date, month and year. Roger Federer was born on 8-8-1981. His fate number is: 8+8+1+9+8+1=35(3+5=8). His fate number and birth number are same. To have same or friendly birth number and fate number gives a strong personality. Birth number of Oommen Chandy is 4. His fate number is 22 (2+2=4). Birth number of Jayalalithaa is 6. Her fate number is 30 (3+0=3).

Sun Sign number:

Aries and Scorpio represent 9. Taurus and Libra have 6. Gemini and Virgo carry 5.

Cancer carries 2 and 7. Leo has 1 and 4. Sagittarius and Pisces have 3. Capricorn and Aquarius have 8. If ones Sun sign number is identical or friendly with other numbers, that is fine. Fate number of Narendra Modi is 32 (3+2=5). His occult number is 41 (4+1=5) and sun sign number is also 5. Birth number of Sonia Gandhi is 9. Sun sign number is 3. Her occult number is 36 (3+6=9).

What's not in a name!

We can find out our occult number (name number). For that, first we have to know the occult value of each alphabet. It is as shown here: a/i/j/q/y=1. b/k/r=2. c/g/l/s=3. d/m/t=4. e/h/n/x=5. u/v/w=6. o/z=7. f/p=8. To find out a name number of Manmohan=m+a+n+m+o+h+a+n=4+1+5+4+7+5+1+5=32 (3+2=5).

Case of Bill Clinton:

Former US President Bill Clinton has been strongly influenced by number 1. Number 1 helped Clinton to emerge unhurt from Monica Lewinsky case. Clinton was born on August 19, 1946. Birth number, Sun Sign number and occult numbers are identical.

The name number of Bill Clinton is 37 (3+7=10,1+0=1). The name number of William Jefferson Clinton is 91 (9+1=10,1+0=1). Clinton was elected as the US President when he was 46 years old (4+6=10,1+0=1). He was the 1st US President to visit Gaza Strip.

The bright image of Clinton was tarnished by the “Monica Lewinsky” sex scandal. He had to undergo many ordeals because of the scandal. But, number 1 helped him. There were 37 members in the House Judiciary Committee (3 + 7 = 10, 1 + 0=1). One member belonging to the Republican Party voted along with the Democrats!

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