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Beliefs defeating brains- Religion vs Rationality in India
Religion teaches us the way of living as a human being. It is undoubtedly the essence of spirituality and the presence of the Almighty. Religion in no uncertain terms is an unending identity to an individual even since before his birth. Religion is something that is realised to a child by his parents, by the outside world.

On the other hand the brains work right from the developmental process of a child in the womb. And the brains work on logic. Logic sets the rationality. And on the go, rationality brings change. Spirituality can be combined with logic, but folly in the name of religion can never go hand in hand with rationality or logic. In most cases it wins over the brains in India where everything is weighed on the scale of religion or say culture and tradition.

Religion is a tool to survive spiritually while rationality is a means to survive in this world of deception and deceit. Both make one survive, both are necessary yet both are two opposite ends completing one line that is 'the human life'. It is not necessary that a person with logical approach would be agnostic or a person with strong religious beliefs would keep his brains at bay.

The only thing, which becomes matter of worry is when one exceeds the other. Absence of spirituality leads to no inner peace as believed, while absence of logic leads to fall prey to the tricks including the ones that are played in the name of religion and spirituality. Logic drives to the concept of Karma, spirituality gives strength to follow that. Balance is required everywhere.

Unfortunately, in India the religious folly is directly attached to whatever happens around. India is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual country. The whole concept of spirituality gets confused here. This way the conflicts start. "Unity in Diversity" too is actually obtained on the lines of logic and not on the lines of so called religious approach.

In the context of India, taking religion on the supremacy itself suggests the hollowness and lack of rationality. One particular religion is better than or superior to the other, or one religion is bad and other is good, all such conflicts have no place in a society running on logic and rationality. All these comparisons and doubts drag a person away from the real essence of religion that is Humanity. This small secret is forgotten by everyone who indulges into the act and the way gets clearer for the ones who take advantage in the name of religion.

Communal riots are a burning example of such an advantage. There has always been a fear of people without logic of any community getting trapped and agitated in the name of religion and burning and diminishing the humanity all over. On the same lines the unscrupulous politicians try and play their nasty tricks of vote bank politics. They talk of reviving a particular community, they talk of reservations or benefits to that community but in reality it shows an entirely different picture after their coming to power or motives are achieved.

The cases of involvement of fake saints/sadhus in various heinous crimes like rape, child sexual abuse, murder, smuggling as well as money laundering have been examples of blind trust even by by people who are well educated also get trapped. Rape accused self-styled godman Asaram Bapu or murder accused Baba Rampal, and many such fake religious gurus have proven this fact that how people are trapped and taken advantage in the name of religion and spirituality. People who get trapped cannot be called ignorant, they are simply away from rationality and logic.

We have reached the Mars but still the approach has not changed at all. Even today a person with logical and scientific approach is termed as agnostic. Apart from taking advantage, it has become a business in India. Anyone can wear a dress peculiar to one religion and become a saint, give sermons and get hell lot of money.

The groups that try to control the lives of thousands of people in the name of religion are another result of absence of logic. In the name of religion people also follow them blindly. For example Khaap Panchayats in Haryana, Rajasthan and UP justify the acts of Honour Killings in the cases of inter religion or inter caste marriages. The essence of a religion, the love, is killed in the name of religion itself! The religious leaders survive on the basis of number of followers they have and not on their teachings or motives.

Another thing that catches our thoughts is the commercialisation of religious acts and places. The famous temples are flooded with such Pandits who charge thousands of rupees to perform a Yagya or a Pooja. Many temples have special entry that is called "VIP lane", available for such people who can pay some extra donation or fees! In this way God is different for poor and VIPs.

In all the above instances the logic and rationality have no place. Following a religion is never opposed nor it is wrong in any way but it serves the best when rationality is not kept aside. In fact logic can be an obvious tool to reach God and serve it by not falling prey to such traps in the name of religion. Religious beliefs must lead our lives but not without Brains.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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