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Bengal cleric's hate speech in support of Rohingyas shows Mamata govt's incompetency
Rohingya refugee crisis has lately become more controversial because of selfish politics by some irresponsible political parties.

Government of India has decided to deport the illegal immigrants citing internal security threat. I think government of India has the right to determine if there's an internal threat or not as it has access to classified intelligence reports.

Senior advocate Prashant Bhusan and some others have knocked the door of the Supreme Court citing humanitarian grounds to stop the Rohingya Muslims from being deported. Albeit Bhuashan has every right to seek judicial intervention, but the way the political parties are backing the Rohingyas, it appears that they have put forth their vote bank politics above the national security. But before that let's understand what exactly Rohingya issue is.

Rohingyas are mostly a Bengali speaking community settled in Rakhine state of Myanmar since the British era. Rohingyas are mostly Muslims. After India's independence and the eventual partition, the Rohingyas wanted to merge with East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) but Jinnah didn't show any enthusiasm in accepting them.

After Burma's independence from the British, the Rohingya Muslims wanted a separate Muslim country and for that they even formed a militant group indulging in separatists activities. Then there was a cultural division between the majority Buddhists and the Rohingya Muslims. Buddhists didn't want open animal sacrifice and also wanted a total ban on cow slaughter (goats could be slaughtered on special occasions like Eid). Ultimately, the Myanmar government in 1982 abrogated the citizenship of Rohingyas for trying to form a separate Muslim country.

Time and again military crackdowns were carried out when the terrorist activities by Rohingya extremists became intolerable. Recently, the Myanmar military conducted a crackdown post the attack by Rohingya militants on twenty odd military posts. Thus, before blaming the Myanmar government one must realise the reasons behind these military crackdowns.

Anyway, being an internal issue of Myanmar, India should be least concerned. However, keeping in mind strategic diplomacy, India can't annoy Myanmar as China is there to take advantage. Thus, from the national interest point of view, India is supporting Myanmar on the Rohingya issue (even China and Bangladesh are in Myanmar's support). There is a lot of evidence linking Rohingya Muslims with terrorist acts carried out in India (particularly in Patna blasts in 2014). There also little doubt that Rohingya Mulsims have been joining terrorist organisations such as ISIS, Al-Qaida, JeM etc. Thus, India can't compromise its security by sheltering a population of refugees that is vulnerable to join terror groups.

But our Great Indian Secular Industry has nothing to do with national security as for them appeasement politics is paramount.

Recently, in Kolkata, Maulana Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi, a Shia Muslim cleric in front of a crowd of fifteen thousand said, "Who are Rohingyas? They are Muslims. Their Allah and Koran are same as mine. Muslims of the entire world are our brothers. We may be a minority here but not weak. We are Hussaini Muslims. Refer to history that even if we are seventy-two people we can kill lakhs. This is not Assam or Gujarat or UP. This is Bengal. None can deport Rohingyas from here. If required we can march to Delhi for the sake of Rohingyas."

What I have written in the above paragraph would appear as a mellowed down version in comparison to the tone used by the cleric, which can only be called shocking. Clearly it's the incompetency of Mamata Banerjee's government that such inflammable and provocative speeches are being delivered openly by radicals. The general perception being fabricated by such radicals is that since the Rohingyas are Muslims they have a fundamental right to stay in India despite the fact that all the other Islamic countries have refused to accept them.

The point is simple. India being an upholder of basic human rights doesn't need anyone's certificate. India is the only country which gives equal rights to all religions, castes & creeds. But national security is paramount.

Secularism means no concern with religion. But the Great Indian Secular Industry's definition of secularism is somewhat different. Moreover, a majority of the Indian population is with the government of India on the Rohingya issue.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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