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Better to die standing, than to live on your knees: Che
'SHOOT ME coward, you are going to kill a man only,but the revolution is immortal' there was not even a single drop of grief when he was going to be killed. '
  “SHOOT ME coward, you are going to kill a man only,but the revolution is immortal” there was not even a single drop of grief when he was going to be killed. "The revolution is not an apple that falls when it ripe; you have to make it ripe”. “Better to die standing, than to live on your knees”,” I don’t care if I fall as long as someone else picks my gun and keeps shooting”.
These are some of of the wonderful thoughts of the person known for his revolutionary ideas who left an everlasting mark in the hearts of the poor and under-privileged people of Latin America.
Born as Ernesto Guevara on 14June, 1928 in Argentina popularly known as ‘Che’ or ‘Che Guevara’; Che is a word used to call people in Mexican.  He is very well known as Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, philosopher, intellectual and Guerrilla. His personality stands as contra cultural symbol and as a sign of global insignia. He is considered as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.
Che was diagnosed with Asthma at the age of three which kept him under trouble for his entire life. But one can not stop the rising sun with forehand. He took it as challenge and pursued his medical degree to help people suffering from various diseases. He was an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi for his simplicity and moral values, even though the way they both travelled was entirely different but the ultimate destination of both was to fight for the freedom of people. “The true revolutionary has to reach out the people and should not wait for the conditions to be eligible for a revolution; there is no wrong time to do the right thing”.
He started his motorcycle journey of 2800 miles throughout Latin America to understand the agonies of people. He decided that it is the monopoly capitalism, neo colonialism and imperialism of United States that is the root cause of all the problems faced by people in Latin America. In this process he got acquainted with Fidel Castro, who was fighting for freedom of Cuba. After thoroughly understanding the situation in Cuba he joined hands with Fidel Castro to fight for freedom of Cuba. He was the sincere and dedicated guerrilla that he captured attention of Fidel and was assigned with some important missions in which he got almost 100% successes.
Cuba was under the stronghold of Batista, the then president who was a confidant of USA and people are deprived of their fundamental rights. Many freedom fighting movements went in vain as Batista was having support of CIA. Che was equally compassionate and strict with the people while he was on mission. As he was a doctor, he had to play the dual role of leading the guerilla movement and giving treatment to the injured people during the enemy attacks. “True revolution will not happen in secrecy; it will be reflected in each and every walk of life of people”.
Even after guerilla revolution was successful and Che was appointed with some lucrative and top positions in the government such as finance and industry in Cuba, he did not took it as granted by saying “True revolutionary should not stop and become complacent ; he has to fight wherever there is injustice”. He left for Congo and Bolivia to start the guerilla movements there for the welfare of the people. These nations were under complete grip of USA where people were not even aware of the natural resources they have and how they were deprived of the basic human rights. He continued his fight even though he did not get much support from people.”Women are equally great and they are capable of doing everything a man can do”; he even admitted few women members in guerilla team and encouraged then to fight for their rights. “I can not sit in office working with files, I am a guerilla and I have to fight for the people”.
He encouraged his co-workers every time during the difficult situations though his writings and speeches. “His looks have a soft and ironic glance which makes you captured for him”. Che had the habit of writing diary which became very popular after his death. “Every revolutionary must be a good writer” was his strong feeling.
He was captured during Bolivian war on 8 October, 1967 and was executed on the next day. His ideas remain in the hearts of the people even after his death. He went to give medical aid to the suffering people in the opposition camp even on the day of his execution. It was the first day when he refrained from writing the diary after he inculcated the habit. He was kept in a classroom of a school on his day of execution. He observed some spelling mistakes on the board then he immediately called upon the teacher and asked for the poor quality of education given to the children of Bolivia.
Where ever there is a discussion about neo-colonialism, Che's name crops up. Many people said that the revolution in Bolivia was pre-mature but he had no regrets. There was not even a single word of exaggeration in his diary. He wrote about situations like those were. “Revolution is a flow, it is neither a celebration nor an event and a revolutionary should work for the people till his last breath”.
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