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Beware of office politics and colleagues who stab you in the back
Office workplace is a difficult area to manage. Offices are spaces where one has to be careful about what one speaks as well as one's behavior - to avoid politics.

IT IS true that life comes with surprises for which you just have to keep your fingers crossed. But for those things that are predictable, you can always choose your way. After years of stressless living, stepping into a workplace can be quite a transformation to come to terms - that you have to take up responsibilities that can tire you out, which you’d rather not think about in your wildest dreams.

And if this is not enough to drain you, you have these weird and wonderful creatures called colleagues. Colleagues can be a real blessing if they had a little bit of the uncommon thing called common sense. Not having mature work mates can be a major turn off. At workplace, things turn out to be mega competitive because there is money involved. Money and power always invite contest. Not everybody you meet really wants the best to happen to you though they may seem extremely genuine about their intentions.

There is a section of people at workplace who are real pests. They come with a package of three.

1. Plotting ideas to put down the fellow mates to get an appraisal.
2. Pretending to be the boss around.
3. Backbiting, one of the oldest weapons used to stain a fellow mates’ impression.

Yes, it is difficult. You just want to run away or kill that blood sucker beside you. No, you can’t because you shouldn’t. However irritating a colleague is, you just have to deal with it. It’s all about accepting that different things in life need to be handled in a fairly different way.

Having control over oneself is an important trait one should develop while at a work place. Keeping yourself occupied in work is a huge tip to keep away from colleagues who enjoy wasting your time. People can try to be too sneaky to know what is happening in your life. Never trust a person too much that you give that person a chance to put you in trouble.

Keep your fears and strengths within you and only you. Develop patience especially when it is very difficult which could be the need of the situation. Refrain from discussing personal life with colleagues, which could be an interesting subject for gossip. Never be the one who demands attention or throws tantrums occasionally. It is better not be the center of attraction because if you risk it, you will also have to maintain the impression like forever.

If you happen to be the receiver of gossip, ensure that you are only the listener and there's nothing more to it. Passing around gossip may sound fun but it really isn’t professional and not worth landing your job into risk.

Deal with injustice right away. Remember, your hard work should pay only you, not your fellow mate. Helping a person and letting that person take advantage of your help are two different things. Dealing with male and female colleagues is not always the same. While being a girl, it is important to retain composure so that you don’t pass the wrong signal to your colleague, getting emotionally involved should be handled delicately as workplaces can be very strenuous if you’re working with a person with whom terms have been spoilt.

Always be a person who is in charge of his emotions. Losing temper in workplaces will only land you in unfavorable situations. Talking politely should be the only weapon to be used at any time inside the office.
Steer away from people who are dominating as much as possible. They could try to take you in their control to get things done. Learn to speak up for yourself where your integrity is questioned.

It is important to realize that it takes all kinds of people to make this world. It is obvious to expect people with different characters and nature. It is vital to build a rapport with all people at workplace without getting involved into office politics. At the end of the day, it is for money that people are working for. Hence, it is important to do whatever it takes to not to have unguarded situations.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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