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Big Bang vs spiritual science experiment – Part I
Exploiting the physical world has resulted in the neglect of the great potential of spirit world with which human body and mind are closely linked. The progress in science and technology has led to greater physical comforts but lack of peace of mind

A SIMPLE 15 minute practical experiment based on Vedic spiritual science can reveal all secrets, even the principle and theory behind evolution of universe. The most surprising fact about the Vedic science is its ability to give practical results, just like modern science. In spite of hefty efforts like the recent ’Big Bang Experiment’, science is yet to conclude the principles behind Evolution. Vedic philosophy says that the Rishis or seers had discovered the principles of Evolution long back, thousands of years ago. The practical part of the Vedic philosophy has been reproduced by Guru Siyag, by making lakhs of people experience it practically.

Another remarkable fact about this spiritual science experiment is its simplicity, no learning, no prior knowledge and no practice is required at all, and also without spending even a single penny from one’s pocket. It can be performed by any curious and interested person, sitting in any corner of the world, as Guru Siyag induces the spiritual power telepathically. The practical benefits are beyond imagination, people have been cured of incurable disease like cancer and AIDS, the list is unlimited. Guru Siyag declared the commencement of “spiritual revolution in the world” which will justify the “words of Vedic philosophy”, practically giving on the spot results, just like modern science. Vedic philosophy is no more a theoretical subject, as Guru Siyag has made thousands of seekers practically experiment and realise the statements of Vedic philosophy, getting an answer to every question, even the evolution of universe.

Man’s endeavour to look into the potential of spirit is limited to the realm of psychophysical research. In fact, research into deeper aspects of human mind invariably ends with scientists probing the brain. This is because modern science cannot believe or perceive that human body and mind could be linked to another state of consciousness that exists beyond the limits of our physical world. The result is that the potential possibilities of spirit, vis-à-vis matter, has been left to the interpreters of religious spirituality. This has caused a neat division between scientists and religious leaders, making them look at each with a degree of suspicion and even hostility. Exploiting the physical world has resulted in the neglect of great potential of the spirit world with which human body and mind are closely linked. The progress in science and technology has led to greater physical comforts but lack of peace of mind. Leading to competition, conflict, discord and internecine struggle in human society.

Sri Aurobindo, one of the 20th century’s greatest spiritual masters and seers, had accurately diagnosed the current crisis in human society as a result of imbalance in man’s treatment of matter and spirit. He argued through his incisive writings and speeches that mankind will not be at peace with itself unless it achieved a correct balance in exploring the potential of spirit and matter. Sri Aurobindo conducted his own independent research into Vedic scriptures to understand and experience the cosmic consciousness and its impact on the physical world. After nearly 40 years of practicing what he called ’Integral Yoga’ as part of his practical research, he made a startling discovery — man is not at the pinnacle of life’s evolutionary cycle on earth. Man is only a ‘transitional being’, yet to evolve further in the realm of spirit.

Vedic philosophy describes human body as physical abode of soul. The soul is made up of seven sheaths – Annamaya Kosha (matter in the form of physical body sustained by intake of food), Pranamaya Kosha (the life force), Manomaya Kosha (mind as distinctly different from intelligence), Vigyanmaya Kosha (intelligence), Aanandmaya Kosha (bliss or ceaseless joy not connected with body or mind), Chitta Kosha (spiritual wisdom) and Satta Kosha (the final state of merging with the Infinite). The complete development of all the seven sheaths is necessary for man’s complete spiritual evolution.

Man has developed the first four sheaths through the physical evolutionary process till today. What about completing the last three stages of his evolution? Sri Aurobindo, assisted by his French disciple known as the Mother, realised during his meditative states that the final evolution could happen only if the cosmic consciousness (whom he described as Krishna’s supramental force) descended on earth.

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Shankarlal Purohit
Viren naik, thanks for your precious comment, there are thousands of people in the world, born on 24.11.1926, all of them cannot be the person pointed out by Aurobindo. In the history of mankind, Aurobindo was the only person who predicted the divine transformation of Mankind, at present, Guru Siyag is the only person in the World, who has made lakhs of people to practically realize and visualize this fact, giving unmatchable results like curing cancer and aids without medicine, getting rid of all kinds of drug addictions without any after effects, everything free of cost, with the help of Siddha Yoga. The most remarkable fact is the inducing of Yogic Kriya's(body movements) using a mere Photo Image of Guru Siyag. To get this result, one has to approach it with a Positive Approach, Just like a disciplined student can acquire knowledge from a master, but one cannot get it with a mind full of suspicion, negative thoughts and "Aham" (Feeling himself Superior based on knowledge, status, power or money). There is a solution to your problem also, just forget for a while that you have immense knowledge and empty your mind from all suspicions, and approach the subject with a positive mind, just like a student, no body can stop you from getting result. If you cant empty youself, then just try out this method on other people or family members, even a 5 year child can get the result. Dont give up, just do it again with a positive approach and intention to learn something.
viren naik
Time to ponder on one fact though Shankarlal..Satya Sai Baba's biography says he was born on 24 nov 1926 and also claims that Aurobindo saw his coming in this we have Guru Siyag who was also born on 24 Nov 1926 and also claiming to be Aurobindo's aspiration ..surely Krishna has made a mistake here or is it that the super humans are already with us and both these mighty Gurus area part of that what i would like to know is which one is real and which one is created by ISI of Pakistan ..come on they are the source of all our sorrows no!..of course India is going to be a super power but not because of supernatural but because of the sheer hard work and clarity in vision of the new generation of enlightened young hardworking entrepreneurs ..I have tried to meditate so many times on Guru Siyag by chanting Gayantri complete 108 times ..the only thing i produce is laud snores to my other half's dislike .. may be he can cure my snoring problem .. anyway fun apart i believe Mahatma Gandhi is the nearest to kalki and believe me the philosophy of Aurobindo will be proved right because 24.11.1926 was one of the most important days in mahatma's life..please read his autobiography 'experiment with the truth' or better still Mahadev Desai interpretation of Bhagavad Gita ..I don't think you would need anyone else's support to be a better man..why depend on some one else to do things for you when the God has given this life to act as a free agent..learn about the world through your own eyes and via simple astang yoga.. regards and god bless viren naik
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