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Calling Pakistan's bluff
For years, Pakistan has been farming terrorists and sending them out to sow terror in its neighbourhood as well as the wider world. The US is also an accessory to this criminal and cowardly act as it has been generously distributing dole in the name of financial assistance, which in turn Pakistan has used to arm terrorists.

The US has been naive enough to believe that the money was used for loftier purposes. Or maybe it was pretending to. After Abbottobad, surely, America's illusions about its so-called 'strategic ally' died a quiet death? 

But despite clear proof that Pakistan is arming, financing and sheltering terrorists with American taxpayers' money, America has been merely making polite noises to the effect that Pakistan should clean up its act. Counting on the superpower's pusillanimous reluctance to rein it in, Pakistan has been playing a double game with impunity. The fall out is a dangerous destabilisation of the subcontinent, with increasing terror strikes in countries like India and Bangladesh. 

Despite the violence of partition, India has chosen to follow the path of development. For the same reason, it has often ignored the pinpricks from across the border. But the Uri attack proved to be the last straw. With someone like Modi in power, there was never any doubt that there would be a muscular engagement for this outrage. The only question was 'when'. 

Being an astute tactician, PM Narendra Modi lulled Pakistan into thinking that this time too, India would be content to make angry noises and do nothing.  In such situations, surprise is the key element - hitting the foe when he least expects it. With his surgical strikes across the LoC, Modi has proved that he is quite capable of calling Pakistan's bluff. Modi's popularity is sure to go up several notches for this one decisive action of his. 

Pakistan has been caught off guard like most bullies who never expect their victims to strike back. But it is not going to whimper and retreat quietly, licking its wounds. So India has to be more vigilant than ever. Its efforts to isolate Pakistan internationally, is a wise move. 

Already the SAARC meet which was to be held in Islamabad, has proved a non-starter with India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka deciding to boycott it. India should now focus its efforts on getting the UN to declare Pakistan a terrorist nation. Many terrorists who created mayhem in American and European countries were radicalised in Pakistan. If the world stands united on this issue, Pakistan can be successfully isolated. 

Firstly, America has to stop all aid to the country. The American people must put pressure on the government to stop supporting Pakistan. China and Russia have to play ball too if they truly desire a peaceful and prosperous world. They must no longer run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. India could also look at supporting the Baloch cause which is sure to unnerve Pakistan.

At the same time India needs to remember that the people of Pakistan are not the same as the Pakistan Army and their terrorist friends. There is no need to target Pakistani artistes for the misdeeds of their rulers. For now, a clear message has been sent out: India will take the fight back to the enemy, threats of nuclear war, notwithstanding.

The Rubecon has been crossed finally. And if the world doesn't want another nuclear war, it must be ready to take sides with the wronged party. Pakistan has only two options before it now: Abjure terrorism or be abandoned by the world.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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