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Can a woman flourish without breaking her home?
Responsibility lies with both woman and man. Woman should learn to maintain her freedom while love her home too and man should respect the socio-psychological-intellectual needs of woman and accept her as equal partner in family.

‘BREAK THE Doll’s House,’ said Nora, break and come out of your glass house, echoed feminist over centuries. I only wonder if the home belongs to her also why she needs to break it to fulfil self and establish herself as an identity! The same home that is build by both man and woman and gives shelter to both woman and man; why should a woman need to come out from it to develop herself and bloom as a free individual?

Home – break - freedom of woman as a person: this is the established concept now and emerging as in world as a legacy. Walking on this path, western women and so also Indian women have taken the road to ‘live together’ relationship and single womanhood. Marriage is seen as a conventional system that binds woman at home, overshadowing her personality and reducing her to a shadow worker.

I am searching for a newer model! Being at Home yet free, active, create own identity own world. Is it viable?

Home is a basic platform on which human being thrive, a peaceful cozy home creates the future of human being. Woman is a home-maker by instinct also, wherever a woman there is a home. Man also contributes to home-making. And he enjoys the comfort and convenience of home—while he works for his own career. Being at home does not hamper his personality, being at home still he is a MAN, a Purushsingha, a lion, he need not break the home to create his own world. He enjoys the shelter of four walls still he is free, a person who can fulfill his own ambitions.

Home fosters man, but the same home suppresses the woman, who is also a main creator of the home. Here lies the puzzle. Why the same home is an encouragement for man to develop himself while discouragement to woman to develop her personality, her identity. Can we create a home that is equally supporting to both man and woman? Can we share space in a spirit of true cooperation and love and respect? Can we stand together as equal in a true spirit of partnership? Is it acceptable to man?

Can we develop a model where woman need not break her home rather enjoy the home yet flourish in her own identity?

A fragmentary approach to this ‘equal’ sharing of home is already available in our society, where woman and man both pursue their own careers; woman also enjoys her own identity and man support on this. In such home, woman is over-burdened with two-fold responsibilities of her job and home making, particularly poor and middle class woman is much pressed now under this social pressure, she does it to meet financial needs of the family also.

In career she runs to compete with men and in home she succumbs to the pressure of family to be a good mother, good wife, and a caring daughter-in-law. If she earns a good salary she employs a woman helper to fill up the vacant place in kitchen and home making, if not her condition is more at ruin. Surely this is not an ideal condition for a woman searching for freedom and identity.

In this society families are agreed to flourish man up to his personality, but can it tolerate equal dignity to woman? If both stand with demand for equal dignity and opportunity can a home be made? Can woman enjoy warmth of her home still remain an independent person engaged in utilizing her talent and achieving her dream?

Can the home be ‘Her Home’ also, helping her to thrive as a free important personality in this society?

I think time has come to explore a new horizon, where woman also may enjoy all the security, comfort and love of a home, create her home with love and care, but do not bind to it like a caterpillar, so that one day she need to cut it open and fly out to become a butterfly, rather she may enjoy home like a human being, yet stand on her own in her family and society.

Time has come to develop on this model: Her Home: demand her right on her home yet live free.

Responsibility lies with both woman and man. Woman should learn to maintain her freedom while love her home too and man respect the socio-psychological-intellectual need of woman and accept her as equal partner in family.

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