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Can Baba Ramdev succeed in eradicating corruption?
It is expected that an Indian religious guru Ramdev will not indulge himself in gimmicks in launching a campaign against corruption and black money. He does not seem to be apolitical and without any malice. Shahrukh has said the same to this effect.
BABA RAMDEV'S proposed hunger strike is primarily against black money hoarded abroad in banks outside India. Secondly, it's against rampant corruption in the country that is politically motivated. Many eminent leading personalities are engaged in the ongoing debate. Surprisingly, Shahrukh Khan, a Bollywood actor is against any such move of Baba Ramdev. He described it as a stunt and gimmick of the religious guru for becoming a ‘neta’ (leader). It is very significant in the context of Congress who is wooing ‘Swamiji’ in the hope of striking a clandestine deal with him.
Earlier, the BJP had been in favour of Ramdev’s campaign till the Congress stole the wind from their sails. Now prominent Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh have been sidelined and all criticism of Ramdev is silenced by greater stalwarts of the status of Pranab Mukherjee and Kapil Sibbal who suddenly discovered that there is only one guruji ‘Ramdev’ whose fasting can make the country turbulent. Why is Congress so panicky and tottering? Why is Ramdev promoting BJP ideas to keep Congress in check? Publicly, he says that his motives are apolitical. He wants a corruption free country.

Anna Hazare’s stand is still more mysterious. Only the other day he differed from Baba Ramdev. But overnight he has changed his stance. Corruption in India is rampant and all-pervading. With all respect to Baba, it can be said that one Ramdev or one Hazare cannot wipe out this hazard. Religious gurus can voice their protest by inspiring people to come forward in leading a life of purity and innocence. Spiritual enlightenment is all that religious gurus can provide to his followers. A religious leader poking nose in politics is unethical. Politics cannot be neutral. Ramdev either should support Congress or go against it, if he comes into the fray.

Corruption is a big problem with multiple perspectives. It is not as simple as a guruji thinks it to be. By fasting a guru cannot wipe out corruption. It is simply taking refuge in a world of illusion. It must be recalled here that Baba Ramdev has himself failed to justify the source of his huge funds and properties. Probably in order to divert the attention of the IT department and avoid a probe against his property, Baba has announced fasting. He is trying to catch a fish in dirty water especially when the Congress is under pressure on the eve of election in UP and Uttarakhand where ‘corruption’ is a major issue as it has been in the recent elections in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
The BJP, which is torn by inner factionalism, is now trying to restore its unity by organizing a campaign against corruption and black money. Jawaharlal Nehru once promised that black marketeers would be hanged from the nearest lampposts. Many Congress governments have come and gone but not a single hanging has taken place. BJP had been in power for years together. But why was it silent on this issue?
Today, gurus like Ramdev are on the streets. If it is motivated by political interest, it is most unethical than hoarding money in foreign banks. It is really regrettable if Babaji himself is keen on getting a clandestine deal with Congress for keeping his own black money unearthed. We support Baba Ramdev and hope that his campaign has malice towards none and it is never a ‘motiveless malignity’.

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It is common for political class anywhere across the world to increase their net worth over time but what makes it different in India is that 900 million people have been living in extreme poverty for last 6o years with no hope for the future since it is their money in thousands and thousands of crores that is being socked. The affect is not just on 900 million lower classes but also on middle classes whose attitudes are gradually changing and becoming more accepting of corruption. That is the reason for limited middle class support for Anna and team. This struggle will not succeed unless all sections of the society- teachers, students, artitsts, social workers, factory and office workers, villagers, beggars come out on the streets. Now usually that can happen if the 900 million poverty stricken people had access to media, smart phones and knew how to get connected to social media and thus be informed. Then they could be more aware and could come out on streets like in Iran or Tunisia. But these people are not even aware of their rights what to talk of knowing the correct approach to handle things that matter to them. India has to await a leader that will awaken the masses. Also in eradicating corruption we can’t bring down the whole system since mostly everyone in power or position is corrupt, the degrees of corruption vary. Instead of sending everyone to jail and threatening every politician’s future, it might be more prudent to get their cooperation to change things in a creative manner. A more appropriate method would be to give everybody one chance to redeem themselves within a defined time period (everybody deserves a chance) to declare all wrong doings say in last 20 years and if they voluntarily disclose, they be allowed to retain some of the graft money, not asked to pay back what they have spent on their families and take an undertaking not to repeat. The incentive is that they retain their honor, wealth and ability to participate politically. Those who do not declare will loose everything and will have to pay penalty also. As Anna said technology has to be employed so that citizens can file reports via internet. There will be two streams of confidential inputs- a)Informants b)Voluntary disclosures. At least this way nation can recoup trillion s of dollars quickly and channel them for regeneration of India in its villages.
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