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Can we ever stop caring only about our son's interests?
My son covers the aspect of one's son succeeding, come what may. It has been part of our culture from good old days and only the means have been refined. Where are we headed and what can we do under such circumstances, worries me.

DEMOCRACY DEMANDS maximal good of most possible. That also is the rationale of various pressure groups based on community, caste, religion, profession and unions. This grouping forces the policymakers to ensure decisions are taken for maximal happiness. If the basic premise is right, then where have we faltered as a nation? Great culture, heritage, civilisation, history, epics, morality, etc. but have these become bane instead of boon.

Ramayan and Mahabharat were all about my son - from Kakeyi to Pandu to Dhritrashtra. My son wills the king as he is divine and the chosen one. Fine in monarchy but democracy….

Is this then our inheritance? What wrong are the present day politicians or yester years royalty  following? After all it’s been passed down the ages by our God incarnates. So is it ok?

The kings through their Rishi/ Muni – the wise people ensured subsurvience of populace and crushing competition at an early date; ensuring any threat was countered by divide and rule; befriending enemies' enemy - after all this was not the statecraft propagated by Chankyas, implemented by Krishna and Manu or Arjuns Guru who asked for Eklavyas right thumb.

Well it's all documented and believed by most of us as tradition passed down the ages by the sages. It was ensured that my son remained unopposed by a combination of instruments of state. Of course everyone connived because it was good for survival and progress and of course my son too.

The greatest mind game exponent was Krishan bhagwan. Hardly ever picked up arms but defeated armies and neutralised his opposition through scarring the other of consequential ramifications of the act. Thereby convincing him to change the course and he ensured victory of the side he supported. Our polity today has really learnt a lot from him and is applying it reasonably successfully. Media control enables mind control therefore my logic is the best. Let my son be!!

Society was initially divided on caste lines – kind courtesy Manu’s misinterpretation by our religious bigots who gave a different meaning to this divide ensuring their supremacy (control of mind though fear) and continue even today though the wise people have refined the art intellectually convincing. We have fine-tuned the art of continued dividw – SC/ ST/ OBC/ EWS/ BPL/ minority community in addition to the cancer of caste system which continues unabated.

Theory of Karmas and destiny perhaps has been the biggest curse of our nation. Its misinterpretation is ruining our self-esteem; effort to control and direct the destiny and willingness to live in worst possible state of affairs. Blaming everyone else but self for miseries - God. He must be having a tough time - failure of self, rain, harvest, produce a child, accident, sickness, injury, poverty, wars, devil, corruption is all because of him. After all he is the doer!!

Is there a way out- logically yes but practically I have serious doubts.

The present polity, to ensure “my son” will continue to divide us and keep sweetening the pill through doles and fear of others and misquoting the past. Remain loyal to my son your future is secure, pose a challenge and see what happens to you. The methodology is same as was in the past - mind control through the media, doles; destroy opposition and divide and keep society impoverished and dependent. Keep the instruments of state power happy so that my son rules unchallenged then who cares.

To do something about these issues, I have some suggestions:

- Remove caste divisions instead of increasing it. Do we have Vivekananda or Madan Mohan Malviya? We have Nityanand!! Extremely difficult but the nation can become a modern society only after this ill is eradicated. Polity disinterested then who bells the cat? Or could some Mahatma focus on this issue.

- Hinduism has become sick. It needs a major surgery to get back into a modern day religion. Today 90 per cent ills of superstition; destiny; blame others; theory of karma is ruined the populace. The religious leaders are again in my son mode; we need another Vivekananda for this transformation.

- Society needs integration on broader fundamentals of spirituality, goodness, righteousness, compassion, love empowerment, merit; resource abundance; good governance; harmony and of course development.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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