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Capitalists' control of drilling and supplying oil mandatory
The US needs to accept the external mandate of control of oil by the Middle Eastern and the North African states with continuous and constant fastidiousness in religious matters. It also needs to provide alternate to Islamic countries in post-oil world.

ALL MUSLIMS need to understand that the death of the last Prophet of Islam and end of his family was inevitable. Had Mohammad’s family survived, the West Asia and the rest of the Arab states would have been bitterly divided.

This would have minimally weakened Islamism and the divisionism induced by extreme localism would have been the norm. In summary, there would have been lesser numbers of Muslims or at least less Islamism. The conflicts would have become permanent and irresolvable and fastidiousness would have become of that order where the US would not have been welcome. Not much consumerism and not much growth in the region.

If Arabia were a very big state, it might not have remained fully Islamic. While conflict between Sunni and Shia might have fractured Middle East into smaller states permanently in high conscious era, it made the region almost exclusively Islamic. Violent death of Imam Hussein led to fragmentation and divisionism and along with the death of Mohammad kept Sunni-Shia conflict and jihad alive.

Natural oil in the world, particularly in the Middle East, could not have belonged to Christians and Jews and that is why fragmentation and divisionism were required. Bigger and more consolidated peaceful and stable Middle Eastern and the North African states could have more Christians in each state, many of them elites. That’s why tribalism matters even today. The reason is that Islam has many similarities with Christianity and Judaism and Christianity could have revived in the Middle East in low conscious era which in high conscious modern high technology era would have implied more say of Christians in oil-matters. Moreover, if there were not sectarian divides and other divisionism, Middle Eastern Islam would have resembled more like Middle Eastern Christianity.

It is not that Arabic Christians or Jews would have mastered capitalism as the race matters, but they could have aligned themselves more with White Christians today. But natural oil was to belong predominantly to Islamists-Communists. Arabians could have remained predominantly Muslims because of the divisionism into sects and continuity of jihad. If somehow capitalists had greater control of oil matters, the world would have been more skewed, unequal and asymmetric. Also, oil might not be there so freely in markets. Western dominance would have been so heavy that it could have harmed even consumerism! That’s why Mohammedan law of banning usury can be explained: it leads to alignment of Muslims with Communists and also makes distance with capitalists.

But capitalists’ control of drilling and supplying was also mandatory. That’s why Mohammad accepting Jesus as the Prophet of Islam and considering Mary as virgin at the time of birth of Jesus make sense: they keep relationship of all kind with Christianity; moral, ethical, theological, economic and political. Mohammad has stopped Balkanization of Islamic minds in the high conscious era by relating Islam with Christianity. That’s how Muslims can be White Christians’ consumers and that is very much required for the stability of the Arab and other Islamic states.

Hussein’s violent assassination plunged post-Mohammedan Arabia into wars while remaining Islamic. The converted Muslims provide a lot of diversity, flexibility and elasticity to pure Islam.

The US needs to accept the external mandate of control of oil by the Middle Eastern and the North African states with continuous and constant fastidiousness in religious matters. It also needs to provide alternate to Islamic countries in post-oil world. But the consciousness means increased sectarian conflicts and conflicts with minorities would lead to increased disintegration and further amorphousness.

After struggling for almost one and a half millennia, Islamism now may not require divisionism to grow and continue. The US should swear not to allow creation of any Islamic country in the region except with the possible exception of Palestine state.

But since Muharram is also the beginning of Hijri New Year it appears a kind of containment of Muslims. Muslims of the modern age, particularly Shias, should live the 10th day of Muharram with solemnity and utmost decency.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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