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Central government committing harakiri by falsely framing former army chief
In the good old days when honesty, integrity and patriotism were traits the honourable men and women cultivated and their motto was ' HONOUR, DUTY AND COUNTRY' the civilized societies ran smoothly.

When a Japanese officer felt that his action or omission compromised his honour, he had no other option but to commit Harakiri. In other words he took his own life in an honourable manner. Later Harakiri became a synonymous word with Suicide.

As of now the Congress led government at the Centre is on the verge of committing Harakiri. The good governance means Rule of Law and providing safety and security to its people.

It is the Army that is an instrument of the State to provide the necessary protection to people from external aggression and internal fifth column activities. If there is a major terror attack, it is the Army that is called upon to protect the life and property of the citizens.

To discharge its constitutional duties well, the officers and soldiers of the Army have to be physically fit, mentally alert and have moral courage. Then their morale will be high both in peace and war.

What Lowers The Morale

If the government of the day goes out of its way to frame a retired Chief of the Army Staff for acts or omissions for which he is not even remotely responsible, the rank and file of the Army and the Veterans rightly think that their own government is behaving as if it was government of a hostile country like Pakistan.

If the government persists in such silly frame ups, it becomes an active agent of an enemy country like Pakistan to lower the morale of the Indian Army through machinations. Presently the Manmohan Singh government is doing precisely the same.

Let us analyse the case against the retired Army Chief, General V.K. Singh, as selectively leaked out to a section of the print media. What has been leaked out is a part of the secret document and thus the person(s) who leaked out and the English newspaper that published it are liable to be booked under the Official Secrets Act.

However, nothing of that sort will ever happen because someone very high in the government hierarchy had given the green signal to this selective leak. The English daily that contravened the law of the land had to do so perforce as its circulation has touched a pathetic low figure and it needed to be bailed out financially. Nevertheless, the reputation of the paper has gone down many notches in the eye of the discerning readers.

As per the motivated leak, General(Retd) V.K. Singh had raised an Intelligence Outfit for covert operations against enemies of the State and spent large sums of money on buying expensive equipment for espionage activities and allegedly used it against own Defence Minister, own officers and did not spend money on covert operations judiciously.

Under the orders of the present Army Chief, a Board of Officers was formed and they recommended an enquiry by the CBI as the charges included an attempt to destabilize the State Government of J&K by bribing a minister of J&K to the tune of Rs one crore plus.

The said report was prepared by the DGMO in March 2013 and was duly examined by various officers till it reached the PMO where it has been lying for about six months or so.

Why did the Government of India in its wisdom decided to leak it now in September 2013, almost six months after it was prepared and submitted. The reliable sources and political pundits opine that it was done less than a week after the former Chief shared the dais with Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP.

<>It caused consternation to the Congress high command and they devised this dubious method of discrediting both General V.K.Singh and Narendra Modi by painting them in black for playing with the defence of the nation. How foolish on the part of advisors of the government to conceive of a half-baked plan that boomeranged on the Congress Party and the Manmohan government.

The timing of the sinister leak to a newspaper notorious for publishing incorrect stories like the Army moving tanks to New Delhi for an engineered coup. The story was contradicted by the Defence Minister and the said newspaper was accused of yellow journalism.

Secrecy of Intelligence

All covert operations are carried out by high ranking officers to harm enemies of the State and thus are kept Secret. The money spent on them are not to be audited or made public. If the government makes a silly move of handing over the case to CBI, it would be divulging who its agents were and that would jeopardize their security.

In future no one would volunteer to work as the secret agent of the Republic of India. Thus the PMO would be shooting its own legs and disabling future Intelligence operations. It is known all over the world that covert operations have to be undertaken to safeguard the life and property of own countrymen and ensure integrity of the country.

By ordering an enquiry by the CBI, whom the Supreme Court described as a caged parrot and that it is an errand boy of the PMO. It is out and out partisan. It has given a clean chit to Mulayam Singh Yadav in the case of owning asets beyond the known sources of income, so that Yadav’s party supports the Congress led minority government in the Lok Sabha and saves it from a collapse. Just a case of quid Pro Quo.

Thus handing over a case against the former Army Chief to a handmaid of the government will definitely lower the morale of officers and Jawans of the Indian Army.

If the Army is thus weakened by own government and the wily Pakistan launches an attack, who will defend our country? Will Prime Minister rely on corrupt ministers of his cabinet? Let him not commit Harakiri.

Toppling J&K Govt.

It is alleged that General V.K. Singh had contrived to pay Rs one crore plus to a minister of that state to topple the Abdullah government. The case has no legs to stand upon because the minister whom the former Army Chief had allegedly paid bribe, has not only denied but rubbished the concocted story.

It is unbelievable that the said government would have fallen because a paltry sum was paid as bribe to one of its ministers. Further, the said minister continues to be a cabinet minister in the state government even today. One wonders why the chief minister would let a potential toppler be a minister in his cabinet.

I am convinced that the gentleman who concocted this story to frame former Army Chief has not only low IQ but is a moron.

Who is to blame?

Now that the Exercise Frame Former Chief has become a non-starter, the blame game is bound to start in the government. Of course, the Prime Minister and the Raksha Mantri will save their souls and some minor functionary in the Defence Ministry or the PMO is destined to take the blame.

General V.K. Singh is now free to share the dais with Narendra Modi many times boldly and let the present government employ another Moron to hatch a sinister plot against the honest citizens. Indeed the truth will prevail. our national motto is 'Satyamev Jayate Nanritam’ – The Untruth Is Defeated And The Truth Wins'.  

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Naim Naqvi
Bhatia report says that Rs. 2.38 crore was given on orders from Army Headquarters to Hakikat Singh of an NGO named ‘Jammu and Kashmir Humanitarian Service Organisation’ (JKHSO) which Bhatia report says has links with another NGO, ‘Yes Kashmir’ that filed a PIL against the then Army Commander and present Army Chief General Bikram Singh in the fake encounter case in Jangalat Mandi when he was a Brigadier. However, the PIL was later dismissed by the court. But, the PIL, when it had been filed last year, was widely believed to be an attempt, as the Indian Express reports, to scuttle Bikram Singh’s appointment and change the line of succession in the top brass. This came at a time when General VK Singh was fighting his own battle of date of birth with the Government of India and took the matter to the court as well. His moves were then seen as an attempt to secure one more year at the helm of the affairs of the army and much to his chagrin, the court rejected his case forcing him to demit the office of the Army Chief a year earlier than he wished to. Consider his fight for securing one more year of power in the light of recent revelations suggesting he had acquired political ambition. The Bhatia report also says that Rs. 8 crore was spent on purchase of state of the art interception equipment from a Singapore-based company in November 2010 ostensibly meant to be deployed in the J&K 15 Corps. In March 2012, following orders of the then DG, MI, Lt Gen D S Thakur, the equipment was physically destroyed after reports of snooping of the govt. establishments in the North and South Blocks. Again spare a thought for General VK Singh’s attempt to extend his regime by one more year. If the emerging picture is not scary enough, consider one incident reported last year revealing that at least two units of army from Agra and Meerut moved towards Delhi and reached to the outskirts of the national capital in 14-15th January last year without notifying its movement to the government establishment. The move was so alarming that the National Security Advisor, who was abroad had to fly back curtailing his visit and the Prime Minister was informed about the development in the wee hours or the early morning of the fateful winter.
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