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Chocolate wonderland in China
China has unveiled the world's largest chocolate wonderland in Beijing. The chocolate wonderland is the replica of Great Wall of China. The wonderland is entirely made of eight tons of fine dark chocolate.
CHINA IS featuring world’s first largest chocolate wonderland in Beijing. The chocolate wonderland is the replica of Great Wall of China. The wonderland is entirely made of fine dark chocolate and to make the things stick together white chocolate is used which is entirely edible.

The wonderland opened with the fan fair of the fashion show. All the costumes for the models were entirely from made from chocolates as chocolate gladiator, chocolate shields, chocolate hats and chocolate dragon dress. The exhibition also boasted a life-size replica army of chocolate terracotta warriors, chocolate flowers and a chocolate car.

It took two years to bring the things together for the construction of the chocolate world. Here, everything is entirely made from chocolate, even BMW, hand bags, king’s throne.

Organisers said that up to eight tons of chocolate was used in the creation of the chocolate wonderland. Nearly eighty five thousand fine Belgiam chocolate was imported by China.

There is a serious point rather then just the artistic view. Organisers brought chocolate to China, just in the time when this country was developing their own consumer market.

Chocolate is the brand new taste in China. It is a new booming sector, which has augmented the consumer’s taste.





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Production meant for domestic consumption versus production meant for exports : some analysis have been done on this issue and the findings are : Wherever manufacturing is done for domestic consumption, lot of things are taken for granted like the following (chief ones): (a) family businessess can thrive on through dynasty rule that is, father-son-grand son and so on can keep running the businesses for furthering their vested interests (b) When it comes to transperency, much of the happenings are concealed giving way to lots of favouritims and nepotism right from the purchase of raw materials to supplying the finished products (c) Because, things are taken for granted, quality definitely suffer (d) Control on keeping the price of the finished goods within acceptable limits also take a beating (e) Many a time, black money gets generated either knowingly or unknowingly which ultimate finds its way in foreign bank accounts without coming back to the main stream. On the reverse, wherever manufacturing is made with earning export income as objective the following are derived : (a) Greater transperency in all areas of operations are needed for preventing mis match at any of point of time in the entire manufacturing process (b) Forign buyers can come and inspect the goings on at periodical intervals to find out whether any exploitation of labour is taking place like meagre salary, not so good work environment, lack of basic facilities etc. (c) Export earnings always aim at sterngthening the country's financial position in the best right manner. Today USA is in need of money in a big way and look at how china is helping USA in parking its surplus funds earned through decades of export earnings. Whereas in India, a good amount of money is in foreign accounts which is neither helping our country nor can we park the same as a helpful gesture to other friendly countries in need of finance because India has been domestic oriented for a long time. If only China withdraws the funds from the USA accounts, the dollor will fall like nine pins, which I am sure, China is going to do. Therefore, time has come to chalk out great plans for exporting Indian made goods reach different parts of the world which will guarantee not only great foreign exchange earnings but also great job creation with acceptable standardised benefits to enable a good number of bottom class & low middle class to become respectable middle class family. With more and more export earnings, country's image gets a solid boost - finding a range of made in India goods at nook and corner of the world should make every citizen feel real proud!!!
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