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Radical Views
M C Raj
Choosing Sex- A Fundamental Right 13 December, 2013
Bio-control! That is what Foucault said that the capitalist State was establishing over citizens. Religions had been doing it from time immemorial. But the State that overthrew feudalism came back with power through capitalism and colonization. It took over from religion control of the body of citizens.
Bio-control refers to the authority of the State to establish its power and control over the bodies of citizens. Those who knew Sanjay Gandhi would know well how he exercised this state power over innocent poor in the slums of cities. What we knew about Sanjay during emergency days was that he would flock the poor men into vans and conduct vasectomy on them en masse. It was an exemplification of the exercise of brutal State power over the bodies of citizens.

Now we hear that America is devising instruments and medicines by which it would control the mind of citizens. They should learn from India about mind control. There is no need of any medicine and instrument to control the mind of Indians. It is a naturally subjugated mind. The entire country exercises bio-control over the bodies of women through mindless rape.

Body control is an art of religions from time immemorial. Did you hear of the creation of the body of Adam and Eve by god, first from mud and then from a bone? Then he sets out to control the mind of both by ordering that they should not eat the fruit of a particular tree lest they knew what was right and wrong.

Look at the way the religious fakirs from various religions are now ordering and re-ordering sexual behavior of their followers by spending their entire life on prescribing who should have sex with whom. Do they realize that they indulge in endless mental masturbation through their insane discourses on sex? Why are gods and religions so pre-occupied with sex? This is a question that I could not understand for long till I read Foucault. God, religion and capitalism - strange bed fellows!

The capitalist and the casteist states definitely want to control the body behavior of human beings. Look at the way they have promoted rape as an instrument of revenge during war. Do you remember the horrible scenes of Tamil women being raped mindlessly by the Sri Lankan soldiers? The state wants to be at the center stage of the sexual behavior of citizens as much as religions want to threaten the ‘faithful’ with eternal punishment for ‘unapproved’ sexual behavior.   

Most people today wake up their children at 5 in the morning and get them ready for school. That is the phase in the life of the child when it has sleep well in order to have a healthy childhood. But the industry needs their bodies to be trained well for different shifts of work. Bodies of citizens have to be trained already from childhood in order to become productive to the maximum.

Parents too get up early and begin to look at themselves only after they put the children either in the school or in the school bus little realizing that they are part of the mechanism of body control of their children by the industry. Grown up young people have to get used to a different shift systems. Who promotes such a control? Obviously the State, the agent State of Capitalism!

Is there any surprise then that the agents of the State pass judgments criminalizing sexual behavior of citizens? Where did the perverted judge take his lessons from? Obviously from his religion and state. It is matter of bloody shame that such abnormal people adorn the judiciary of nations. It is also a matter of utter shame that agents of religious institutions criminalize innocent citizens only because they choose to follow the normal dictates of their bodies.

Where is the compassion that religions preach? I remember reading in the Bible that some priests took a woman caught in adultery and asked him if they could stone her to death. He said that the one who did not commit the same sin should throw the first stone on the woman. When he lifted his eyes only the woman was standing in front of him.

Today it is a very amusing thing that the same priestly class in different religions is pontificating against gay and lesbian sex. They are bloody paedophiles and are gays themselves indulging in same sex with young boys and children. How can fellows who cannot have normal sex with women, I mean celibates who shun marriage, pontificate on who should have sex with whom? Sex in high places has no borders. All types of sex are being indulged in those places. This is an open truth and yet such fellows indulge in Pharisaic pronouncements on sexual behavior of citizens.

Okay, okay, let us leave polemics aside. Let us come to some principles. The entire world trumpets that sex is a very personal choice of individuals. Any pronouncement against sexual choices is a pronouncement against the freedom of individuals. Well, well it is the duty of the State to violate all individual freedom in order to support capitalistic industries. Sorry I got into polemics again.   

Who in the first place ordained that sex between a male and a female is the normal one? All sex is normal provided there is no violation of freedom of the partners in sex. Each one has a right to follow the dictate of his/her body. This is a fundamental right. The State cannot violate the body of an individual, which it does in the name of law. The judge who declared that gay sex is criminal is obviously a criminal by choice.

It is very dangerous to allow a freehold either to the judges or to priests on the bed of partners. It is as ridiculous as the State prescribing the type of glasses in which citizens should drink water. A State that is unable to control its citizens from pissing on every wall, a State that is impotent to control its citizens from spitting all over the place, a State that is unable to control mindless rape of hapless women in every part of the country now pontificates over how its citizens should have sex. Will the judges soon prescribe the size of penis and vagina that are fit for each other? Oh, sorry I got into polemics once again.

On the positive side the ruling party has found this as a judge-sent golden opportunity for vote catching. Now it will make all sorts of pronouncements against the judge and grab the soft corner of many citizens. Bravo Congress! Is it a game plan? Just a question! No answers yet! Perhaps time will tell.

In the meantime it is imperative that Indian society stands by all those who have been criminalized in an unjust manner by the judiciary. I am not inclined to condemn the entire judiciary for this criminal act. May be there are many sane judges still left in the judiciary and that is a hope for India.

This country worships double standards as sacrosanct in every field of life. But I am more concerned about all my brothers and sisters who are gays, lesbians and hijras or sexual minorities in one way or other. They were minorities till now. The judge has now reduced them to be criminals. That India is a criminal society is now very clear for the entire world. We do hope that sanity will be restored soon so that all citizens can live with a sense of dignity and pride in India.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
M C Raj is a human rights activist and award-winning author of more than 18 books. He has initiated a national campaign for proportionate electoral system, popularly known as CERI, in India. He is deeply involved in Climate Change issues.
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