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Chowmein, short skirts, free interaction- what else can turn men wild?
Rape has been made a laughing stock in India - courtesy our so-called leaders who are giving bizarre solutions to bring down the increasing number of rapes across the country. Right from short skirts to chowmein, these politicians find everything responsible for uncontrolled libido of men.

WHILE IT is the responsibility of the government to take care of its citizens, people at the helm are providing bizzare solutions to lessen the number of rapes other than providing solid ways to stop the menace that has assumed the shape of an epidemic in the country.

Literally making it a laughing stock, a Khap Panchayat member has reportedly blamed fast foods like 'chowmein' for increasing the number of rapes in the country. To justify his silly remarks, Jitender Chhatar, a resident of Jind's Chhatar village and a khap panchayat leader said that 'it led to hormonal imbalance'. “You also know the impact of chowmein, which is a spicy food, on our body. Hence, our elders also advised to consume light and nutritious food,” Chhatar was quoted by The Times of India.

In less than two months, more than a dozen girls have been raped in Haryana only, with one victim ending her life after the tragic incident. While the whole country was outraged after the incident, rights activists were demnading that exemplary punishments should be awarded to rapists, people at the helm, especially our politicians were seen rubbing salt into the wounds of victims through their silly and bizarre solutions to prevent rapes.

When a school girl was shamelessly groped by a group of men in Guwahati, National Commission of Women chairman, Mamta Sharma said that women should be careful as to what they wear and should refrain from wearing skirts. This statement once again victimized the victim and gave the criminals a free reign to do as and what they want.

When a girl was gang-raped in Gurgaon in the dead of the night, the Gurgaon administration, instea d of going tough against the criminals, asked women not to venture out of their houses after 8 pm, though they later retracted the statement after facing the public outrage. This cornering of the victims did not stop nor did the rape cases.

Om Prakash Chautala, former Haryana chief minister, very recently suggested child marriage as a solution to prevent the burgeoning number of rapes in the state. Supporting the Khap decision, Chautala said that girls should be married as soon as possible, as if unmarried women haven't been raped.

Congress leaders such as Harayana Congress chief, Phool Chand Mullana and education Minister Geeta Bhukkal however dismissed the reports of rapes as an 'opposition conspiracy'. Fellow politician and Congress spokesman, Dharamvir Goyal insisted that 90 percent of all rapes are consensual.

Mamata Banerjee helped with icing on the disgusting cake with her intellectual thought that rapes take place because of free interaction between men and women. The heinous crime that has been condemned in our mythology, has became just a political tool to get votes.

With such thinking, one just wonders as to whether our society will ever accept a rape victim rather than treating her as an outcast. While many activists are demanding that rapists should be given harsh treatments like castration and death sentences, it seems, politicians would take centuries to first shed their stinking ideology, leave alone coming up with practical solutions.

The only good news is that women, although mainly in urban areas have walked that extra mile where they can challenge these ridiculous norms and customs and make their way towards success. But the sad part is that same picture is not reflected in countryside where women don't even dare to speak against their ill-treating in-laws, leave alone challenging their foolish ideas and traditions.

To Miss Banerjee and everyone above just one question: when will you people stop jibber-jabbing and start acting for a safe society?

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Can men be Sexually Harassed? Perplexed? Looks like a statement made in an inebriated state? Well, the answer is a both a Yes and a No. No because the author is not in an inebriated state, however the society that is listening is definitely is. Years of hardwiring and constant input from media about the problems faced by women, the society, including men themselves, believe that harassment of men in any form, sexual being one of them, is a funny topic. This is quite natural because, Too Much Audio Visual input jeopardizes the cognitive ability of the brain. Because of continuous bombardment into the media regarding the problems of women, men's problems have become irrelevant now. Even a mention sparks humor and people tend to ignore it first unless something legally outrageous act like a road show or a media event is done to draw attention, even then people forget it the moment it's over. And sexual harassment of man is a topic which never gains ground, although sexual harassment of men is going on. Before going into details I will first talk about what I mean by the phrase, "Sexual Harassment". Sexual Harassment is a type of harassment that occurs to any individual due to the sexuality of either the individual in question or any other individual. Women often complain of sexual harassment and say that a particular man looked at them in an obnoxious manner or made some lewd comments on the dress or some ‘indecent proposal' was made et al. But it does not end there. First it has to be realized that why only ‘some' women are ‘sexually harassed'? Is it not a fact that those women do dress skimpily to draw attention? Otherwise who stops them from dressing normally like other women who do not complain of harassment?
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