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Christianity bifurcated Caucasians asymmetrically
Hebrew and Jews are lesser universal compared to English and White Christians. Christianity is shrewd bifurcation of Caucasians with Christians being derived from Jews and in the process ultimately Jews becoming insignificant minority.

Numbers always matter. The fact is that Jesus asking his disciples to evangelize Jews after his supposed resurrection has harmed Judaism more than anything else. It could be interpreted as a moral ‘punishment’ to Jews. No. This was the consequence of great strategic calculations.

If one looks at Hebrew, it appears less universal and Jews though Caucasians are lesser universal than the White Christians are. And this is not only about the modern era. Hebrew appears less universal, more reactive, linear rational language than modern Euro-American languages, particularly when compared with English. While Judaism appears more cerebral, less tinkering and lesser expansive than what White Christianity is.

Jews would not have been able to create the West and institutions associated with it. In the hypothetical absence of Christianity and under the dominance of Judaism, the world would have been more divided and fractured. The UN, the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank etc. would not have been there or if they were there they would not be that effective. Moreover, the Jew-dominated US would not have been that big and that powerful as it is now.

It should be noted that Christianity was invented at around dawn of the consciousness if it is considered 2500-3000 year old. The religion discovered was primarily for Whites initially. The invention of Christianity some 2000 years back let contained eruption of new religions in Europe, contained atheism and helped Islam getting related with Christianity. In absence of Christianity, there would have been proliferation of ideologies and religions in the White-dominated world. The Whites would have been much more divided and the world would not have been that innovative.

Ultimately the numbers of Muslims would have increased substantially all around Asia and the idea of capital and capitalism would not have been that effective. Right from West Asia to the Far East the world would have been predominantly Islamist-Communist. Moreover, in hypothetical absence of Christianity, Islam would have been more fundamentalist in nature. The balance in the world would not have been there.  

Good Friday is certainly the most important day in the history of humans: the supposed crucifixion of Jesus and his supposed resurrection on Easter day. The fact is the way Jesus’ story is written, it is the most authentic story in the world. But Jesus was to born from then Jewish mother. He would not have taken birth in pagan Europe or heathen Arabia. There were not sufficient moral, ethical and religious reasons to invent Christianity. The fact is that Judaism required no correction.

Jesus born from pagan parents would have preached completely different Bible and it would definitely not have included Old Testament. The Christianity would have faced opposition within Europe and place would have left for atheism and other religious preaching. The religion slowly reached to Europe and therefore early priests of Christianity did not face much opposition from public. If Jesus were born in Europe, there would not have anything called Judeo-Christianity axis and Christians would not have been able to convert Jews; the dominant people of the world then.

In fact, they could have been in conflict with them and therefore, the Caucasian race would have been divided. If Jesus had taken birth in heathen Arabia the mission would have failed completely. Arabs as a majority would not have accepted Christianity but there would have been constant conflict for dominance in the Arabia post-Jesus even though the preaching of Islam would have been more liberal in Arabia. In summary, Jesus not getting birth in Israel’s Jewish family would have harmed Christianity numerically and substantially and would have favored Islam and Judaism on these two accounts.

To be fair to Rabbis, there was nothing wrong in they opposing Jesus. After all Jesus was preaching a new religion and they knew it would harm Judaism. In ancient times, no one would expect much different from parent religion’s priests. The fact is that Jesus was supposedly crucified for the Western Europe and not for the state of Israel and he was supposedly resurrected for the West, particularly for a mighty US. There is a great relation between Jesus crucifixion, the advent of Christianity in Europe, European renaissance and invent of colonialism and ultimately Columbus discovering the US.

But it does not mean that Judeo-Christianity axis has no meaning. It is because of this belief that Jews outside Israel preferred Christianity over Judaism. Christianity is the asymmetric bifurcation of Caucasians into primarily Christians and Jews. It let the race thrive and with each increment in its population Christianity became the dominant religion all over the world. Jews had great exodus from Israel just one century after Jesus. This helped Christianity spread all across the globe. Since White Christians and even other Christians have the genes of twelve Jewish tribes they as a majority in modern time appear more cosmopolitan and secular than people of other religions and this helps the world a lot.

Easter is the day when bifurcation of Caucasians was planned and executed. The asymmetry between faithfuls on one hand and Jews and atheists on other has helped the world achieve many milestones. The dominance of Christians, particularly those of Caucasians, helps world grow in the most stabilized way. Therefore, both Good Friday and Easter Day have a lot of meaning even though in all likelihood Jesus was not crucified and he was made to become invisible after the verdict against him on Good Friday. He reappeared on the day of Easter planning about the future of the new religion in the meantime.

It should be noted that this is no campaign against Jews and Judaism. Jews of Israel did not make any mistake. They as a majority did not accept Christianity and this was the right decision as Christianity was primarily targeted at Europe. In modern context, the West, particularly the US, should continue to support Israel. Only thing is that in order to resolve the Middle East dispute, the US President should have some liking for Arabs. Mr. Obama certainly has liking for Arabs but it is higher in measure and is accompanied by some disliking for the state of Israel if not that for Jews.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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