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Christians and Christmas in the US
The identity conflict in this high communication age is a dangerous thing. It divides politically even the people of the most powerful nation on earth rather squarely, bitterly and decisively. The conservatives in the US on one hand and liberals and progressives on the other are bitterly divided over many issues regarding the Christian faith, which include whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holiday,” color of Santa Claus and most importantly on Biblical views about homosexuality.

The fact is that both the extreme poles of American politics are almost waging a war on social websites against each other and obviously there are many pro-conservative sites in the US on Facebook and Twitter, which show deep and genuine concerns for many American Christians using “Happy Holiday” in place of “Merry Christmas.”

The rationale of liberals and progressives for this is that since the US is a multicultural and multi-religious state and with time it would become more diverse, if trends are any suggestion, and therefore, a long holiday during Christmas and not during festivals of other religions can only be sustained by ignoring some of the religious aspects of the holiday. As per their belief, it is better to greet “Happy Holiday” to avoid annoying and containing the demands of non-Christians in the US.

The conservatives think otherwise. For them, the US is though diverse but a Christian-dominated state and should preserve its culture. To be fair to all, both polarities in American politics still keep almost evangelical wish to convert others; one by emphasizing on assimilation and conformism while the other by extending American horizons through pluralism and diversity.

I think Christians in the US should not fear from non-Christian religious people challenging their dominance. In this context the fact is that “Merry Christmas” is more appropriate and historic too while wishing greetings on Christmas. And as such many Christian-activists, particularly White Christians show concerns for the very legitimate words being taken over by a more secular and untagged words. The conservatives may have genuine concerns vis-à-vis atheists in the US, particularly with respect to White atheists.

But then it is politics and again non-Christian religious people by no means can challenge the dominance of Christians in the US. In case the now majority white people being replaced by non-whites, though politically very difficult and culturally and institutionally painful, as equal majority or even minority, the fact is that the constitution of American demography would always be hugely dominated by Christians if atheists having relations with Christianity are counted with them.

Now, there is another issue about Santa Claus being shown as a non-white. The fact is that Mary was Caucasian, Joseph was Caucasian and Jesus was ultimate White. So were Jesus’ all disciples. This is an utter foolishness to show Jesus as non-White. But then all those who believe in Holy Trinity and in the New Testament are equal Christians, if not merely by beliefs and commitments then by laws of consciousness and politics. The African-Americans in particular have no reason to portray Jesus as Black as they have no supporting document to prove their claims.

Now as per the story, Santa Claus lives somewhere in the North Pole and he, if believed, is indeed a White; in fact one of the Whitest persons in the world. Not only Santa Claus is White but he is purely European as per majority Christian belief. But like Jesus, Santa Claus too belongs to all Christians, irrespective of race, color, class and nationality. However, nothing can be done about anyone portraying Santa Claus as non-White as he is not a proven historic person though activists can file lawsuits against companies and organizations of any sort showing Jesus as a non-White. For individual beliefs there is no cure.

The last issue is concerning homosexuality. Sure Pope Francis famously said, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?” Therefore, there is growing acceptance of homosexuals and homosexuality among people and institutions but the fact is that the Bible does not approve of homosexuality and this is very explicit in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

As per many Biblical scholars, Jesus said that he came not to abolish the laws, but to fulfill them. Obviously, the Old Testament laws, even in Jesus’ days, were still in force and Jesus accepted them. Those are the same laws that condemn homosexuality in the Book of Leviticus. It explicitly says, “Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin.” It also adds, “A man must never defile himself by having sexual intercourse with an animal, and a woman must never present herself to a male animal in order to have intercourse with it; this is a terrible perversion.”

Jesus in Mathew Chapter 15 states that, “You are not defiled by what you eat; you are defiled by what you say and do.” As per Jesus all sexual acts committed outside of marriage defile a human being.  As per Mathew Chapter 19 some Pharisees came to Jesus and tried to trap him with this question: “Should a man be allowed to divorce his wife for any reason?” “Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” Jesus replied. “They record that from the beginning ‘God made them male and female.’ And he said, ‘This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.’ Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for God has joined them together.” What it means is that marriage, as God intended it in the New Testament, is the union of one man and one woman.

There are many other examples where homosexuality is explicitly rejected in Bible. The most striking reference is in the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 20, in which Lord says to Moses, “The penalty for homosexual acts is death to both parties. They have committed a detestable act and are guilty of a capital offense.”

Sure, those were old times and a lot of things have changed since then. But one should not attempt to distort the history irrespective of his and her political beliefs and sexual orientations: Santa Claus is White and so is Jesus and Bible does not deal nicely with homosexuals; this is the reality. Well, those who do not agree with these facts can still choose any option they like but without believing and asserting that their religion sanctions them.

The stand in this regard of Pope Francis is correct and his equivalents in other Christian faiths should follow him: a person can be gay but still be a Christian. Obviously, the Vatican and its other Christian equivalents cannot promote atheism and reject people because of their sexual orientations, can be considered one of that kind. But at the same time the conservatives’ pro-straight stand is very welcome as well. As a result the Westerners should make it goal to replace and eventually end homosexuality by medicinal, social, sexual and psycho-therapies.

The fact is that time is over for rewriting history and as such it is moving towards irreversibility; the permanent dominance of all dominant people all around the globe. Inappropriate politics can distort things though it cannot change them much positively. People should believe in Jesus as a historic person, savior of all Christians, irrespective of race, color, class and nationality. But he was indeed a White; in fact the Super-White.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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