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Condemning Mr Farooq Abdullah: Feminists Throttling "Fundamental Right of Speech"
There has been a big uproar against the observations made by Uninion Minister Farooq Abdullah regarding harassment of women at work place. Earlier also National Commission for Women (NCW) had raised voice against Samajwadi Party's senior leader Naresh Aggarwal's statement that, 'Women will find it hard to get jobs'; so much so that NCW issued him notice. Being politicians they tacitly retracted/regretted their statements. But that does not extinguish the concerns raised by them, which are genuine.
One cannot see the rationale behind   feminists raising such an hue and cry against Mr Farooq's observation that men will be afraid to employ/interact with women. The concern is genuine as there is no balancing check to ‘Protect the honour, name and fame of a man’ against whom any lady can with a mischievous intent  raise the accusation of  Sexual Harassment; So much so that man’s name can be made public however respected he might have been, rather more respected the man would be, the allegation will be lapped up by Media for eyeballs and his name will be tossed by one and all; On the other hand women’s name is required to be kept under wraps.  

Under such circumstances, who will “Protect the man against defamation' or for that matter any corporate house or organisation, from a segment of women who will like to make it a means of earning fame by repeatedly raising  false allegation Sexual Harassment. If after the investigation and trial the allegations against man are proved frivolous and with mischievous intent no media or society can undo the harm done to that man and yet that woman will be treated as a criminal , who had misused and abused the provisions of Law. 

In Hindi there is a saying ‘Ek machali sarey talab ko ganda karte hai’, that is a ‘Dirty fish spoils the pond’. If such women are allowed to go scot free and remain unidentified, they can cause havoc among lives of lot of men and organisations. A criminal ought to be treated like a criminal. More so, when the act committed by such women  will cause great harm to the purport behind enactment of such beneficial laws for women’s honour. 

Now, these feminists are throttling the ‘Fundamental Right of Expression’. One would have liked, if Mr Farooq had stood his ground. One knows being a politician, he had less options. He ought to be publically  seem to be politically correct.

For once I do not agree with Ms Kiran Bedi's comment , "Men who are sure of themselves will not make such comments. Those who are insecure make such statements". Ms Kiran Bedi, it is not a question about  "How sure a man is?"; The point is “How so ever  a man may know a  female in whose company he is, the man still cannot be sure of her motives  or hidden agendas, to be with him”. Who in the whole world, can be more sure of oneself being a "MAN" , than ex-World Boxing Champion, Mr Mike Tyson? Mr Tyson is reported to have said, that he is mortally afraid to be in the company of "Woman" alone anywhere. 

I am 63 years of age. I have developed a bit of amnesia. There are instances, when I have forgotten to zip up my pant before stepping out. It had happened today also. Walking down the street I realized it. The moment I realized it, I was mortally afraid to pull up my zip. I was looking for a safe moment, when there were no women around, so as to pull up my zip, lest someone raises a hue and cry that, ‘This old man has touched his private part-a gesture amounting to sexual harassment, when I was passing by”. I had to go to a desolate spot to correct my mistake. I believe there will thousands nay millions of old men like me , who will now be carrying the  fear, while walking in streets / parks or travelling in trains, buses or Metro alone.

There have been lot of news coming about women resorting to ‘My way or Highway’, at places of work. A denial of pay raise or promotion to a junior women employee carries a risk to male supervisor being accused of sexual harassment. Within, organisations, people do talk about how women had been getting accelerated promotions. What to talk of female superiors. Recently, male employees of  American Icon magazine ‘Archie’ have libelled a suit against the woman owner of the magazine, who had been demeaning them for being men and  addressing them menacingly as ‘Penis, Penis, Penis’. 
There was a news recently about a Male lawyer in Calcutta other day, wherein, a gang of women had caught him by the collar and wanted to take him to Police Station for sexual harassment. He got saved, just  because his wife was nearby and some court clerks were also there as witnesses. One more case has come to light, again from Calcutta. An NRI, while returning back after ‘5' days visit to India to attend a marriage was stopped at Airport; because some lady had apparently lodged a complaint of sexual harassment against him.

And this  poor man has no knowledge about this women and had never inter acted with her, though the women has given pictures of her being present on the same wedding. A mere presence on a marriage venue, was taken as a sufficient cause by the Calcutta police to deplane him, seize his passport and take him into  custody.

Ms. Kiran Bedi, as an ex-police person, I am certain, you will agree with me that,  women are not lacking men in the field of crime. And that they are abusing the provisions of gender biased laws 498a and DV Act with impunity. If the idea was to send a chilling fear psychosis down the spine of men, yes the objective has been achieved, which though will have far reaching consequences,  detrimental to good health  and sanity in the society.

The enactment of such laws which are without proper check and balance does not amount to providing them a ‘Shield’ so as to empower women; But it amounts  to giving a ‘Sword’ in their hands, which will usher a new age of “Streeshahi’ on the lines of  erstwhile ‘Tanashahi’.

Other day, I was aghast while interacting and discussing with a group of young females about the pro and cons of IrBM Law under the process of legislation, favouring women. One of the female participants said, “Then what if my own brother or for that matter my own father is put behind bars courtesy a false 498A case lodged by my would be sister-in- law.  Because this IrBM law, which is being enacted will certainly empower women like me, to get property share which fathers, brothers and husbands and husbands had been denying to their daughters, sisters and wives over the Eons".

My question to all feminists, please  tell me, "Are you fatherless or do not you have any brothers? Or you have had certain issues with them also? Will buy the viewpoint expressed by this young lady?”

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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