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Confused Indian foreign policy in 2013
Even though all Indian netas, brought up under the concept of 'Ahimsa Parmo Dharma’, believe more in talks and diplomacy in international arena then flexing muscles, which may be correct approach also, but if done one time too many, world does misunderstands you as a soft state lacking political will to even stand up for what is right. The Foreign policy conducted by India in 2013 epitomises this.

For decades Sri Lanka has not just been a friend of India but has also followed a policy which has been taking into account our strategic interests. In Lanka, the civil war involving their Tamil minority and Sinhala majority has ended with total victory of Sinhala dominated Sri Lankan Army. Some atrocities have also been committed.

However this is an internal happening within Sri Lanka which must not have become the reason, which it did, for Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh not attending the recently held CHOGAM countries meeting in Sri Lanka. It happened because the Tamil Nadu's political parties were against his attending this meeting.

Surely regional political parties narrow sectarian view and vote bank politics cannot take precedence over national interests. As it is, this conflict in Sri Lanka has costed us fair amount of good will in that country. Maximum advantage of this confused approach of ours has already been taken by China and Pakistan in Sri Lanka.

Under the previous Government of Mrs. Khalida Zia, Bangladesh had veered away from us. It was acting against our interests and in favour of China and Pakistani. Lot of known Indian terrorists of north-east got official protection in Bangladesh. Bangladesh had also become conduit of arms to the North-East insurgents of India.

All this got changed under the current Government of Awami league party of Sheikh Hasina, who is considered India friendly. She has been constantly following India specific policies. Some key North East insurgents hiding in Bangladesh have been repatriated to India.

She has also put a solid leash on anti-India jehadi activities taking place in Bangladesh. With elections scheduled in Bangladesh She is now needing Indian help in sorting out Teesta river water dispute as also transfer of each other’s enclaves holding fire for a long time.

On these issues the ground understanding has already been reached by both the countries only it has to be put in place. However this is not taking place due to the narrow political considerations of both the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and Assam CM Tarun Gogai who are against this deal.

National interests being paramount the current UPA Government should have gone ahead and implement this accord despite the opposition by these stats.
America which has been fighting war on terror in Afghanistan since more than a decade is withdrawing from Afghanistan by middle of this year.

Pakistan and its protégé Taliban are all set to step into this vacuum and dislodge the current Hamid Karzai Government of Afghanistan. India which has invested more than two billion dollars in development of Afghanistan enjoys tremendous good will in rank and file of common people in Afghanistan.

The India friendly Hamid Karzai Government is asking Indian help in training and arming its army. While India is providing limited training to Afghan Army, the current UPA Government is in double minds for supply of heavy weapons to Afghan Army. They are worried that how Pakistan will take it? This is really funny.

Beginning 2013, one of the Pakistani BAT team entered Indian Territory in J&K state and beheaded two Indian soldiers. They again entered a month later and ambushed an Indian Army patrol killing five Indian soldiers. In 2013 Pakistan carried out maximum cease fire violations on the LAC in Kashmir numbering 250, highest in the decade.

In April last year Chinese entered the Chumar sector in Ladakh almost 19 kms inside Indian Territory and pitched their tents there. It took three weeks of begging and snivelling with them by our netas and bureaucrats before finally they left. To avoid repeat of such incidences now India has gone and inked another border defence pact with China. Despite this new pact, on 18 Dec 2013 China again infiltrated in Chumar Sector.

These incidents perpetuated by both China and Pakistan are indicative of the fact that how lightly they take India. This is happening to us when we are a major military power. The problem lies in our higher set up for policy projection.

Indian netas and their babu advisors refuse to understand that in today’s world, diplomacy works only when backed by strong economy and military with political will to use this clout if need be. For reasons best known to them our netas and babus refrain from taking any military advice on important strategic issues as a result we always land up with flawed deals.

In absence of any long term foreign policy, most of the time instead of being proactive we keep on reacting to the events with knee jerk actions. In India there is need for reform in our entire politico-military set up. We must have think tank systems activated on various issues.

There is also a need to include the three Army chiefs in the Cabinet Committee on Security on permanent basis. Long term foreign policy must be made by taking opposition also in confidence so that Governments can come and go but our foreign policy remains on the right path. Earlier we implement these reforms better will be for the country.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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