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Congress compares itself to Pandavas and BJP to Kauravas: But who's what in reality?
During the debate on vote of thanks to presidential address, Congress' leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said that Congress represents Pandava indirectly referring the present NDA as Kaurava. Definitely he was consoling himself and his party on its worst performance, where they got merely 44 Lok Sabha seats.

Apart from that both Kharge in Lok Sabha and Gulam Nabi Azad in Rajya Sabha claimed that although President?s speech is just a summary of BJP?s election campaign-slogan, but mostly copied from UPA and Congress' vision.

If Congress is really Pandava, then who is Kunti? Is Congress party now trying to put the family at a position which was of highest esteem in Indian scriptures? If yes, then they must give answers of real hard questions. Kunti and her sons were deprived of their rights by the conspiracy of Duryodhan and Shakuni, who compelled blind (both physically and also in son's love) emperor Dhritrashtra to decree a matter illegally.

Let?s consider BJP and NDA as the conspirators. Then is Congress now saying that the decreeing authority in a democracy, that is public, is blind to fall in a trap of conspiracy and deprived Congress of their hereditary right to rule the country? Isn?t it an insult of the public mandate? Or the Congress can cross all limits of sycophancy just to safe-guard and worship a family?

What Pandava stood for? They stood for justice through a Dharmayuddha. Dhramayuddha was based on the principle. There is no high command, no safe guard or special privilege to anyone. Kunti has no say at all in the war of justice. How can the Congress now defend that they didn?t get the justice?

Interestingly, the Congress speakers? are also saying contradictory things. While they allege that Presidential speech is a summarization of BJP?s campaign slogan, on the other hand it claims that Presidential speech is just a copy-paste of Congress?s decade old policies! This means that BJP has campaigned on programs copied from Congress policy and also beaten them seriously in the elections!

I think Congress is right. In pen and paper they have very genuine policy. BJP attacked inaction and non-implementation of those policies of welfare, development and economical aspects. They added issues of inflation, unemployment and corruption as Congress was silent on these issues during election campaign!

Narendra Modi is right in saying that Pandava, Kaurava and Mahabharat's era has already gone. What needs to be understood is the spirit of Pandavas and Kauravas. If you become corrupt, arrogant and apathetic to public sentiment and aspiration, you would be Kaurava. Thus Congress was Kaurava in General Elections 2014 while BJP and NDA are the Pandavas. Modi was also right in the sense that Pandava means winner.

In next general elections, Congress can be Pandava making BJP Kaurava. For this, the Congress needs to learn it?s lessons. The present arrogance, lack of humility, shielding the family and utter display of sycophancy simply says that the Congress is readying to be long term Kauravas.

A friend rightly pointed out that in 2014 General Elections in fact Congress high-command was the Duryodhan, its coterie was the Shakuni and UPA PM was the Dhritarashtra. They lost to new Pandav led by Narendra Modi who focused on ?Dharma? [Development (that includes employment), Honesty (anti-corruption), Administration (Minimum government, Maximum Governance), Revolution (in every sector), Money (inflation control, economic growth etc), Advancement (in all sphere including skill enhancement and empowering everyone)].

Thus it was win of Dharma by BJP-led NDA, despite a partial presence in India against Congress, the Kauravas who was mighty and had pan-India presence. Kaurava was routed in this Mahabharata (General Elections 2014).

I can?t disagree with my friend and don?t think anyone could either. Thus will Congress learn?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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