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Constabulary needs a complete cosmetic make-up
While reading the Hindustan Times newspaper today I came across a news item about recruitment drive for Delhi Police Constabulary. I was left sweating with fear of seeing another batch of khaki-clad desensitized people being recruited once again in the force. These constables in the force are gullible servants of both the IPS and the mighty few who today rule India.

I ENVSIONED the Japanese model of the Police Constable staying in all Delhi localities atop of old DESU transformer bungalows. I dreamed of the Constable being at the centre point of all activities in the area, a man much respected by all in society. Suddenly the heavenly dream turned into a nightmare as I dreamt of the Constable collecting protection money, blackmailing residents, extorting, conniving with thieves and even raping women.

Why do we need 100kg pea brained, brawny looking, potbellied giant who is Baboonish in all his behavioral patterns as compared to his wild counterpart in the forest? This is a question which lies unanswered till date.

But one thing is for sure that this ‘Constable is the bane of all Policing problems in India’.  They are loath fully feudalistic, uneducated, corrupt to the core, archaic, stubborn and foolish in nature. They always seem to act as a law unto themselves and consider city folk inferior to themselves. They are the actual perpetrators of the ‘Danda Raj’ a sole trait of Indian Policing. They are grotesquely the most corrupt and are responsible for miscarriage of justice throughout India.

You cannot ask a constable why he is like that. As per him you just cannot ‘Blame it on him’ as most of them  have paid huge sums as bribes to get in and hence their solitary objective is to make money by being corrupt. Mostly all of them end up as being hated than respected by the public. To do a vice versa the makeover of the Indian Police especially the ‘Constable’ is a must to keep up the respectable image of the Police in the eyes of the Public.

The Constable should hence forth be known as Police Officer. He should be a bonafide graduate from Delhi, without a fake degree and driving license. The best part is for the constable to be recruited from the area of his domicile to make him of the area and by the area only. This would make him feel more connected with the topography and culture of the region.

The Delhi Police must hire from Delhi region only and not from Haryana. Graduate Constables from Delhi would go a long way in improving policing. The required competencies for effective police Constable Performance would be higher for these Delhi graduates like self control, physical skills/ abilities, good and pleasant communication skills and not the current rural dialect, self confidence, flexibility in dealing with diverse situations, analytical thinking, relationship building and lastly being performance oriented.  

Alas! This is not so as the constabulary is sonorously synonymous with corruption. This is a truth and if one sees a more panoramic view then one can freely relate the constabulary to be more prone to corruption.

The need of the hour is to foster a more sincere, transparent and open door, police-public healthy relationship based on mutual respect and understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. The training and selection of the constabulary need a total overhaul. The faulty policeman becomes a symbol of the entire organization and his misconduct is used as a powerful weapon to tarnish the image of the entire force.

Today our poor constable finds himself a member of a corrupt service; he is surrounded by influences that forbid his acting uprightly, the blight of corruption affects the force in greater degree from constables and upward. For many, power is corrupting while performing basic duties and for others police discretion acts as a sharp edged weapon to be misused for personal gains. As civil rules in our cities are unspecific and undefined, the constables indulge in several types of corrupt activities carried out on pavements and in open places in collusion with corporation employees.

The constabulary behaves rudely and are overbearing towards ordinary citizens in distress. They refuse to register FIRs unless the victim carries influence or entertains the concerned personnel. Even if an FIR is lodged, investigation or other follow up action proceeds only by way of periodic bribes in proportion to the gravity of the complaint and work to be done.

Non-compliance leads to immediate dropping of the case from the priority list and inordinate delay in investigations or prosecutions. The Constabulary also resorts to illegal practices and procedures such as use of third degree methods, fabrication of evidence, false implication of innocent persons in criminal cases, dilution of evidence to weaken cases, illegal detention, shelving of cognizable crimes, delaying arrest of persons and allowing them to obtain anticipatory bails, etc.

Most of the cases involving the rich and the influential are simply hushed up and closed. Corruption has spread to other areas of policing largely due to the role of police implementing legislations like child labor, immoral trafficking of women, indecent representation of women, etc. An equally disturbing trend is the mounting incidence of corruption in police while dealing with gender issues like dowry deaths, exploitation of women, etc.

The increasing nexus between police personnel at various levels and mafia operators is another disturbing trend in most of the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. The criminalization of politics and the political patronage coupled with muscle and money power enjoyed by the underworld prompts many police personnel to collude with such forces for self-gains.

Thus the constabulary refrains from performing its basic duties to maintain peace, prevent crime, assisting victims of crime, apprehending criminals, invoking charges and participating in prosecutions, executing warrants, investigating and reporting occurrences, performing the lawful duties that the police commissioner assigns, enforcing municipal by-laws.

These duties require English speaking graduates and not simple class X or XII dropouts. The exams should be conducted by UPSC. A transparent recruitment process should be mandatory in order for the constabulary to abide by their allocated duties. A good promotion system with an attractive goal of becoming even the Police Chief should be incorporated; centralized retraining and recruitment process would go a long way in making the police more people friendly. The IPS should be removed from Civil Services and the constable should be able to reach the top by hard work, honesty and exemplary service.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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