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Copying in exams
Copying is a scourge and has become endemic in exams in India. Unscrupulous students and parents indulge in it. They forget that they are harming the nation and undermining the national character. The hordes of such Munna Bhais so created will man the important positions in the country and the harm they would cause is quite understandable.

Copying in exams whether in schools, colleges or job selection tests, in India, is rampant. It has acquired frightening proportions and has become endemic barring as usual a few honorable exceptions. The media reports it with pictures of blatant and open mass copying. The students, their friends, parents and even the police are a party to perpetuating this scourge. The teachers abet in it. All have some stake. The students want certificates and degrees to make them eligible for a job. The parents naturally expect the children to pass. The teaching institutes look for display of good results on individual or collective basis. In private institutions, good admissions are necessary.

In government institutions, promotions of teachers are dependent of good results of the teacher’s class and a major criterion to judge his or her efficiency and fitness for promotions. The police that collude in copying mostly get some easy money. In short hardly does this evil need mention.

The ingenuity that goes into devising methods of copying beats imagination. I happen to have been a witness to these methods, as once I too was the coordinator of a flying squad in school exams. The methods employed are so numerous that if described in detail, they will run into a big volume. However, when the media reports, the administration or organizational authorities show total ignorance of existence of this evil. They would prefer to ask for a report from someone supposed to be directly concerned with exams and by the time the enquiry begins, the exams are over and the issue dies a natural death.

When looked at from the national perspective, this evil undermines the entire educational system and adversely tells upon our national character. The students passing exams with dubious means are hardly of the quality the organization, business or the government machinery should employ. Nevertheless, they staff important posts as after all the whole army of job seekers comprises the candidates of this poor standard.

The students have compromised their sense of self-achievement and respect. Mediocre hordes manage to get some job or the other. Munna Bhais are in abundance. The irony is that this evil never gets the importance it deserves. Some people engage government machinery in reacting to meaningless issues thus preventing the officials from taking notice of the evils like copying.

Obviously, a nationwide intense campaign against this scourge is imperative and cooperation of all sections of the society is necessary. Moral standards should be improved and the ways and means for doing this can be devised for a holistic approach. The media also can make a beginning in this connection and an ardent appeal to all sensible people can start showing results. Only a will to do is necessary.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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