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Corruption Kejriwal and Lucknow Nagar Nigam
What should we do praise a corrupt additonal commissioner of the Lucknow Muncipal Corporation who has extorted money and tampered with the system to earn enough to throw away good money on a hair transplant or do we sack him and deprive him of his pension benefits among others? After all are we willing to take corruption seriously?

ANTI-CORRUPTION talk is a result of the prevailing corruption in government, but how is this corruption generated that is important. We must realise that some of the best brains in the country come for the civil services and so on; they are chosen on their ability to think through issues and vice versa; they first create the situations that will prompt corruption and then benefit from its progeny.

Take the case of the PWD; how does this generate corruption? Projects are conceived in such a manner that they cost more; for example a Rail overbridge will cost more than a Railway-made elevated track; the latter will ensure better flow of traffic but no one opts for it because even though it will save the nation funds there will be no funds to siphon off for engineers in the PWD or Mantriji either.

Next: the way taxes are imposed. A tax should be made so high that traders feel compelled to evade it and hence pay bribes; in a situation where the state gives nothing tangible in return for taxes, this becomes even easier; for example if a hair-cut costs Rs 100 and the taxes on it come to another Rs 30, then barbers may not cut reciepts for their services and bribe the tax collector when he comes to examine their records- a situation every tax collector will love and not want to cahnge. It all boils down to a game on how the individual in power benefits at the cost of maligning the state and the state machinery becomes his personal revenue collection department.

And lastly, do not expect any politician to be too keen to back you on this because the system is such the official earns and pays the politician; the money is used to fund elections and so on and the politician then rewards the official with a plum posting otherwise why would Thanas be auctioned in a manner of speaking and why would PWD engineers pay lakhs for being posted in some areas and not in others?

Public servants should be held more accountable than those who are not in government service and the nexus between the politician and the bureaucrat has to be broken. Unfortunately in Uttar Pradesh we need to break the link between the journalist and the bureaucrat and the Neta too; most senior journos stay in government accommodations in Lucknow, which is another form of corruption.

Finally, Uttar Pradesh is the most corrupt state in India but has there been any sting operation in UP?

Now take the case of disproportionate assets of the ordinary officials in the government; the number of properties and so on; the spending styles of their kith and kin and whatever.

The entire system is geared to make the common man corrupt and harass him till he drops. A friend of mine who went to Norway was aghast when his girlfriend who was driving at night alone for a party had a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere; he became more aghast when she phoned up the cops who came and changed the tyre for her. It seems she was an income tax payer. Do you pay tax and would the cops change your car tyre? That is the question you have to ask yourself?

So what is the incentive to pay tax? Just to be permitted to live and breathe in filth and sewage and pollution; it is also a mindset problem.

The entire system is based on mutual benefits and it is easy to trace the recipients of such benefits. All the UP economic offences wing has to do, is a to take a list of PCS officers who took postings during the last government's tenure in the LMC, the LDA , KDA ADAand so on; then simply send them notices to come clean on their entire assets and watch the fun. It is a known fact that PCS officers, Joint Secretary and above pay money for being posted in such departments why because they want to be near their parents or eat meat once a week. I doubt it, then find out if any additonal municipal commissioner in Lucknow like say Amit Chatur has had a hair transplant and can he afford one on his salary?

We have to use the system but unfortunately, everything has become financial, even the vigilance department is a source of good income to the officers posted in it.

So what is wrong? Ultimately there is no national character; what Moneypenny in 'Skyfall' refers to as good old British Fortitude. We are discussing ways and means to end corruption because we think like the Brits; the rest is better left unsaid.

The Centre of an Empire is always the last to fall. Today the rise of regional parties and corrupt leaders of the numerous variety is the same as the Mughal Empire’s governors becoming Nawabs and declaring independence; only a central service and a central army holds the country together and unfortunately protects the corrupt or the wealthy and the corrupt would be the target of the Pindaris of the day. The system they weaken and defraud keeps them going and it happens at the cost of an average honest middle class citizen, who will get no relief from Arvind Kejriwal.

The muncipal corporations in India as a rule do not segregate waste; as a result several crores worth of plastic is sold every month to chappal makers of Agra and Kanpur; the commissions and cuts worth several lakhs go into the pockets of Nagar Nigam officials.

The system of corruption is far more efficient than the government. But if an official damages someone that person should be entitled to compensation and why not, that is the premise of fair play and justice. And if parts of the compensation can come from the retirement benefits of the public servants involved, they will too feel the pinch of arresting innocents. A new clause in the CrPc by way of an amendment should do the trick?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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