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Cowardly and inhuman act in the name of Jihad & Allah in France
No one ,no country and no institution condoning or even attempting to justify the recent horrific acts of violence rather than these so-called terror groups, who are really like blood and human flesh eating vampires or monsters doing such cowardly and inhuman acts in the name of Jihad & Allah . The breeding grounds of global terrorism now need to be wiped out by a united unison for the sake of global peace and prosperity.

All the super power countries across the globe need to follow the right path to advocate the implementation of strict punishments for such heinous crimes and cowardly acts together in   coordination with other governmental & non-governmental women empowerment groups & associations, to ensure that the system does not let terrorism go scot free.

There are too many of us who know what it means to have terrorism touch our lives, our loved ones, and our sense of connection with the people around us. Today, France and Lebanon are in the midst of that fog of tragedy. 

This was more than a monstrous act of hatred. These attacks were designed to shake the very foundations of all our societies. They are an assault on our shared humanity, our tolerance, liberty and respect - the values that underpin the world our movement was built to create. 

It is at this time of darkness that our community's weave of love can be most powerful. Let's join hands today to embrace our brothers and sisters in France, Lebanon and across the world that are mourning, and show that our movement stands tall against this hate and commits to continue raising our voices for everything we love. 

Let's be a community that projects a beacon of light and proves that fear and division won't win out. 

The entire world needs to stand in solidarity with all those seeking a way out this madness and finding a way for peace to prevail, and our solidarity with all victims everywhere of this kind of insane violence and senseless bloodshed. I would like to say and appeal and send my hearty and loving intentions to not only those who have suffered in these recent atrocities but to all people of the world who have needlessly suffered in the crossfire of political, religious, corporate and military power struggles.

How many more lives will be sacrificed? How many more innocent people across the world will we let die without any reason?

We should not surrender; we must not take a single step backwards. We were challenged, cruelly and cowardly attacked, but still refuse to break down.

We the people of this universe need to prove that there is only one land; the Earth, there is only one humanity and there is only one religion; Love, Peace & prosperity. These terrorist attacks in the name of Allah or in the name of Jihad are twisted ways to justify killings. No religious philosophy promotes killing of the innocents.

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I suggest a law that prescribes zero tolerance for wiping out terrorism from this soil. There should be no hearing, no trial, but only instant death for these terrorists Paris terror attack no doubt uncivilized, violent and against the peace and prosperity of the world. Simply it is just an act of terrorism which always target the peace and prosperity by the radical Muslim community of across the Globe and this one in Paris also got conformed by the claim of ISIS taking their responsibility informing media that THIS IS THE BEGINING ,MONY MORE TO RECEALED SOON IN REPLY OF FRANCE’S JOINT OPERATION OF BOMBING MANY AREAS WITH A JOINT GLOBAL OPERATION AGAINST TERROR WORLD. Wiping out cultural differences and thinking of Europeanizing foreign migrants by providing training to learn European languages but could not able to tackle the socio-economical backwardness of various migrant groups.As a result there was growing alienation and grabbed by radicalisation of youths and later became part of the terror brutalization of the Islamic world like Iraq ,Syria and like Pakistan that names as the World’s terror hub and breeding ground of terrorism. The degree of terror activities across the globe feel all the global citizens that now is the time to enforce the law of zero tolerance to retaliate terror activities through out the world by all the concerned global leaders and should also reassure the public that terrorists will not go unpunished or will be caught before they do damage.
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