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Criticism of AAP is vote bank politics and trivializing serious issues
While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think Arvind Kejriwal does have the right approach. Traditional politicians are quick in branding his style as anarchist but really it is they who have created Anarchy with their governance.

Kiran Bedi was kind enough to enlighten everyone what is the meaning of “Anarchy” as per dictionary. Unfortunately, she forgot to analyse the current situation.  
Anarchy is defined as a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.

When women in the city aren't safe and police who is supposed to uphold the law is not doing their job, we have a state of lawlessness. So "Anarchy" in Delhi is already there, thanks to central government in general and Sushil Kumar Shinde in particular. .

Vigilantism: It is not “Vigilantism” if an officially elected representative goes to a place which residents believe is cause of trouble and especially not if he has ensured and requested some cops to come with him.

Vigilantism is what happened under the rule of BJP in Mangalore, in Maharashtra under the rule of Congress and by Shiv Sena other activists. It’s just a futile attempt by BJP and Congress to malice good efforts from a minister who has complete and total support of his constituency.

Racism: Nearly every action of ministers from AAP is under heavy scrutiny of cameras from media. So much so that when due to lack of facilities, Delhi's law minister Somnath Bharti had to use women’s toilet it was captured on camera and reported in news.

When Kejriwal was en route to North Block and was not wearing his seat belt it was captured on camera reported on news as well. So I find it hard to believe that there was an incident as was reported by the lawyers of the two foreign nationals but no one seems to have video footage of this incident.  

What we did see in video footage of the day is how police refused to take any action even after seeing the evidence of the racket being played out right in front of their eyes on the pretext that no FIR has been filed. That’s like saying they are blind and their eyes are unable to report events they witness to their brain ergo if a crime is happening in front of them they will be unable to take any action unless someone else reports it through an FIR.

What we have also seen in events that transpired after the brutal murder of a girl in Delhi is an equally brutal policeman hitting a girl protester.  
It is left to common sense of people to judge who is doing vote bank politics here- A CM who has decided to sleep on a footpath on a cold night for rights of the people who elected him or a party who is trying to make light of the serious police issues by trying to raise a false accusation of racism but giving no weight or credit to the illegal racket unearthed by the AAP minster.  
In their bid to tarnish image of this new party, BJP is coming across as an organisation that does not really care about the real issues people are facing (inefficiency of police, cutting down crime) but is just focusing on non-issues so as to slander the new party.
Inconvenience to local Delhiites: While the inconvenience is not created by CM of Delhi but by home minister, I am inclined to say that even if this was not the case, it is still justified. The small inconvenience of few days should be considered as an investment which will give a very high return in form of a peaceful city helped and supported by a police that honestly works for the state with an emphasis on words “honestly” and “works”.  
Unstructured Governance: It’s inclusive and different governance but not unstructured. If at all anything it is honest and transparent governance backed by sound logic and clear roadmap set against final objectives as set out in their manifesto. To anyone who thinks otherwise, I recommend them to read Kejriwal’s book “Swaraj”.

I am yet to come across any Indian politician who has such clear perspective of how he/she thinks root cause of problem can be removed. You may not agree to everything in there but it is still worth a read purely to understand the key problems this man is aware of at grass root level and at least has a plan for resolving them.
It is early days, so it’s completely possible that I and so many Indians like me are wrong in trusting AAP but I honestly believe that we will not be worse off than now given the two other major political forces have in past 60+ years not proven themselves to be very effective in giving us an honest and progressive governance but have managed to sell off our natural reserves to private hands at dirt cheap prices.

This alone is a reason good enough to give a chance to the new way of politics and governance as it gives a glimmer of hope in an otherwise very dark and gloomy option.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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