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Dangerous game of Azadi being played in India
In a country like ours where just about 68 years back the great Azadi lovers of places like JNU, Hyderabad Central University and Jadhavpur University of West Bengal were called Natives by our British rulers, they the British called us blacks and we did not have entry into so many exclusive British clubs and places and what have you, that time none of these people or their political backers like Congress, Left and JDU said anything about Azadi, when they were actually slaves.

This history of slavery had continued for last 900 years, divided between Moguls and British. We had meekly surrendered our Azadi to them. India is the only country in the world which got its civilisation 5000 years back and still was a slave country later for 900 years. So now thanks to our constitution which gives us freedom of expression, if people talk of Azadi in the current environment, it is fraud of the worst kind and is basically a conspiracy to again take us back to that era from which we could rescue ourselves after so much of sacrifices.

All these people of JNU and Hyderabad University who want Azadi of Kashmir from India and who eulise the Parliament attacker Afzal Guru, calling his hanging as judicial killing and demanding Azadi for Kashmir, have they ever said anything of how the people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) are being trampled under the boots of Pakistani Army?

The entire POK Government and their administration is a fraud. This POK is directly being administered from Pakistan, read Pakistani Army. There are no human rights there. POK is basically composed of Gilgit and Baltistan with Shia population. They want Azadi from Pakistan. So Pakistani Army is bringing in large number of Sunni Muslims from mainland Pakistan to settle there. 5000 sq km long ShaksGam Valley, Pakistan has ceded to its friend China illegally so that China can build Karakoram Highway there, linking China with Pakistan.

Currently there are 3000 Chinese workers in POK building infrastructure there for the China-Pakistan economic corridor.10000 Chinese soldiers have been placed there to give protection to these Chinese workers. Now all those people like Umar Khalid, Kanhaiya and Anirban Bhattacharya of JNU, who all are facing sedition charges for wanting Azadi of Kashmir from India, why they till date have not voiced any Azadi demand for POK Azadi? Are they paid stooges of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI?

The Indian paid media that is supporting this demand of Azadi of Kashmir from India and these political parties like Congress, Left parties and JDU as also Mr Kanhaiya and likes who are giving statements that India army rape Kashmir women en mass, should also explain what is happening in Pakistan and China in terms of Azadi (freedom of expression).

In Pakistan more than 20000 Baluch nationals are missing without trace in addition to so many killed all because they want Azadi from Pakistan. In FATA region of Pakistan, Pakistani Army is using F-16 fighter jets, tanks and heavy artillery against their own people the Pakistan-Taliban killing them in hordes. Indian Army, which is fighting insurgency in various provinces of India since independence has never used heavy weapons against these insurgents because we feel that they are our own people.

More than half million Muslim citizens of Pakistan living in this area have become refugees, forced to live elsewhere by Pakistani army in their operation Zarb-e-Ajab because of the collateral damage that Pakistani Army has caused to their own people. So why these Azadi stalwarts in India are silent on this ?Why no Azadi for these people?

All these people like this paid media of India, the political parties supporting these crusades of likes of anti-nationals like Kanhaiya, Umar Khalid, Bhattacharya; all this is finding great space in Pakistani media. Pakistan is making full use of stupidity by them. Pakistan is telling the world that even in India people want Kashmir to be out of India.

Pakistan by this propaganda of theirs have also succeeded in turning the world attention away from their own trampling of Baluchistan by means of military boots, using harsh methods to curb the insurgency in its Sindh province and the Punjabi domination over other provinces of Pakistan.

Some brainless political parties of India supporting the cause of JNU and Hyderabad University are playing in Pakistani hands. They are the biggest anti-nationals. At this rate Kashmir will become an international issue on its own which is what Pakistan wants and we had been trying to prevent since decades. Next China will start its new theory that NE states of India basically belong to China, and be rest assured our comrades of Left parties will support this Chinese stand also. So where do we go from here?

It is time a serious revamp is carried out in JNU and other universities of India. After all these universities are run by tax payers' money and are highly subsidised. In modern world of competition and fast changing technology these temples of learning cannot be allowed to be hijacked by the political parties with their own petty agendas. Why should there be there so many students unions on political party lines?

Scrap all these student unions, let the students concentrate on studies and new research. This is not true that students through these unions learn politics to become future leaders. Leaders are not made through unions and politics, leaders are made by their KARMA. This Karma cannot be anti-national slogans. Democracy is okay but not at the cost of discipline. For all students, serving in NCC must be made compulsory. NCC must be made more robust and nationalistic.

It is true that we got our freedom cheap but it does not mean that we should not value our national freedom. Every person who speaks against the nation is a traitor and should be punished accordingly.

China killed 3000 students at Tiananmen Square who were demanding Azadi. Let us not waste our energy in discerning what is so called freedom of expression when it comes to letting down the country. The country is the supreme entity and anybody who wants to break this country in small pieces must be hanged to death.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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