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Daniel Craig: Indian films another feather in cap
Daniel Craig, the famous face from the British theatre is starring yet another flick Quantum of Solace sequeled to Casino Royale, lined up to release. He is open to offers from India but not at present since he wants to concentrate as the 'Bond'.
TO PLAY the role of a secret agent Daniel Craig says that one needs to be smart and add a touch of realism maintaining the persona in a versatile and charming manner.

Q. Is ’Quantum of Solace’ a tribute to ’Goldfinger’?

A. Quantum of Solace(QOS) is a homage to 007 classic Goldfinger, merely by recreating a similar scene with the new bond girl, Gemma Arterton. The actor plays a spy for the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6 in the movie, who had to film a scene completely covered in oil as her character; Agent Fields lies face down across a bed and drowns in the sticky substance. But it is not totally based on the 1964 classic since it is more advanced in terms of action, thrill and drama. Apart from that one specific scene, this new flick is totally a novel concept and directly a sequel to Casino Royale.

Q. Having worked with Vesper Lynd earlier and Gemma Arterton this time around, how has your experience been with the Bond girls?
A. Both Lynd ans Arterton possess their own styles. Bond as a character has always been flirtatious. But the difference is that we try to cast great actresses playing as strong women who would buzz him off on misbehaviour. Both my female counterparts are extremely professional in their approach and have done a great job in the glamorous role for their respective movies. I stress on the importance of the new era of Bond films being a part of modern times.

Q. What kind of preparation did the action sequences require in this movie?
A. These films thrive on action sequences. In order to thrill the movie lovers and for James bond’s fans we have to be authentic with the action part. We were trained for hours at stretch in a day which was damn tiring but in the end our efforts have paid off and I would definitely pray that this one too keeps up the tradition of being a superb action thriller.

Q. Tell us something about your other upcoming projects?
A. Apart from the Bond series there are some interesting projects lined up which include The Jacket, opposite Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody and Steven Spielberg’s Vengeance. Then comes Flashbacks of a Fool, which starts shooting later this month in South Africa and London. In the movie, I will play a British actor whose Hollywood career is tanking now when he has entered his 40’s. Then there is Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland where I star with Anne Hathaway.

Q. After your divorce with Fiona Loudon, whats going on at the relationship front?
A. At present I am happy with my girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell and whenever possible I make it a point to spend time with her.

Q. You have worked as a burglar turned gay in Love is the Devil, a womanising handyman in The Mother, Paul Newman’s murderous son in Road to Perdition, a wily treasure hunter in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Action seems to be your favorite subject but don’t you think you are being typecast/stereotyped in these roles?
A. I am fortunate enough to have played a variety of characters in my stint with the showbiz. Playing different characters each time is really interesting and fun. I am always ready for action and playing Bond doesn’t limit my acting, rather it gives a unique edge to it and I am very comfortable to be recognized as James Bond. In the long run, I would surely like to play different characters since it’s a dream for any actor and same is the case for me. I do the roles that excite me, be it romantic or be it action, after all one performs best only for what is accepted by the heart and wherein the audience would applaud the skills and capabilities.

Q. Referring to your relation with Pierce Brosnan, were you given any tips for being the Bond prior to Casino Royale?
A. We share a healthy professional relationship and are really good friends even off screen. Pierce is an immensely talented actor who in houses great knowledge and has genuinely proved of great help for me. I could learn a lot from him which enabled me to portray this phenomenal character with ease and elan in my Bond flicks. Also he likes me being the new Bond which he has told me a couple of times.

Q. What are the qualities required to fit to the role of James Bond?
A. To get into the shoes of this secret agent one needs to be smart and add a touch of realism to the character, without taking away his macho qualities. He should be able to maintain the persona in a charming and versatile manner. Well, I think I have done it perfectly while the audience decides the rest.

Q. You’ve been tagged as the ’sexiest man in the world’ post Casino Royale. Any comments?
(Laughs aloud). If I am, then it’s cool no? I am floored for being opined as the sexiest man by several magazines but personally I believe that the sexuality of a person lies in the way he gets on with his colleagues and how in the best possible manner he attracts the fairer sex. As for me I believe my eyes attract women and probably along with it my macho image further enhances it, which definitely is a big positive aspect for me.

Q. Bond’s role would stick to you over and above every other role that you’ve done so far for simply being itself, does that limit you as an actor?
A. Playing the Bond was like a dream for me and a privilege to don the ever-popular character for the second time came through QOS. I understand that this role would surely linger on with me for times to come but genuinely, in no ways does it bar me from portraying other characters. Before coming in the league of James Bond I had done quite a number of other roles.

Q. Have you followed each and every James Bond movie, which is your favourite?
A. To get into the skin of my Bond image I had to see certain aspects portrayed by various actors in their ventures. Personally I can’t make a choice of just one that I like as each one is unique and has a new look to it. Well, I can go in for Casino Royale as it was my first one and I am really attached to it. But again I think I should go for QOS which of course, is one of my favourites.

Q. Having worked in both television and cinema, what difference do you find between the two?
A. I have enjoyed working on TV and films both. For around 20 years now, I have worked to be versatile as well as effective. I played Ted Hughes opposite Gwyneth Paltrow’s distraught poet in Sylvia and Werner Heisenberg in Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen followed by TV adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of honour trilogy and George Dyer, model and lover to Francis Bacon in John Maybury’s Love is the Devil. There is probably more intense working required in the films than on the TV, the former being more time engaging.

Q. Were there any memorable roles so far?
A. I would say the most prominent and memorable role for me will be the Bond in QOS since the name was coined by me and this is my second innings in the character.

Q. Would you like to work in a Hindi film or are you familiar with Indian actors?
A. I am open for offers from India but not at present since I have many commitment and while being the Bond, I don’t want to distract my concentration. I don’t know any Hindi film actors in person apart from Shilpa and as far as films are concerned I have not seen a Hindi movie as yet but I would truly want to have an experience of the Indian films and probably add another feather to my cap.

Q. About spending your free time, can we know something from your most memorable weekend?
A. I barely get free time, but whenever I have it, I workout and then stay in a groove with the latest music and themes. Generally we don’t get to celebrate weekends but yes, whenever with slightest chance I have a vacation, I prefer to rejuvenate. My most memorable weekend by far has been in Italy wherein we all were present and enjoyed a wonderful time. We really had a time of our lives in that beautiful country.
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hmm good one d interviewer has done a good job and good research
hmm good one d interviewer has done a good job and good research
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