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Dear Anna Ji....Is it a fall of your stature?
Once a teacher drew a straight line on the blackboard and asked the students to do something so that the line looks smaller without doing anything to the already drawn line. A smart student drew a bigger line below the first line….and the task got accomplished.

We all have a line drawn in our hearts. When we see or perceive bigger lines in others we feel hurt and may sometime inferior.

Dear Anna Ji, with all heartily regards and humble submissions, let me tell you that at present I find the above scenario seems to be very much appropriate for you as you look hurt and your team that nowadays surrounds you as they evidently feel inferior due to the rise of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

I don’t feel I should be blamed for this type of thought of mine at least for a person (undoubtedly “You”) who I’ve just ardently admired and only admired ever since I came to know his name. Because for me a person like Anna Hazare is something like an alien creature, a rare human being with a charismatic selflessness and a typical honesty infused in an extremely self centered and dishonest world of today.

It was beyond my imagination and intellect to even think about how people like your stature able to retain and sustain such great qualities throughout the years of your life in a world where a dog bites a dog.

But today I feel little hurt because I feel (may be wrongly) there is somewhere a fall is noticed in your stature.

Unquestionably it is related to AAP and its founder Arvind Kejriwal. Though there were so many incidents that showed your (Anna Hazare) disgust to Kejriwal and his party but the latest “Thanks giving speech” at Raleagan Sidhhi after the Lokpal bill was passed by the Lok Sabha upsets me most. Because there you not only omitted his (Kejriwal) name showing him cold shoulders but also you couldn’t prevent yourself from verbally attacking them.

Actually these days it has become a routine for everybody including you to target Kejriwal and AAP in all possible ways. To some extent Kejriwal is also responsible for that as he is showing much immaturity these days that looks like as if he has been carried away by the glory he achieved overnight with an impressive debut in Delhi Assembly elections.

But that doesn’t mean that Kejriwal and his comrades do not have merit to have their name in your list of people who deserve a 'Thanks' in connection to the passing of Lokpal Bill. Especially when the Congress party in general and Rahul Gandhi in particular has their place in it.

Anna Ji, you thanked everybody, from MPs to political parties, Rajya Sabha's Select Committee to policemen at your fast venue, from the pandalwala to the doctors who looked after you during the hunger strike, but you chose not to make any mention of Arvind Kejriwal and others from the AAP, who played a vital role in building the movement.

I mean how can you forget the hard work and dedication of these people (AAP team) during the initial stage of agitation of India Against Corruption? How can you ignore the efforts made by Kejriwal and his present AAP team who worked so hard to make your popularity truly national which was till then confined to Maharashtra.

No doubt your own personality was winsome - a sweet and child-like simplicity and the terrific ability to go without food for days but it was Arvind Kejriwal and his pals who provided you the national arena to showcase your stand for the public and betterment of society and your fight against the gruesome corruption. They worked hard with the network of volunteers to organize support and harnessed the power of media to multiply and make it appear that thousands are protesting with Anna as a genuine upsurge.

Can you deny this fact….??

I understand that you are not happy with his decision to form a political party as you never liked political parties. But can you doubt his intent at least to make you a national figure?

Isn’t it that despite different paths intent of both of you is common i.e. to fight corruption?

So when you could express your gratitude to all the parties for their kind gesture in passing the Lokpal bill which is very much because of their own interests, but your reluctance to take at least Kejriwal’s name was somehow not a good show at all.

Isn’t it haunting how suddenly Lokpal became a first agenda for the Congress though it has delayed and betrayed you and public till this date?

If we will not discuss their tones before the assembly elections it is better because it will again flood many haunting questions?

Is it due to AAP’s overshadowing victory in Delhi and abysmal performance of the Congress that made them nervous to consider Lokpal bill?

Suddenly Rahul Gandhi has become so much cosier to you. Isn’t it a form of “Anna appeasement” strategy? At least I feel like that.

Success creates jealousy as whoever succeeds make the lines in others heart smaller….isn’t it applicable to your present team? Because they’ve shown so much stooping already as far as Kejriwal and AAP is concerned. At least nobody wished him a heartily congratulation after his performance in Delhi. Even during the public spat between former Army chief VK Singh and Gopal Rai, one can easily see how Mr. Singh was openly insulting AAP.

If anybody feels bigger than you, can become so just by thinking it? Then how can AAP and Kejriwal feel so or even if they feel can they become bigger than you?

The point is we know there is a conflict between you and Kejriwal and his team but an unfair treatment from your side is really a question to your personality. Feeling unhappy and deliberately condemning are simply two different things. Isn’t it? It is really hard to digest how Arvind Kejriwal overnight became a villain and the Congress and BJP convinced with your idea suddenly.

Last but not the least I follow your five cardinal points very much.

Sudh Achaar- Pure conduct
Sudh Vichaar- Pure thoughts
Tyag ki bhawana- Spirit of sacrifice
Nishkalank Jiwan- Stain free life
Apaman sahne ki Shakti- The power to tolerate the offense.

I have always observed these things are followed particularly by Arvind Kejriwal to some extent. At least in the last point they are really scoring high these days.

I don’t think they did a mistake by forming AAP as it has surely initiated a change in already established parties, which everybody wanted. So at least for this effort they surely deserve applause.

At present Kejriwal and AAP are going through a very crucial phase as they’re standing on a double edge sword and they need an honest mentorship. However that is not very important.

For me a little fall in your stature really haunts me as I’ve always been a diehard fan of yours. You may not like them (Kejriwal and AAP) but unfairly targeting them like others...I feel really bad for sure.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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