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Dear Congress, it's wrong to politicise PM Narendra Modi's emotions for his mother
It is said that a cynic dismisses everything! I don't know if there are any defined boundaries of stooping and disparagement for a person or a party. But they just crossed all the precincts which I can imagine as a human in order to be the "most reliable misanthropists" on earth. Yes, I am talking about the oldest political party of India "Congress".

It is really painful to witness an age old party moving in such a direction where it couldn't even leave the most sacred word under the sky "Mother" to play its sullied politics of insanity.

It was the second visit of PM Narendra Modi to the US within seventeen months of him becoming Prime Minister of India. The memories of ecstatic crowd who chanted euphorically "Modi, Modi…" at the Madison Square Garden a year ago is still afresh in mind. This visit also as expected was as charismatic and triumphal as it was a year before when he received a rock star reception by technocrats and elite of the world.

One of the most important stoppages in his present US visit was a "Q & A Session" with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of social networking giant, Facebook at FB Town hall in San Jose.

Responding to a "personal question" put forth by Mark Zuckerberg Indian PM's parents, Narendra Modi literally lost his brilliant oratory skill as he got emotional with choked gullet, his voice fading into a barely audible squeak, while he reminisced about the hardships endured by his mother when he was a child. The "explosive silence and pauses" were to control his tears and sentiments as he was narrating how his mother used to clean utensils and fill water in other people's houses.

Little did not he know nor did I that his "human feelings" would take some people to a new high in doing "politics of inhumanity".

In India the Congress didn't waste a moment to do a press conference to dismiss Modi's assertion that he had a struggling past. The Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said that neither PM Modi's family was modest nor his mother was doing such works as narrated by Modi. And he assumed that people are so stupid that they couldn't differentiate the "moist eyes of Modi" and the "Jealousy filled frustrated glances of Mr. Sharma"

Wait, wait! This was not enough. Just read the tweet of a self claimed veteran leader of Congress Party Sanjay Jha, "Crocodile tears! He is an actor. A bad actor. A megalomaniac. And such a national shame and embarrassment. Who do you think I have in mind?"

One can also visit the tweeter time line of Sanjay Nirupam, who also tweeted something similar.

Yes, Mr. Jha and Mr. Nirupam, PM Modi indeed is a bad actor. His "acting performances" cannot beat the "six decade" phony performances of the Congress party that faked itself so well and brilliantly that people thought them as their savior. Especially the poor people had thought you as their God who would elevate their poverty (what an acting Sir!), but you actually wanted them to remain poor forever.

I mean…I don't know what will be the next level of stooping for this party.

Actually it was really unfortunate to see that at present India was debating the "Human emotion of its PM for his Mother" instead of debating over the takeaway of his US trip as a whole. It's madly insane that the Congress didn't hesitate to drag Modi's mother and start doing politics of tears just to relieve its frustration at Modi's grand receptions and successful US trip.

Some people termed it as "brilliantly scripted PR exercise" and many wondered if it was a "performance" or a genuine show of emotion, but, what has been forgotten is that "inside the strong, tough, shrewd and energetic body of PM Modi, there resides a "Human" also.

Everybody knows PM Modi shares a strong bond with his mother. In fact every person has. His strong critics as well as cynics have also investigated his past thoroughly to find out the truths of his assertions. Now what is unusual about it if he breaks down at some point? Is he a robot? Dear Congress…Will you ever stop showing such insanity!

The Human Heart is a Mirror. Whatever the PM was feeling at that moment was getting mirrored in those explosive silences. "You can fool people by your words but not by your silences…" - Film director Mahesh Bhatt. I agree with this.

One can really understand this provided one has a heart of flesh and blood. Maybe it's my fault to expect "Humanity" from the Congress leaders while they have time and again proved myself wrong. Will they ever stop "politics of inhumanity" I guess...No!

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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