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Decoded – Why Congress-led Opposition is abusing PM Modi?
People will not even look for multiple choices when asked to name the Indian Prime Minister who has got the most abuses from opposition camp. Everyone will invariably name Modi. The Congress-led opposition has just one thing to do now-a-days which is to abuse Modi using, sometimes even inventing, derogative adjectives.

Here are some of the classic abuses hurled towards PM Modi by the Congress:

During her address at a public rally in October 2018, Congress MLA from Solapur South Praniti Shinde said, "We have a new dengue mosquito in our country, whose name is Modi baba. Everyone is falling sick because of him. So do whatever you can, spray pesticides and throw him out of the power next time."

Madam Shinde should know that this dengue mosquito has made the entire opposition politically impotent in line with Nana Patekar's dialogue in the film 'Yashwant'.

Raj Babbar, UP Chief of Congress, compared the depreciation of the Indian rupee to the age of PM Modi's mother. Three days later a video went viral purportedly showing senior Congress leader Vilasrao Muttemwar, saying that while everybody knows Rahul Gandhi's ancestors, no one is aware who Prime Minister Modi's father is.

Okay Mr. Muttemwar. Modi's father's name is Damodardas Modi and grand father's name is Mulchand Modi. Now will you let people know about the name of Rahul Gandhi's paternal grandfather? Just asking as Congress usually does not talk about it and we know why.

Addressing a poll meeting at Sema village in his constituency on 22nd November 2018, CP Joshi of Congress opined that only Brahmins should talk about religion. This was in obvious reference to Modi's OBC caste. Later Joshi apologized at the behest of Congress President, but then the damage was already done.

Veteran Congress leader Mani Shankar Iyer had called Modi 'chaiwala' during 2014 elections and this jibe brought Modi to power. Again he called Modi as 'Neech' which means 'low life' during Gujarat elections in 2017 and the result was another victory for BJP.

Shashi Tharoor also jumped into fray in November 2018 saying, "If today we have a chaiwala as prime minister, it is because Nehru created the institutional structures through which any Indian can aspire to rise to the highest office of the land." I consider this sycophantic statement from Tharoor as floccinaucinihilipilification.

Divya Spandana, Congress IT cell chief, compared PM Modi with bird dropping attaching a picture of Modi at the feet of Sardar Patel's Statue of Unity. Except the Congress Supremo, no one was amused. But she hardly cared. In Congress, pleasing the boss supersedes everything.

Some Congress social media staff talk about how Modi deserted his wife. Using memes they try to spread the message "If someone is not loyal to his wife, then how can we expect him to be loyal to the country?"

Now Modi's wife never complained anywhere and the couple have an amicable understanding. It is utter nonsense to even talk about someone's personal life. But who will teach sense to Congress?

The Congress President is not far behind. His "Khoon ki Dalai" jibe matching with his mother's "Maut Ka Saudagar" and "Jahar Ki Kheti" jibes is still reverberating in the ears of Indians.

Rahul Gandhi's current favorite jibe towards Modi is "Chowkidar Chor Hai" (The watchman is the thief), which is a direct allegation against PM Modi in reference to Rafale deal. The irony is Rahul Gandhi himself is on bail for Rs 5000 crore fraud in National Herald case and likely to go to jail for this offense. Rafale deal is the cleanest deal in the history of Indian defense purchases. So this is like "Ulta chor kotwal ko dante" which means 'The guilty is blaming the innocent'.  

The people will soon start saying, "Chowkidar Sher Hai" (The watchman is the Lion) giving the Chor (thief) title for the dynasty.

Other congress leaders used various adjectives like Narabhakshi (man-eater), Bhasmasur (A demon), CrocodileGangu Teli (A low class person),Raavan (A demon), Mochi (Shoe maker) and many such derogatory adjectives from time to time to please their high command.

Non-congress opposition parties also have their share of abuse. Someone threatened to skin Modi while the other called him a Brahma Rakshas (A special type of demon), Pishach (A ghostly entity) and Hinjda (Impotent).

Interestingly people vote for Modi in a manner directly proportional to abuses.

Now the question is why the opposition parties abuse and personally attack PM Modi?

The Congress says that it is a reaction to PM Modi's abuse towards the dynasty based party. Since Rahul Gandhi and his ancestors are always at the receiving end of PM Modi's jibes, Congress does not find any fault in invoking parents and wife of PM Modi. Tit for Tat.

Well, not actually.

Rahul Gandhi is a dynasty product. His ancestors had ruled India and therefore in any political discourse or election rally, they will be invoked for whatever they have done to the nation, good or bad. Even Rahul Gandhi does that. Time and again Rahul Gandhi says, "My father and my grandmother sacrificed for the country." So invoking Nehru or Indira or Rajiv Gandhi is not personal attack.

Modi is a self-made man. His journey from humble background to the pinnacle of power is phenomenal to say the least. There is no reason why his parents and wife should be brought into political discourses particularly as they had nothing to do with politics.

Abuse in response to abuse is not the reason. It is true that PM Modi takes pot shots against his opposition using phrases like Maa BetaBaap BetaNaamdaar and Shahzada (referring to Rahul Gandhi). Such jibes were okay during elections in 2014, but not now. PM Modi should also refrain from using such words to maintain the dignity of PM position. Now he should only talk about his report card vis-a-vis promises made. Since he did a stupendous job, taking pot shots towards opposition is not actually required. If Congress keeps on abusing him, the people will show them the door.

The real reason why opposition is abusing Modi is simple and as follows:

Modi has done spectacular work, particularly at ground level. Most of his schemes are working well to empower the downtrodden. The economy is booming, India is developing and getting fame in the world. There are no issues to even talk about as his failures. Facing with such a situation, the opposition knows that their prospects are as good as nothing in 2019 which will be a roller coaster win for Modi. They are not even sure about 2024 as well.

Demonetization made many leaders of opposition parties to lose their ill-gotten wealth. So naturally they will curse Modi.

One more Modi term will land many opposition leaders in jail for corruption charges.

The future of the opposition parties is at a stake as PM Modi started development based politics which trumped opposition's divisive communal politics.

What will one do when faced with such situations? Yes, he will abuse and that is precisely what the Congress led opposition is doing.  

The people like clean politics. Swachh politics is as important as Swachh Bharat. I had written an article on this platform. Click here to read.

The level of political discourse has stooped to an all-time low, be it election rally or TV debate or Press conference or social media. Jibes, memes, personal attacks and pot shots do not earn votes now-a-days. The Netas should better understand.

To clean the politics, someone has to make a beginning. I hope, PM Modi will show the way. Let us see.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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