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Delhi gang-rape: be helpful to victim and harmful to culprit
Outraged at the recent gang-rape of a medical student in Delhi, people from all walks of life are criticizing the inefficient laws, which they believe have failed to assure safety to women and punish rapists, who manage to get scot-free, most of the time.

EVEN IF culprits are arrested, they manage to get bail and only rarely do we hear that rapists have been prosecuted. To prevent rapes in future, the guilty should be awarded soul-tormenting-punishments. Only then they would think twice before committing such heinous crimes like gang-rapes.

Something is deeply and seriously flawed in this country where the one who is raped, and not the one who rapes, has to bear all the brunt of this atrocious act. This is completely illogical as the victims are left to live a life of shame and guilt despite the fact that they didn’t invite rapists to torment them.

This is followed by social stigmas; like no boy will marry them and marriage prospects of their elder/younger brothers and sisters in respected families will be diminished or would be negligible. Victims and their family members have to cope up with threats from offenders, who weigh strong on political or financial side.  

Above all, law machinery, including the police officers probing the case do their best to prove that it is always the female gender at fault. Dressing up in a revealing way, visiting pubs late in the night and working at unsafe places - are some of the reasons, cops would want us to believe incited men for sexual harassment.

In a routine way these low-grade reasons fail to cool down the public anguish against the heinous crime.  Assassinating the girls’ character, raising questions on her background are a few ways through which they delay the process of justice. Eventually, the case is closed and the file joins thousands of other dust-ridden files in some cupboard.

In the meantime, a gross damage to the girl’s mental and moral health has been done. Without slightest efforts to dispense justice for her, she is labelled as morally loose and dubious girl.

To an extent, “Be both helpful and harmful” therapy, if applied, will probably make things less sorrowful for the victims and the most miserable for the perpetrators. Recovering from the trauma, fighting back against denied justice - has to be filled in victims’ turbulent life phase with some empathizing boost.

Sympathising with victims just aggravates their distressed physical and mental conditions. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers, doctors and counselors’ support should serve as pedestal of strength for the forced sex victims to cope with trauma. Discontinue belief that for ‘the raped’ post the rape-trauma ‘normal-happy’ life would be next to impossible. Discard these conventional notions. Get rid of hesitations and inhibitions in accepting them as loving daughters-in-law and life-partners. These small steps could prove massively ‘helpful forces’ to the victims to re-establish hope, happiness and shattered dignity.  Be helpful to the victims.

Also, don’t discourage them from stepping out of home, or giving suggestions to avoid some specific routes and areas.  Stop partying-out, stop watching new releases on weekends at malls,  stop travelling in buses - don’t offer solutions to prevent rape incidents.  

Rise above fear and humiliation from the stereotypes and stand up to fight for justice.  Demonstrate that you might be weaker sex in physical power but by no means you are inferior to them in courage or fighting for justice.  Put up a fight against the slow pace of arrests, easy acquittals and lack of harsh punishments etc. Yes, castration should be legitimised as form of harsh punishment for deterring brutal sexual assaults.  Be harmful in this manner to the culprits. Taking steps focused on drawing or even nearing the culprits to more traumatized punishments, is surely a way to heal hyper pigmented scars of the rape-shattered victims. 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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