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Delhi rape case: Even men are afraid due to capital's culture
Yesterday, as I switched on the TV during lunch break I found that it was a riot like situation in Delhi. People protesting, Police reacting, lathi charges, water cannons et al. Slogans of all kinds, let me tell you they were very creative and innovative. The tune was catchy and unique, wow, I thought to myself, slogans have improved many fold.

I WAS curious to understand the reason for protest. On listening on for a minute I realized that it was against the gang rape case which happened in Delhi, in a moving bus. How unfortunate? How sad? I believe the parliament also had erupted on this issue yesterday, with emotions overflowing, and “Saansad’s” shedding a crocodile tear or two. I immediately understood, it must be something more than serious. Or it must be something which as on date has people’s attention and another reason to disrupt the parliament.

I found out that these folks have nothing else to do. The 2G case, the 3G case, the CWG scam, the FDI in retail, even Anna has all lost his steam. How do you think these folks will justify their existence as the highest decision making body, which has been made famous/infamous for inaction, disruption and non functionality over the last couple of sessions?

They were raising concerns of this rape case for overnight action on all the culprits, fast track courts, for fair and quick trial (Kasab took four years). I wish there would have been army rule, and if required the judgment could have been pronounced in a day. I also heard voices of people asking for a death sentence for rape. I like the thought. I also heard certain people voicing their opinion as, torture this man for life, in a manner the rape victim will suffer for the rest of her life. It seems to be a tooth for a tooth approach. I heard some say that “bobbitise” these men (one of them is a second time offender for the same crime), so that he may not effectively use this organ with which he did this crime. All said and done fine, I go with the sentiments of the public. I will even go in further to say that stone this person to death in public and by the public. It appears to be brutal, but will it be more effective than hanging.

I was again thinking about the root cause of this incident. Was it the mentality of these persons, was it in their blood, or were they mentally or psychologically deprived to do such a heinous crime. I pity Ms Sheila Dixit that her house became the play ground of such a revolt. As if the crime was done by her. I was also wondering that how many of the lot who were protesting were genuine people. I don’t know. I agree when they say that there is inadequate policing, patrolling PCR vans, and police coverage. The home guards, civil defence need to be incorporated in the whole scheme of things. CCTVs should be installed in buses. Yes, these all are a means and not the end. Good schemes, good methods, good accountability will surely have an effect for prevention of such crimes.

Folks, all this has actually to do with the culture of the place. Why in Bombay crime against women is comparatively less? Why in Bombay the taxi/auto walas don’t misbehave like they do in Delhi? Why do you hear crimes of fleecing, overcharging, taking you around in circles etc in Delhi more than any place else. It is because we tolerate them and allow them to take us for a ride. It is also because we accept the lackadaisical approach of the police. Is it because the people there are more vulnerable to bribes in Delhi? Is it because the people are uneducated, un employed, uncouth and what have you. Even I am scared to move alone in Delhi at night. Not because I will be raped, but rest assured I may be beaten up for those two or three currency notes I carry in my pocket.

I have to understand the mentality of people also. Why do we have khap panchayats who ban many a things against two mutually consenting adults? Why do we have child marriages still, why do we have female fetus being aborted legally or illegally, why do we talk of Cheer haran with such  pride, why do we have polygamy/polyandry. There are so many other questions which need to be answered. I have not yet touched upon Male rape. It is a fact and it happens, if not as often and as openly as female rape, but it does happen and I leave it as food for thought.

I want to know why people are just gathering together at places and listening to politicians commenting on this issue. The politicians should be now accountable to public and sit extra hours in parliament only to get up after the legislation against rape has come up, let the parliament be extended till this is done. Why are people not demanding this? To curse the police is fine, to bring out their non existence at night at various places in Delhi is understood, but does this prevent the crime and does it prevent the criminality of mind. I would further go to say, has the death penalty reduced murder? You all will answer no. then will hanging by the neck deter these rapists, this death should be hanging by the balls in public till declared dead, may deter people committing such heinous crimes. Who will council the relatives of victims where rapes happen within the family?

The pervert mentality needs to be changed friends. Make prostitution legal, make porn legal, make it available officially, these may be some ways to sort out this issue. Let us not talk of Indian values and morality please. Let citizens not tolerate any such act, let citizens be law abiding, let citizens not break rules then only shall we find a change in the way the society functions. The Indian society and psyche needs a revamp and change. Let us vow today, that we shall force the parliamentarians to bring a good law before the New Year, let the strength of police be beefed up as per the required needs. Let them be paid their correct wages, let them be provided the correct equipment and resources, let them have  their share of rest and family life, let them also have the surety of having a house as per his rank and the confidence that his children will get good education. If we ensure our promises they shall and are bound to ensure theirs. Let us vow that we will not pay one rupee as bribe, then fix the man who asks for it and nail him.

Can we as a liberated society do it, my answer is a big yes, but are we prepared and willing to follow the law as per the book and bring about a change in ourselves and our thinking? I wonder?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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