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Denigrating Khap Panchayats - an assault on social system of Jats
Thanks to the lop-sided media reporting, most of us feel revulsed even at the mention of Khap Panchayats, and we will never know about the number of educational institutions established by them. In fact, their decision-making is much more participative and just than any other system in the country.

RECENT DEBATE on spate of rapes in Haryana has been turned into an assault on traditions and way of life of a proud, self-respecting and hardworking community. During the past year 733 rapes were reported from Haryana, while all India figures stood at a shameful 24,000.

A study of rapes reported from Hisar district of Haryana shows that out of 32 cases registered last year, in 26 both victim and culprit belonged to the same caste, in four cases the victim was from lower caste and in two the perpetrator was from lower caste. Clearly, there is no evidence of caste dominance.

On the other hand, there is a clear indication of sloth and inefficiency of the justice delivery system and salacious reporting. Here moot point is, has anyone in media asked whether even one of the 733 cases of rape reported last year, has been settled by our esteemed courts?

Instead they are busy attacking social edifice of Jats, while ignoring or glossing over multitudes of examples for social-exclusivity practiced across the country.

1. So-called progressive Parsi community does not allow share in property to those who marry outside the community. They live in gated community, where members of other communities are not permitted.

2. Sindhis and Jains lead highly cloistered lives and have conservative views on women. Importantly they also own many media houses.

3. Nagas and Mizos have constitutional provisions to safeguard their tribal customs and traditions.

4. There are separate laws for Hindus and Muslims, which our `liberal’ class and media feel is `defining’ feature of Indian democracy

5. Sikhs have right to carry long knife and sword publicly.

But when it comes to Jats, they are good enough only for dying at icy heights of Kargil or killing-fields of insurgency or be used as DTC drivers and policemen. How can such people claim cultural equivalence with the urban people and especially those controlling the media. Their land must be snatched to fatten ruling dynasty. Their lands will be snatched to provide houses to urban elite at depreciated cost. Their irrigation water will be snatched to allow Delhiwala to wash his car. Sewage of Delhi will be discharged into Yamuna so that farmers and their families living down-stream die early of food poisoning.

But to finish them off forever their customs must be ridiculed and pilloried. And, this can be best done by having a few `Jai Chands’ from the community who are kept to act as terriers for the owners. They will shout and scoff to derail every debate by twisting every utterance of Jat community leaders (Khaps) and misreporting every rape as class struggle. Examples:

1. As already brought out rape in Haryana has nothing to do with caste divide.

2. It is a well-established fact that in most of the cases the girl is lured into a trap laid by or with the help of someone known to her.

3. In majority of such cases, in Haryana, both the perpetrator and the victim are young and unmarried, who are immature and misguided by western ethos being foisted by media. No doubt the parents are to be blamed for not maintaining communication with children and for failing to inculcate correct values.

4. It is a scientific fact that type of food one eats has a direct link with the growth of the body as well as state-of-mind. So to snigger at suggestion that `satvic vegetarian’’ food is better than non-vegetarian fast foods is nothing but intellectual slavery of the anchors.

Have you seen any report about the educational institutions established by the Khaps? Nor would you hear of their attempts to bring in scientific agriculture practices. The FDI which helps the farmer will be criticised in media. The fact is that Khap System of decision-making is much more participative and just than any other system in the country.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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