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Did Arvind Kejriwal's gambit fail?
The idea of constitutional democracy as practiced in India is a representative democracy, where the public is vested with the responsibility of electing their representative to exercise decision making powers, subject to rule of law without violating basic tenets of a written Constitution. There would be some institutions, an independent judiciary, a bureaucracy, and free media with separation of powers to avoid dictatorship and establishing accountability. Apart from that there would be an established procedure for performing any act with decorum and decency. Bringing all such things under one roof, we can call it a system.

No system is corrupt or faulty. It is the people involved in running the system who intentionally bend a part or two for vested interest, making the system appear to be faulty resulting in corruption and reaping self interests. Like any system, our system is also in the wrong hands resulting anti-public policies hurting people. Hence, it is always said that if you want to change the system, you need to be in the system first.

That was the motto of Arvind Kejriwal, when he and his colleagues decided to form Aam Aadmi Party, a political party in order to enter and fix the system in such a way so that it could be corruption free delivering public interest governance. People also liked this idea and trusted him to power in Delhi.

But what exactly happened then, for which the chief minister of Delhi was sitting on a dharna (protest) for around 36 hours against central government creating a constitutional crisis of street fight between the state and union? Why did he violate rule 144 and created chaos and 'anarchy' despite taking the oath as chief minister to uphold the Constitution and rule of law?

Let’s examine the reason behind this standoff as per the version of AAP. First Somnath Bharati, late night asked a SHO to search the house without warrant. The SHO denied carrying out the minister’s instruction. In a second case, another SHO did not entertain another Minister Rakhi Bidla’s request for helping a girl victim. I agree that the SHOs were wrong in not respecting the public representatives’ request/instruction/appeal.

The CM complained in written to Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi. LG constituted a judicial committee to submit the report in 30 days. I think the system worked fantastic, because if the SHO would be sacked as per demand of minister, he would immediately go to court and obtain reversal of his suspension immediately apart from reprimanding to political bosses as none can be punished without investigation or on simply demand.

As an IRS officer Kejriwal knows it better so as his colleagues like Bharati who is a lawyer and Manish Sisodia who was a journalist. Then, why did he go so far, to a point of nearly no return with such a small demand? Is it ego? I don’t think so, as his 18 point promise and good governance to Delhi people is paramount to him. Then what is the matter? Why such an unexpected and a desperate move?

I was really clueless for last two days in Kejriwal’s anarchist avatar and his petty demand of suspending three police SHOs. Then suddenly logic struck to my mind when I recalled that Kejriwal personally hopped from one TV channel to other giving interviews on his national plan, claiming AAP wave throughout the nation, asserting that he would teach lesson to the Congress so that it had to regret for their support to AAP.  This is like a chaos theory. First it appears all events to be random, then a pattern emerges and finally the person who is applying the chaos theory gets what it is intended for.

Kejriwal had realized that his 18 point promises are a tall order to deliver before general elections. He has talked of providing free supply of water to a certain extent, but it might be difficult during the dry summer season.

In three weeks of government, his colleagues and ministers has been marred by controversies. There was difference of opinion among party members on different issues. More over dissent started brewing inside the party. It is not only Vinod Binny, but it has also been heard that more AAP MLAs are dissatisfied. Thus there could be an internal revolt inside the party. All these could lead to a disaster.

Thus to divert everybody’s attention, Kejriwal came out with his famous activist role, which is his best strength. Now his condition is very simple. Either you sack my government so that I can be a martyr or do such action so that I can get strong excuse to resign. In both the case he could carry on his activism throughout the nation under camera lenses so as to repeat Delhi success in general election.

I wish that the theory is proved wrong but wouldn’t be surprised if things happened like above. However in both case it is damaging for the prospect of AAP in future. No doubt the media is reporting 24X7, but everyone is simply criticizing this move. Even their strong supporter senior journalists such as Shankarashan Thakur, Saba Naqvi and others denounce such act as bad drama. Some even say that Kejriwal does not deserve to be the Chief Minister, as he violated his oath taken as chief minister.

Anyway, Kejriwal had to withdraw his dharna with a face saver offer from Congress that the accused officer and PCR in-charge will go on leave for a couple of days. But isn’t it a fact that Kejriwal’s gambit failed and he is compelled to withdraw from so called anarchic movement because media and common man rejected the method.

Well, I still believe Kejriwal would search petty chances to repeat such anarchism, but will the public trust him?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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Measuring steps taken by Arvind Kejriwal with the same yardstick used to measure steps taken by other politicians is unfortunately not going to lead anyone to a correct conclusion. The basic premise of this article is that Arvind Kejriwal did what he did for personal or political advantage. The fact is he did what he did because he thought it is the right thing to do. He does not care if his popularity goes up or down. Your article says that he and his team is finding it difficult to keep the promises but it is just not true - a logical and step by step plan can achieve and given a chance it is something he and his team will be able to do. It's one thing to say it should be done this way or that way and that this was illegal and that was illegal but no common man will disagree that Police is corrupt in Delhi and most of the other states. There is nothing happening and will not happen unless there is a public name and shame. If someone from BJP and Congress does not agree then it just shows their disconnect with grass root and if they agree but do not support it's because they do not want to lose political mileage to AAP - It's divisive and manipulative - something BJP and Congress are used to and comfortable with. It's neither honest nor constructive - something BJP and Congress are neither used to nor comfortable with. This dharna has shaken their politics of comfort and will result in good things and as long as that happens he would have achieved what he wanted.
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