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Divorce between Telangana & Seemandhra is inevitable as the marriage was never successful since 1956
The Telangana, earlier known as Hyderabad state with capital at Hyderabad, was formed in 1948 after it's annexation with India. Similarly the present Seemandhra, earlier known as Andhra state was carved out from the then Madras state in 1953 with it's capital at Karnool. As per the recommendations of State Reorganization Commission (SRC), both the states were mixed to form a bigger state of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

However since then both the states were never happy with each other as both have started revolts in the name of 'Jai Telangana' in 1969 & 'Jai Andhra' in 1972. The marriage was forcible and both wanted to be separated again.

Now when it is almost certain that Telangana would be the 29th state of the Country, it’s the responsibility of public representatives of both the regions not to provoke the public sentiment in order to maintain law and order. Everybody needs to rise above personal and selfish interest.

Telangana leaders still can protest against the provision of Hyderabad. But they shouldn’t forget the history of its Telangana revolt against Hyderabad state during 1946 and 1951. Now under a give and take policy, they need to accept the present provision of dual capital and 10 year duration of Union Territory status for Hyderabad. This is the city that is attached to every one’s sentiment of both the region and that perhaps is the main bone of contention. Thus Telangana people must realize and should accept the proposal not falling in to the traps by vested interest political provocations!

On the other hand, Seemandhra people must realise that Telangana was a long due demand and true demand as united Andhra was never accepted unanimously. The present Seemandhra in fact was carved out of Madras state in 1953 named Andhra state with its capital Kurnool. Thus there existed two states earlier.

Later on SRC appointed in 1953, recommended uniting both Hyderabad state and Andhra state to form Andhra Pradesh. This was largely opposed by Hyderabad state for simple reason of backwardness prevailing in Hyderabad state. However after lot of discussions, deliberation and providing safeguard to the people of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956.

Interestingly the present leadership of Seemandhra that passionately stand for united Andhra forgetting the history that in 1972 there was a violent movement of Jai Andhra demanding separate state hood for coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema (present Seemandhra). This revolt was against the Mulki rule (local quota for Hyderabad citizen) which was upheld by Supreme Court. During this revolution 8 people were killed in a police firing.

The then chief minister P.V. Narasihma Rao (Prime Minister during 1990-1995) along with his cabinet resigned in 1973 and President Rule was imposed. This was the time during which the Telangana revolution also started since 1969. Thus the mixing of both the former states (Hyderabad state and Andhra state) were never pleasant. The then Indira Gandhi Government should have realised the situation and should have cancel the unification of the two states Andhra and Hyderabad when both agreed for remaining separate.

Somehow, central government yielded to ‘Jai Andhra’ movement, repealed ‘Mulki rule’ and set up a six point formula. With this in fact Seemandhra’ region became dominant and Telangana region remained cornered for which there is no end to Telangana revolt since 1969.

Now it’s a point that there is serious difference for long (since the merger in 1956) in both the regions despite speaking same language. Thus Seemandhra people must accept the inevitable. You can’t force a region to be under your dominance. The present politicians will never cite the history, rather want to provoke sentiments. Indulging in violence would never help any region, rather innocent brothers and sisters of your would suffer.

Yes, Hyderabad is an issue. This can be bargained across table. The special package can be demanded from central government to establish a capital at par with Hyderabad! If you made Hyderabad so rich, you too can make another Hyderabad which would be much advanced than the existing one!

Finally it is always better to accept the inevitable. Never there was any good relation between two regions nor would be there if they continuously remain united. Thus divorce sometimes is very useful as both the regions can prosper in their own way remaining friends to each other as the marriage since 1956 was never successful rather sturdy and unpleasant.

The Congress’s only mistake is that, they waited it for election and wanted to reap electoral benefit in heightening emotional out bursts. The Seemandhra politicians are doing that only. Thus people need to understand the facts and need not be provoked by vested interest groups.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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