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DJ Mac reveals secrets about partying in Gurgaon
Regular party goers and people who are ardent music followers are counted in the fan following of DJs, who are known for completely twining the music according to the taste and preference of the crowd at the venue.

Spinning music with a twist is what DJs (Deejay) are capable of and progressively with the time people have acquired the taste for the same. The last decade has witnessed a significant growth in the clubs/ lounges in metropolitan cities which as a result has given an ideal platform for spin doctors to showcase their talent to the live crowd.

I am, myself a regular at the party circuit in cities like Delhi and Gurgaon. I was always intrigued by the lifestyle of a DJ and wanted to know how a DJ's life is and what is their perception concerned with parties, playing for urban crowd and how the cities like Delhi and Gurgaon treat them. This gave birth to an idea to dig out the difference between the party animals of Delhi and Gurgaon as well. I decided to catch up with DJ Mac (his real name is Mohan) with an intention to know how both the cities behave when it comes to let their hair down.

DJ Mac, the 24 year old professional DJ since last 5 years has seen it all. He comes from a middle class family where career options like DJing is considered a taboo. His journey from Mohan to DJ Mac has been a roller coaster ride and he calls himself a self made man (which is not a lie). DJ Mac, a resident of Delhi plays regularly in Gurgaon and has gained lot of experience to make people groove on the dance floor. Here is an outspoken interview with the DJ where he revealed some secrets about Gurgaon clubs:

Q. Tell me something about your background and how did DJing come into picture?

DJ Mac- I come from a middle class family and my parents were not happy with my decision of becoming a DJ. Initially, they didn't even know what really DJing means. I was pursuing a hardware engineering course however, music was something which always captivated my interest. I always used to download latest music and there from I left my course and decided to walk on the road of music. It's been more than 5 years now and I am content with what I am doing. My parents were not happy with my graveyard shift timings in the initial days although they had no issues when I started getting good money and saw the potential in me.

Q. Can you differentiate between you as a DJ and as an individual?

DJ Mac- DJ Mac and Mohan are two entirely different personalities. DJ Mac is very professional, hard working, dedicated towards music and a crowd puller. He is an extrovert when he is behind the console and spinning music. Mohan on the other hand is down to earth, introvert and a simple guy who loves to spend time with family or hangout with friends.

Q. What kind of music genres do you spin?

DJ Mac- I am someone who has stepped into every genre except dubstep. I don't want to restrict myself to any genre because my main aim is to know the taste and preference of the crowd where I am spinning my music. Crowd feedback is something I always crave for and it's essential for a DJ to do the same if he wants to take his music to a new level altogether. I play retro (English and Hindi), Hip- Hop, RnB , Rock music, Bollywood, Trance and House. My personal favorite genre is Deep House and Tech House and then Progressive House. I am a CD DJ though I have also given it a shot on vinyls few times.

Q. What was the turning point in your DJing career?

DJ Mac- The turning point of my career has been the last two New Year parties that I played in the capital and the birthday party of Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh I played in Kasbah, GK- II, New Delhi. I will always remember the gigs I played at WOW (Worlds of Wonder), Noida. I used to play unstoppable for 12 hours. These parties displayed my hard work and proved that stepping into DJing was not a wrong decision. There are lot of technical and practical aspects linked with DJing. My parents are also content with my career option.

Q. You have played gigs in Delhi and Gurgaon as well. What is the difference between the crowd in two cities?

DJ Mac- The crowd in a particular club/ lounge actually relies on the management. Not many people know that but since I am a DJ, I am aware about the situation. A club owner in Gurgaon wants maximum footfall at his place in order to beat the competitors. Thus, one can effortlessly notice shady crowd walking in to the club at any given time. The crowd will also include call girls, friends or relatives of owner, friends of bouncers and escorts. The crowd in the national capital is far much better. I won't deny the fact that this does not happen in Delhi, however, Gurgaon takes the trophy in this matter (laughs.....). Gurgaon clubs are more commercial and low on quality in comparison to Delhi.

Q. Do you find Gurgaon crowd more notorious? If yes, then why?

DJ Mac- There is undoubtedly a difference in the party goers in both the cities. Gurgaon crowd can be termed notorious if they are few drinks down, nonetheless I haven't personally faced any issue with the Gurgaon crowd till now. I would like to point out that the party animals of Gurgaon gets sloshed carelessly which is not the case in the capital. The notorious crowd of Gurgaon also parties in Delhi whereas the regular clubbing crowd avoid Gurgaon.

Q. What kind of parties have you played in Gurgaon- Clubs, Weddings or Corporates?

DJ Mac- I have played all kinds of parties in Gurgaon whether it's a club party, a lavish wedding or posh corporate parties. I have played in clubs like Blue Eyes, Zygo, Mojo and Buzz Club in Gurgaon. The key difference between playing in mixed bag of parties is music. I play my gig as per the demands of the crowd. It's my responsibility to click with the audience as soon as possible in order to make the party memorable.

Q. What is your perception about Gurgaon as a DJ? I mean is it safe to party at night in the city?

DJ Mac- As I mentioned earlier, the party animals of Gurgaon drinks carelessly and thus, Gurgaon is comparatively less safe than to Delhi. If you are talking about safety, I would also like to bring out a point in the sunlight that 30%- 40% clubs/ lounges of Delhi don't even require bouncers even after hiring them, whereas the party circuit of Gurgaon gets serious after mid- night. Bouncers are a must in the Gurgaon clubs. I have fortunately never faced any tussle with the crowd in Gurgaon or Delhi. There are few clubs in Gurgaon which allows call girls to step- in which as a result spoils the crowd.

Q. Who pays better, Gurgaon clubs or Delhi?

DJ Mac- Delhi certainly scores high when it comes to making money. Gurgaon clubs are still in the race though there are cases where payment gets delayed as the management of Gurgaon clubs is sluggish. The science behind the same is that residents of Gurgaon come to Delhi to party hard however, the Delhi crowd rarely thinks about partying in Gurgaon. The party circuit of Delhi is a notch above Gurgaon's as the clubs or the lounges or the restaurants of the capital knows what people want when they want to party.

Q. There are few DJ schools/ institutes in Gurgaon. What's your take on it?

DJ Mac- Gurgaon has a long way to go when it comes to DJing nevertheless I am ecstatic about the fact that a lot has improved in the last few years and it's going to be better as the time flies. DJ schools/ institutes act as an angel for those who are aspiring to become a spin doctor as the equipments at the DJing schools give its students to stand apart from the rest. Those who cannot afford to take admission in the institutes can always approach club DJs and train under them. I went for the latter.

Q. If given a chance to pick between Delhi and Gurgaon, which city will you hand- pick to spin your music?

DJ Mac- Honestly, it doesn't really matter for a DJ. All I need is my music collection, a console, comfortable headphones and I can do magic. I have the experience to play any genre and the willingness to learn constantly drive me towards my goals. I love to play in Delhi and Gurgaon as well. I am a crowd puller and this is what I want to do rest of my life.

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