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Does Delhi gang rape reflect growing social conflicts in India?
Pelvic pleasure does not appear to be the dominant reason for the Delhi gang rape. The motive could be found in abstractness, theory or ideology or their combinations.

IT WAS very difficult for the rapists to be more than half-erect as they were beating her and were under the constant fear of getting nabbed. If pelvic pleasure was not the sole and determining objective of the incident then what could be the dominant reason? May be the caste-class divide!? Since the identity of the victim is not known to too many people, which is a good thing, therefore, it becomes difficult to analyze the incident properly.

But one can make guesses. This is not to suggest necessarily a high caste-low caste divide because the caste suppression and its likely revenge is not limited to only vertical hierarchies but they could be factors even at the horizontal levels. Two different sub-castes or same caste of different regions, linguistic groups or even of different dialects could react to each other.

The fact is that culprits did not have anything other than male organ to brutalize the particular female in such a barbaric manner. This is not to suggest that higher classes or castes have any right to commit crimes. Even eve-teasing is such an offense that it should not take place. But law is law and for no immediate reason but for abstractness, theory or ideology or any of their combination, if one rapes a female then the intensity of crime can only increase.

To be fair to culprits if they did it for pleasure then they did not have common sense. Not only did they destroy the life of an unknown and innocent girl but they destroyed their and theirs’ families too. But in all likelihood pleasure was not the dominant reason instead - it could refer to growing social tensions in Indian society. In modern days if a group of people is temporarily stronger, then that is what all counts. All the deposits of time could evaporate for that moment. May be that is what happened with the victim.

But nobody should blame affirmative action or subsidies for any ill that is taking place in India. These are required and absolute necessity of the time. The poor and weaker sections should have support from the governments; both Union and those at state levels. What is required is the proper balance among various sections of the society. Hinduism having three major offshoots can not afford to have another one as this time the harm to the majority would be maximal. Another offshoot to Hinduism would be catastrophic to the stability of the South Asia and beyond as Hindu-majority is required to maintain what India is. This is India, other than Israel, South Korea, Singapore and Japan, which offers resistance to Islamic-communist dominance right from the West Asia to the Far East. Therefore, the old practices can not continue but revulsions and revenge are equally bad things.

This not to say that lower classes do not have commonsense or that misunderstanding of law is the exclusive property of non-elites. In fact, elites, too, do show ignorance about law. The most exemplified case is the famous BMW case involving a person named Sunil Nanda. His car killed six people on streets, all poor. He did not stop the car at first casualty but continue to ram his car and his car’s blood carrying wheels covered entire distance till his residence. He later tried to play up with evidence but was caught.

Consider an alternative. Had Sunil stopped the car at first person coming under its wheels, had he called police, ambulance, his lawyers, paid for the victim’s medical expenses, had voluntarily gone to police station, his story would have been different. Indian police and courts are decent enough to have considered all his humanitarian actions.

Moreover, he belonged to a rich family. But he did not. There are two reasons: one has to do with misunderstanding of Indian laws and second he considered police and others to be blood sucking Dracula. He had phobia for others, particularly against Hindis being a Punjabi. He was charged for culpable homicide and this was correct charge but was exonerated by Delhi High Court. But he still faced three years’ imprisonment since the date of his first incarceration. Had he shown decency he would not have faced any sentence. This is the story of an elite. No support to communists, contradictorily, to other extreme. But this is the reality of India. Indians know very good English but probably they do not understand it that good.

But in the gang rape case had the guilty shown ‘decency’ in the sense that they had not thrashed the victim’s male companion so brutally, had not torn her clothes and removed her clothes gently and had they had intercourse properly, they would deserve stricter punishment. This is the law! Violence had two opposing effects: one of diluting offense related to rape and other of adding another charge. Believe it or not if the victim survives then culprits are going to have lesser punishment; lesser than capital punishment.

India is a country where disparities are the widest in the world. Asymmetry, inequality, distinction and differences are inherent and almost eternal laws of the society. In India, if a girl is urban, English-speaking, belongs to minimum upper middle class and belongs to upper caste people grouping, which includes all upper ‘caste’ minorities as perceived by Hindus, then if she invites a male, undo her clothes and close the door herself but she rejects sex with that male for whatever reason and if he does not listen to her she can put charge of rape on him. Only thing is that she should oppose the sex vehemently and forcefully oppose the male’s advances and should leave some signs on male’s body, like nail-bites. Girls should be fluent in English and should be able to explain all happening in English. Her arguments in the court matter more than her lawyer’s arguments. She could win! This is individual-specific case and should never be generalized. Now, India is also a country where rape cases remain pending for years, sometimes even decades.

The fact is that as per the existing laws the culprits are less likely to get death sentence, if the girl survives. The charge on them would be similar to culpable homicide other than that of rape. As is the most likely case, the culprits did not do it for sexual pleasure therefore, their act would be interpreted as nailing a person on wooden frame or considering her inert, lifeless being. The drivers would get the maximum punishment and if the girl survives then all would get the rigorous imprisonment of varying order. If their motive was the avengement with hypothetical people then issue can be politicized and punishment could be lower.

An inequality and asymmetry can not be undone by another inequality and asymmetry. The fact is that India needs harmony and better relations among various social groupings.       

Imposed equality may be a dangerous thing but equally India needs to shred many negative inertias. Be it the North or the South, there is no alternate to the globalization as it stabilizes big countries like India. The inequality is very unlikely to be lessened as the West would always require upper caste people for efficiency, productivity and higher profitability. The edge would always be maintained statistically even though individuals can have any of the extremes.

The fact is that Indian society, like others, requires more objectivity. It needs to have guts to call beautiful as beautiful even though calling ugly as ugly may be left to personal discretion. The promptness to generalize things should decrease and so should be non-economic inflation. Laws need to be localized. For ordinary Indians, Parliamentarians should be considered as Mai Baap. People should agree that people like Laloo Prasad Yadav can also make laws. The President of India should keep distance from this issue. India as a nation needs to become adult and should accept the facts those which are so obvious.                 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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