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Does smoking makes you look cool? Think again...
Recent survey has revealed that teenagers, who pick up smoking at early stage, are more likely to develop hearing disorders and they will have difficulty concentrating in their studies. Smoking at teenage will also hamper the growth of their brain.
AS PER an article published in the ‘New Scientist’ titled as ‘Teenage smokers risk badly wired brains’, quotes the study of Leslie Jacobsen of Yale University School of Medicine and his colleagues who had used diffusion tensor imaging, which measures how water diffuses through brain tissue to study the affect of smoking in teens. The study reveals that the development of the brain could be hampered due to smoking in teenage.
Researchers found that young smokers, particularly boys, are more likely to suffer from hearing disorders.  Brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of tobacco during adolescence, the time when it is rapidly maturing. Some young smokers suffer from hearing problems and also find it hard to concentrate in their studies. The teens studied were a group of young students, aged between 14 and 19. The changes found in the regions responsible for relaying signals to the ear, were greatest in the smokers, suggesting the brain is at heightened risk while maturing during adolescence.
Study also points out that teenagers who smoke, or whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, are also more likely to suffer from auditory attention deficits, meaning they find it difficult to concentrate on what is being said, when other things are happening at the same time. It may be pertinent to mention here that smoking and chewing tobacco contribute to some eight lakh deaths in India every year.
Issues like portrayal of smoking as cool, easy availability of cigarettes around educational institutions, message of smoking getting reinforced in films, advertisements, attracts many young ones towards smoking. In fact, many surveys carried out by many NGOs across India have time and again reflected the issue of increasing trend of smoking among youngsters and teen smokers picking up their first cigarette very early in age and its impact on them. The above study once again brings the same issue in debate and calls for some action. Though study has been carried out in US and not in India, but still it corroborates the fact that we need stringent action on issue of smoking, especially among teens.
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Drinking (liquor) habits - India is perceived to be a hot country. Therefore, I am of the opinion those who resort to drinking regularly are causing more harm to their body than those who avoid drinking or resort to little drinking occasionally. The standard limit for alcohol present in a liquor drink set by the World Governing Body is also made applicable for India's wine and other related drink manufacturers. In my opinion this is not correct - Because World Governing Board on this aspect has taken into account those countries which are relatively cold and basing the climatic condition prevailing in those countries prescribed the alcohol content which goes well with that climate. However, for our country which is warm and hot for most of the days, the limit prescribed for alcohol content is very high and therefore this should be reduced drastically (in my opinion presence of alcohol should not be more than 2 or 3 or 4% maximum). Moreover, eating habits of general Indians do not match with the eating habits of those living in cold climate. Our eating habits are in general spicy stuff. Therefore, For drinkers in our country, the combination of taking drink alongwith spicy food creates many problems for the human body, the main culprit being the "high alcohol content". some common eatables that goes with drinking is vegetable biryani or chicken biryani or mutton biryani or roasted peanuts or cashewnuts. Poor people who are into drinking habits resort to buying cheap labels which contain HEAVY DOSE OF ALCOHOL or something equivalent which helps is giving that "kick" effect to the "MIND" which forms the BASIS FOR ADDICTION. It is time our Health Ministry undertakes a deep study on this subjectmatter and do the needful to make drinking less harmful to the human body. I would request all concerned to give this issue a serious thought because reducing the "presence of alcohol content" will give opportunity for the drinkers to stay more healthy. Needless to remind about the consequences of drinking or over drinking (in its present form) - many accidents take place because of drinking; many relationships become sour or broken because of drinking; people get the stigma of being a "drunkard" in the society and feels let down; and many more. In my opinion the culprit is none other than the prevalent of "HIGH DOSAGE OF ALCOHOL CONTENT" which is not suitable and our country's climate and eating habits of the masses.
merinews for RTI activists

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