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Don 2 - A Bhelpuri gone wrong
Don 2 tries to churn many movie shots, story lines, stunts and cinematography styles into a Bhel..

THANK GOD for games on mobile devices for they saved me from a near insanity at the movie theatre while watching Don 2. I had to resort to playing games as the movie failed to capture my attention. I think I did get engaged for a few minutes in second half when the robbery was being planned but that was all. I rarely watch Hindi movies on big screen because I love to use the fast forward button when the movie stops making sense and slides into monotonous monologue, jarring mistimed Punjabi music & dance sequences and unwatchable violence. Don 2 stands as a symbol for everything that is wrong with Bollywood and that is not to say that Bollywood is unoriginal. We have immense talent pool, which has produced some very good movies in the last couple of years (e.g. 3 Idiots, Lagaan, Kaminey, Rock On, Golmaal, Hera Pheri, Dabbang.


Don 2 tries very hard to emulate a fast paced Hollywood movie and falters badly at many places. I know many people who like the movie because they probably haven't watched ‘original’ English movies which have inspired (I guess this is the new term for plagiarism) Don 2. Don 2 tries to avoid copyright violations by churning many movie shots, story lines, stunts and cinematography styles into a Bhelpuri that doesn't go well with your stomach. Here are the eight things that I think are wrong with Don 2 and why you should avoid wasting your time watching it.


Screen play - Copying scenes from all the Mission Impossible series is not cool unless your stunt director can really match the originality and your camera man can do justice to the scenes. The opening scene was quite good but then everything after that was a repeat of what I had watched in many movies including the cleanest whitest Jail in the entire world.


Chase sequences – Transporter, Fast & Furious series did a fantastic job at car chase sequences and they also got police cars chasing the villains when required. If you are directing a car chase sequence and for some reason the Interpol thinks the best way to catch a world famous don is to have a damsel drive right next to don and not shoot at his car tyres or not call for back up makes no sense.


Stunts - Jackie Chan has already raised the bar for fight sequences and how they should be directed. Next time try avoiding the camera from zooming into SRK's nostrils, teeth structures and jaws every two minutes. I think we have had enough of Don's close ups! By the way some of the punches must draw blood if you want to show realism and if you want to shoot, don't talk.


Stealth – A team - showed us how to steal currency mints in a cool way while making us sit at the edge of the seat with their plans and stunts. Doing it again minus the team's chemistry is not a great way to win audience confidence. Ocean’s Eleven gave a new dimension to planning, scheming and stealing from Safe. Using the same techniques without the showing the fun side of planning and or missing on building the drama were a big miss.


Hacking scenes - Hackers and hacking was made very futuristic by Enemy of the state and our "would-be" hacker Mr Kunal probably hasn't been coached on how to be a hacker or probably act like one. Looking stylish isn't the only requisite for engaging audience; acting skills are quite important too. Also by this time one hopes that security guys pay attention to blips on computer screens when hackers change what they are seeing. It is high time someone stops this kind of sequence as it just makes the security guys so dumb especially when they are guarding a bank that contains mints to print currency. Also once you blow up the control room and all the rooms are locked it is quite impossible for the hacker to walk into the main safe room while the Interpol had to use Scuba diving equipment to get there.


Acting - SRK needs to really get himself out of the way for the character to shine on screen. I still miss the actor who did good work in Chak De India and for once made me forgot that I was watching SRK. Priyanka's character is so weakly developed that I don't know where to start or end. What a waste of a talented actor like Om Puri who gave us such mind blowing performances as a police officer in Ardh Satya. Don's other lady is wasted and so is Boman Irani who had a much stronger role in the first movie. For a change some of the new villains were better.


Direction - There are quite a lot of misses in direction and editing. Mr Don is always one step ahead of his enemies yet time and again you see this logic falter and a great illogical reasoning given for why he and what he does. Just to give you an example: Don detonates a bomb with his watch when he is threatened to be killed with a funky dialogue. Just minutes before Priyanka is asked to shoot him or else she will be shot and Don faced death by two people and he forgets to detonate the bomb. Om Puri is retiring in the opening scene and regrets not arresting Don and then walks Don to surrender. Now, one would expect that Om Puri has passed on the mantle to his able protégé Priyanka and gone home since Don is now in jail but we see him doing his duty actively till the end of the movie. Why? Who called him back and when? Why are all arrest attempts made by a non athletic old guy when clearly the Don is jumping on walls? Why send a lady with exposed skin to catch a dangerous fellow and not an entire SWAT team? Why is the lady's partner never with her while she attempts to catch the don? If all that Don needed was to eliminate his enemies was to hand over a CD to Interpol why not do it without getting arrested? Oh well, if that happened there wouldn't be a movie I guess.


Dialogues - Speaking about oneself in third person can be a good thing once in a while but doing it all the time isn't really catchy. One tends to start getting detached from the character and the movie itself (how is a 3rd person writing?). Priyanka and Om Puri have very lame dialogues for Don's third person rebuttals and the villains are more about snarling than being eloquent.


I don't understand why it is so hard to produce a good action movie in Bollywood without borrowing from Hollywood movies. May be we need some original thinking or better coaching at creative copying. Bollywood has created some fantastic original movies and should probably stick to increasing the creative quotient with original movies than make such an inept attempt.



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