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Dowry, a curse on the society: Lets abolish this evil practice
The other day I have been to my friend's house. We got engaged in our conversation in a normal way. Suddenly, she started weeping and asked me "Why not I am rich"? Then I asked her, what was the reason for her weeping? She then replied me that her parents are seriously in search of a groom for her and everyone on the groom's side was demanding dowry.

The boy even though he is educated and got his Master's degree from a foreign university, he was shamelessly demanding a dowry of Rs 30 lakh. He was so rigid that the girl whom he was going to marry must either offer him a dowry of Rs 30 lakh or she must be a regular salaried employed.

In an other case I have seen a man who has a well reputed job and married a rich man's daughter. He chose her because she offered him a big dowry. But since then he was never happy in his life. It doesn't mean that it happens in all the cases. But one thing people must notice is that dowry should not become a criteria before you choose your partner.

We all know that dowry is an accepted social custom in our Indian society. As long as there are givers and takers of dowry, there will be victims of dowry. So practice of giving and taking dowry must not be encouraged by anyone.

Rich fathers, in order to show off their richness and status, use their daughter's marriage in which they offer huge dowry to their son-in- laws. They are of the view that the more dowry they give, they get the more better salaried or rich son-in-law. They must recognize that giving more dowry is not an assurance of their daughter's happiness in her life.

As long as there are rich fathers, who offer more dowry, there will be poor victims. Moreover, dowry is not a scale to measure your love and care toward your daughter. Giving more dowry is not a sign of having more love on your daughter. The more dowry you give the less you value your daughter. All the parents either rich or poor must stop giving dowry.

When coming to girls, girls must choose their husbands but not buy their husbands. Girls must remember that they must reject the one who demands dowry but not weep. They must build a view that, the one who asks for dowry is not worthy enough to be their husband and such men must be rejected. It's not about that they reject you for the reason you are not giving dowry. Now you start rejecting them because they ask for the dowry. Being not rich must never be a reason for your weeping. You value yourself, but not by the money you have.

When it comes to the unmarried men, being educated and asking for dowry is a shameless act on their part. It seems like they decide some price to themselves. All the men should remember that they are not the things to be bought by someone. Feel proud for not being a part of this shameless act of demanding dowry.

Few men complain that, it is not we who demand dowry but it is our parents who force us. Some parents of boys try to get back all the money they have spent on their son in the form of dowry. How stupid this kind of thought is! All the parents must notice that with more and more girls being educated there is no need of demanding dowry.

India is going forward. Please do not take it back by practicing these evil social customs. All the parents, unmarried men and women should join hands together to stop this dowry practice. It's not about saving dowry victims. It must be all about wiping off this dowry practice completely.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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