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Draupadi- The first feminist
Draupadi is a character of Mahabharta whom feminists consider a very harassed, exploited woman. For them she was gang raped by Kauravas. But if Draupadi is analysed properly, one can find that Draupadi was the first feminist who knew how to use men and blame them at the same time. Lets see how?

Draupadi was often addressed as "Krishna" means dusky beauty. This clearly shows there was no discrimination on the grounds of skin colour. She was educated, intelligent, beautiful princess of Panchal. This means that there was no discrimination on gender basis for education, she was given equal chance by her father Drupad. Drupad organised a Svayamvar for Draupadi's marriage where she had full right to choose her husband.

Arjuna won that Svyamvar and brought Draupadi home. The real story starts now. When Arjun told her mother Kunti that see what we have brought, Kunti says share it among five of you. Now the question arises why didn't Arjuna explained that he is talking about his wife? Why didn't Draupadi objected when she was shared among five brothers? She was an educated, aware, independent Princess. And what was the reason Kunti did this to her sons? Draupadi had all rights to object but she didn't.

This can be proved by a story of her last birth as Nalayani (daughter of Nal and Damyanti) where she prayed Lord Shiva. And she was granted a wish that she will have a husband of fourteen qualities in next birth. The story says it was not possible to get fourteen qualities in one man so she was granted five husbands. Like any other Feminist she wanted to have a superman in life but didn't want accept this.

Pandavas fulfilled her wish and made a rule that she will stay with one Pandav at a time. This is how the poor pandvas tried to protect her dignity. Little did they know they will be blamed for this even after thousands of years. So basically this mess was created by two feminist women, Kunti and Draupadi.

Another story about Draupadi is that she was granted wish to regain her virginity every day after bath. It cannot be proved in anyway, it is a story and virginity lovers created it. Pandavas built Indraprastha which was a palace of illusions. They invited Duryodhna to their palace which was actually a trick of Draupadi to insult Duryodhna. Duryoudhna stepped on floor which was actually a pool, he was drenched in water.

On this Draupadi not only insulted him but his father too, she said, "Andhe ka putra Andha ." Any man to whom a person abuses with the name of father will feel humiliated. Duryodhna decided to teach her a lesson. The war of Mahabharta was started from this very statement of Draupadi. Like any other feminist she never took responsibility of her actions only blamed others. She went to jungle with her husbands but it was made sure by pandavas that she should live a comfortable life there. Pandavas did all the hardships to make her life easy.

Arjuna is termed as Casanova and so is Krishna by feminists. Krishna was a friend of Draupadi it is a well known fact. Krishna used to address Draupadi as Sakhi, why this relation was never questioned? Why only Arjuna and Krishna's relation with their women friends questioned? Draupadi was saved by her friend Krishna when "cheer haran" was going on.

It is an unbelievable story and we Indians when can't believe a story always attach some miracle to it. So Krishna miraculously saved Draupadi. She cursed everyone present in the palace but didn't run away from there. She provoked Bheema to kill Dusshasan. It is hard to believe that Dharmraj Yudhisthir put his wife on stake. Another way to demonize men, Krishna became God but no one recognises the fact that he was the one who intervened and saved her.

What was the reason that she lived with these husbands even after this incident? She could have gone back to her father who was King. But she didn't because she wanted to play the blame game. From that time, husband is blamed not father. Draupadi was indeed a cruel woman. She vowed not to tie her hair until she decorated it with the blood of Duhshasana.

Ordinary person can't do this but she does, which is a contradiction to the famous theory that she was a helpless harassed woman. She did this with Duhshasana and blamed all men for it. Like any other false rape it is proved that she was not raped only insulted like she insulted Duryoudhana. Duryoudhna asked her sit on his thighs, which does not mean rape from anywhere.

From all this drama created by her she was granted wishes by Gandhari, mother of Duryoudhnana. Gandhari was ashamed what her sons did to her and she forgot what she did to her sons. So Gandhari granted Draupadi two wishes that they will get their wealth back and pandavas will be free from bondage.

Draupadi was smart, she knew how to use the rape drama in her favour and she got sympathies not only in that age but today also after thousands of years. Polyandry (multiple husbands) was very common those days for which she is termed as harassed. Jatila another woman was married to saptarishi (seven brothers), Pratichi was married to ten brothers. And marriages were svayamvar those days, women were free to choose their husbands.

So all the theories regarding Draupadi and helplessness is a big myth as it is a part of mythology. In fact, Draupadi was the first feminist who gave idea how to use and enjoy everything and then blame it all on men.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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