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Ebola- The deadliest enemy knocking on our door
It's time to wake up and take notice that Africa's Black plague- Ebola Virus is knocking on our gates and if not tackled or its onslaught not curtailed then casualties suffered during Europe's Black plague would look like a mere pittance.

Today globally, governments are readying for germ warfare and India shamefully cannot even effectively control a Conjunctivitis outbreak, I still doubt tall government claims on polio eradication and would not be surprised if an outbreak takes place in UP, Odisha, Andhra and or Bihar.

God forbid the day our countries enemies use germ or biological warfare technology against us, none of us would survive it if one takes into account our governments preparedness in containing the resultant epidemics. Casualties would run into millions. I consider that we are safe toady from such warfare only because Pakistan and China would too be affected if we are attacked by it.

We could not even control the introduction and spread of the Cerebral Malaria, Dengue Chikungunya virus spreading mosquito Aedes Albopictus or Tiger Mosquito in 2006. This is something debatable as this is a very strong, a large Mosquito of Asian origin, and not at all a native of Indian origin. This Tiger mosquito has literally made the feeble Indian mosquito species like Aedes Aegypty nearly extinct. Introduction of Elephant Mosquito or Toxorhynchites mosquito is still in a nascent stage to combat dengue, as it is three times the size of the above and eats the larvae of the Aedes mosquito and lives on sap or plant nectar and not blood.

The most surprising thing about Indian Health agencies is their total lack of insensitivity towards diseases and their inadequate procedures and resources resulting in their total inability to control any diseases outbreak on a mass scale. Japanese Encephalitis which has run havoc in UP and Bihar and claimed hundreds of lives. The lowest point is that the Government has even failed to diagnose it as yet as it still is mystery virus.

Hundreds of young lives has been claimed by Japanese Encephalitis and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome over the years and surprisingly the area of the epidemic infection is the same and as yet government has failed to identify the reasons behind its spread and failed even in quarantine procedures on its onslaught.

Corruption is the main reason because on paper, everything under the sun is happening and there is no lack of resources like infrastructure etc but in reality, nothing is happening. The other problem is the governments fear in declaring medical emergency to reasons unknown to us but best known to them and even hides real summer temperatures from public.

Dengue and Cerebral Malaria are considered dreaded diseases here in India and still are claiming hundreds of innocent lives every year since 2006. Who is to be blamed for these deaths is the million-dollar question? India is an A category country for all deadly viruses because of our climatic conditions which help in fast incubation and spread of any bacterial or viral infection.

The government should have a foolproof system in place, which can collect correct data of the infected, the dead and the carriers of deadly diseases like AIDS etc. It is surprising that data from states continues to be under-reported. Health ministry's network of approximate four hundred sentinel surveillance hospitals across the country for case detections and treatment along with about twenty apex referral laboratories with advanced diagnostic facilities and back up support of regional centers have proved inadequate to tackle and control any diseases till date for example Japanese Encephalitis.

They have dolefully fallen short of controlling and reporting deadly disease outbreaks and when Ebola enters our country then its only prayers and not the government, which can save the nation. One only has to see the state of affairs of government run hospitals to gauge ones health prospects in this country in case of an outbreak.

Today the worst-ever Ebola epidemic continues to unfold in West Africa, with no sign of abating and has officially claimed the lives of about three hundred people in its deathly fold with hundreds of confirmed cases. Ebola cases in West Africa began to emerge since March in Guinea and its deadly tentacles clasping neighboring Liberia, Sierra Leone and other countries in its fold and the news is that its spreading fast. It is just time that this virus too becomes a common place like the Dengue virus in India. India should start screening people coming from the infected countries at the earliest with adequate quarantine and tracking procedures in place like satellite tracking hand bands etc.

There are many Hemorrhagic fevers, which are viral infections; important examples are Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fevers, Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, Lassa fever, Hantavirus diseases, dengue and yellow fever and many of them are waiting to enter our boundaries – God save the nation is what I can pray for us all. The government should have an adequate action plan ready to tackle the onslaught of such deadly diseases whenever the need arises and not just something for the politicians and the Babus to reap greenbacks.

Today Ebola an infectious virus has raised its ugly head in Africa and this disease often results in death and has no cure. It incubates and spreads in a person anywhere between two to twenty one days after infection. The patients' early symptoms include fever, weakness, muscle pain, headaches and a sore throat. The disease progresses to vomiting, diarrhea, impaired organ function and bleeding. There is no vaccine to protect against Ebola, and the treatment only consists of managing symptoms of those infected.

The primary goal in responding to Ebola is to stop its spread by isolating those suspected of infection and raising awareness in affected communities on how to protect against infection. Ebola belongs to the Filoviridae family and is transmitted first to people from animals and then it spreads between people to people because of coming into contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected person or through exposure to instruments contaminated with infected bodily fluids.

The most at-risk populations are family members and hospital workers caring for those infected with Ebola because they come into close contact with infectious secretions. The Virus has every chance of mutating into a deadly virus, which may spread from person to person through fleas, rats and maybe mosquitoes.

I sincerely hope that the government wakes up in time to contain Ebola's spread.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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