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Effective communication is key to healthy and connected teacher-student relation
In teaching profession, the biggest challenge of a teacher lies in connecting with students effectively. The whole educational spectrum is based on nurturing young minds with care and clarity.

Smooth teaching and connected learning between teacher and students is important because there is direct relation between students learning and effective communication. Students spend more than 5 hours a day for almost ten-months in school and such a long engagement with the school will be only beneficial if a student's relation with the teacher and a teacher's communication with the students remains focused and active. It follows that typically in a class how students are going to perform is somewhat dependent on the ways and tools teacher uses to establish communication with his or her students. The gap between a teacher and student can be due to many reasons as stated below:

Monotonous approach – The style and efficiency of a teacher decides if the teaching session is going to be interesting, interactive or dull. It is seen that students in dull or monotonous sessions don't pay much attention and mostly ignore what is taught in class. In short, the teacher fails to reach student's mind.

Students' behavior – In some cases, it is seen that uncanny students' disruptive behavior has been continuous source of hurdle in effectively reaching out to everyone. It includes talking, clowning, daydreaming, moving about without permission, dangerous behaviour, cheating, growing up issues and other psychological and disciplinary issues.

Teacher's ignorance – Where teachers don't pay attention to queries of some students or do not verbally co-operate with students; when one subject is discussed or verbal expression doesn't amount to decent teaching then things go wrong.

Everyone has to realize that student-teacher relation is cornerstone of education and needs to be dealt with utmost care and concern.

To ensure effective communication teacher must adopt to various techniques and preparedness.

Clarity in communication – Every session has to be taught in a language and way which best suits the students. For example, referring some remote concept to students without much in-depth discussion is the onset of disengagement with students. The teacher must use honest and tactful tone while communicating with students as mutual respect is foundation of effective communication. While on listening mode, the teacher pays attention to the speaker and appreciates by showing attention.

Interesting conversation – In almost everything in daily life, interest decides what to do or what to leave and the same theory is applicable in classroom teaching as well. An interesting conversation may make a difficult subject easy for students to understand and learn fast. Many students have phobia of some subjects like maths. In this case, the teacher must devise new ways to narrate the complex equation or problem solving trick. Reading students' minds is the key to teaching effectively.

Personalising act with emotions – In young age students tend to pick up things when sharing is encouraged and they do everything by heart and recognizing their effort is one of the best ways to reach them. Celebrating a small occasion with students in classroom is quite encouraging, as it develops healthy environment where learning is at peak.

Communicating with parents – It's one thing every teacher must adopt. Building relations with parents and updating children's progress with parents is also key to reaching out to students. Listening to parents is important as it helps in understanding a child from the parent's eyes and effectively do what is needed.

Use of technology – Plenty of technology is available for a teacher to convey his or her session to students. Some of the technology helps teachers and students to keep in touch and collaborate on new projects inside and outside the classroom. Sending and receiving assignments online or through smart phones is also part of good communication practices. Online systems allow teachers to create online quizzes and flashcards on a range of content, which students can then use to help them study outside the classroom. Many of the pre-existing quizzes might also be useful for time-strapped teachers.

Whereas a pessimistic attitude from one or both parties often affects the relationship. If the teacher finds it as a nuisance or a time waster, the students are likely to reciprocate by disengaging in communication. On the other hand mutually respectful and honest relation gives boost to effective communication between two where teachers find it satisfying in teaching and student feels enjoyed and recognised learning in classroom.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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