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Elections in India: Why poverty determines the political direction?
The Lok Sabha elections are coming to the head and the nation's citizens are worried about whom to vote for because they do not understand anything about whom they should hand over the power.

This is a worrisome situation but unfortunately, people who call themselves intellectuals do not help any of the common people in it and the entire responsibility is accepted only as politicians. People who like to call themselves intellectuals are just talking about party alliances and their prospects like politicians, but those people are not raising any real issues related to the problems of the masses and nor solve any problem, are motivated to the public.

But so far as politicians are concerned, their role is very poor. The BJP government however is sitting in the power and implementing its plan in a very thoughtful manner but the other parties does not agree with it. The other parties do not have any alternative open thinking although they have meaningless criticism on the government. Is there any other way out for them in this situation? Silly and result-less, in fact. Finally, what the people should do?

Seeing the rhetoric of politicians and of the newspapers, everywhere there is a terrible assault on the soldiers of the country by the terrorists in Pulwama, and this issue is shadowed in the society. In such a situation, it is clear that this will also affect the Lok Sabha elections. This is an issue of choice and if it is a made issue then it should be in the direction how to prevent such attacks? How can a terrorist like Azhar be caught? This is not a matter of concern for anybody.

All of us know that the most important problem in the country is poverty and the problem of unemployment is the result of the same. The increasing economic inequality in the country is also visible to all but it does not appear that political parties are seriously considering it. Are there some intellectuals presenting some sort of solution in this direction? It seems everyone eyes power to grab it. Why do not those who make allegations against the BJP in the last years reveal their alternative thinking? In the SP, BSP and RJD party no policy in this regards exist. They negotiate each and every constituency in a bid to challenge BJP and to win for power. They even do not take enfold the Congress.

Congress is in a bad situation. Congress still has some people with thought; however, they have no role (in Congress) and haven't emerged from the shadow of Rahul, Priyanka and Surjewala. Modi! His government is actively visible in the political scene. Modi's active international engagement is unprecedented. No Prime Minister hitherto has visited such number of countries in his five years term. It may be a thoughtful topic, whose critics are fools or sly, one can say.

Concerning economic policies of the country, Modi government has failed that can be the only reason for BJP's defeat in the recently held elections in the three state specifically due to farmers opposition. Their debts were not waved and crop price issue was not resolved therefore their vote went against BJP. In this context, farmers' debt waiver and decision regarding crop pricing is a gimmick. The fate of farmers cannot be changed this way.

Therefore, today, the persons who think for the social good should focus on the forest dwellers, and let them understand, for the sake of for the bright future of the country, how this disgraceful walk for power is there in the country. United, the country can also fight against its enemies.

I believe that the real problem of the country is economic injustice and many problems alone like poverty and lack of employment are the result of economic shortcomings. The issues of equal education or cheap medicine are related to the serious economic disparities in society. Had there been no economic inequality, there would not have been such issues. Unfortunately, those who raise many important questions like this do not understand the root causes of poverty and only want to solve the problems by putting pressure on the government. Had people been liberated from poverty, they would have been engaged to resolve their own issues. Such persons need to pressurize the governments to think in this direction.

I want to make it clear that by making slight changes in the economic policies of the country, there can easily be eliminated the root cause of poverty and unemployment; the only requirement is the change in the tax system. There are various types of taxes including income tax, but these cannot solve any economic problem. Only taxing excessive wealth and abolishing the rest taxes, the problems of the country will easily be resolved.

Therefore, those who want social wellbeing should take into account the fact that according to the news media only 1% of the people in the country possess 73% of the country's wealth. Why then poor and middle class's blood be sucked through numerous taxes?  In fact, the wealth of only 1% people should be heavily taxed to implement social justice. Meanwhile, all other taxes should be abolished. A mindful citizen can easily understand.  This act alone will be justified. The question is why this is not implemented!

Strange! Neither intellectuals nor politicians understand it. This question can be responded intellectually and logically ? adopt the approach Line of Wealth which is unavoidable requirement, society should reach a consensus on it. If anyone have further question on the Line of Wealth approach, that can further discussed.

The author is a scholar and economist. Twitter: @linewealth

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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