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Elections of the elite in Pakistan
Political organization has power to reset the disorder within society if it works in a transparnet way. In Pakistan political parties have failed to do so and have deserted the people of people. Politics in Pakistan has been the fashion of only the elite class whose self-interests have never given any fruitful result to the public. Only one class has been the major beneficiary since the inception of Pakistan.

Politicians do not care for the people in their constituneciies in any way, however, they have all the solutions for the public's miseries. Pakistan is a land of fuedal mindsets, which has been the dominanat power since Pakistan came into being and this attitude continues to ths day.

It's difficult to prioritize the problems that exist in Pakistan. It seems that all misfortunes have rushed upon the land of Pakistan and have no plan to go away. Terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, political instability, foreign danger and all other social-economic ills have paralyzed the growth of this state.  

If it is said that all problems are born within political instability that it would be half a truth, no doubt political instability has been remained parallel since its inception, however; several other problems were and are prevailing presently. Whenever I see a poor woman begging on the road way or on the public foot paths it really makes me too ashamed that why at this age people are begging, however; at the time of independence people were assured that the lifestyle would be of high standard after the partition.

Unfortunately, it was deception by the then founders of this new state. Was it not an absolute deception for a multi-ethnic state that they are all under an umbrella of Islam? Surely, it was a deception for the new born state of Pakistan. After 66 years have passed the socio-economical crises are the same as were at the time of independence.

Pakistan is a God gifted land but the problem is that there is need to have an honest leadership. We people often used to criticize western countries showing hatred for them, however; the people of the west are civilized and developed much more than that of this region. They are more patriotic than the people of this region and they are more responsible and hard working as compared to the people who criticize them severely.

Honestly speaking, it is a miracle that Pakistan is still alive where every second person is corrupt and irresponsible to his profession. Corruption in Pakistani society is frequent and people have labeled it as worship. Ruling class is privileged and the lower middle class is craving for a loaf of meal. I am an eye witness of these miseries that I have never seen a single moment of happiness throughout my whole life and my forefathers too lived in extreme poverty. None of any government planned development programs for the poorest of the poor people have succeded. Pakistan has been under the supremacy of feudal class and such a tradition is in fashion of day. Sometimes it was ruled by the military dictators and sometimes civil dictators looted this wealthy state with both hands.

These days in Pakistan elections have engaged the people in electoral process to elect the representatives who may redress their wounds. Fortunately, I went through the manifestoes of political parties as Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLf) and Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) which really guarantee solutions of all problems prevailing in Pakistani society. I would not go in deep to retrieve the party manifestoes but analyze how they worked and implemented their party manifestoes in past when they were in governments.

Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPPP):
A Sindhi speaking young boy of nawab family of Larkana city of Sindh is founder of Pakistan’s largest political party. Pakistan People Party which was founded by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto during the military regime, which was later led by his daughter Shaheed Benazir Bhutto when the premier of Pakistan was awarded death sentence by the then military dictator Ziaul Haq. Mr. Bhutto had the best plans for the people of Pakistan which if he had implemented then the situation would have been different. 

But military dictators of that time were not in favor of civilian government for Pakistan in any way because they were sub-ordinate to the US. Mr. Bhutto was a revolutionary and swam against the tides of capitalism and that is why he was awarded death sentence. He made foreign policy to form allies of socialist power bloc but he was not allowed to do so. While his domestic policy too was in favor of people of Pakistan but his dreams could not come true.

After his demise his daughter came into the battle field of Pakistani politics. She worked hard to redress the wounds of the people they have been receiving by the long military regimes and got little success in restoring democracy in Pakistan. She twice remained the premier of Pakistan. Her governments were dissolved through conspiracies of establishment (a well organized group of military officials).

It is said that her husband who is now the president of Pakistan was found a most corrupt person during her government. She failed to give any log lasting development program for the people of Pakistan. It was the major theme of Mr. Shaheed Z.A Bhutto to root out the feudal class within the Pakistani society but still his party has an army of feudal class.

Among his ministers some were from the middle class but all were and still are feudal and landlords who have ran things since the inception of PPPP. But it would not be wrong to say that PPPP has strengthened the roots of feudalism in Sindh and Pakistan. At present, election campaign is at its peak by the all parties of Pakistan whose representatives are claiming to root out the all socio-economic ills within Pakistani society.

They didn’t provide relief to the people of their constituencies while remaining in government. People were really waiting to have a loaf of meal and sip of clean drinking water but they were too busy in their luxurious life.

Corrupt political leadership and fake defense policies
Pakistan has no leader but an army of fake and futile political vultures whose dishonest ways have spoiled the whole system. Pakistani government utilizes its huge budget aid outlay for defense policies while literacy and development has been devalued. Literacy rate is really at the lowest ebb as compared to the other neighbor countries such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Corruption is a fashion of the day in Pakistani society where every 2nd person will be found most corrupt and irresponsible in his duties. They worship only money. Pakistan, if it were under the control of any other state then the situation would have not been like this.

I know of an old politician who was awarded Chief Ministership of Sindh province but during his rulehe did nothing because he does not have any knowledge of development. I met him and asked these questions but he replied in an arrogant way and in style of a feudal mind set. Every new elected government makes promises to its people - that now their miseries are about to end and the life standard of the people will be well off - but no progress is made.

I mostly used to live in my small village named Rahooja, which is 6 kms from the city of Shikarpur. In the evening a number of my friends sit together with me to share their ideas about the upcoming elections. I tell them that your vote is as precious as diamond, so think thousands of time before you vote for any of candidates. They often used to say that none is eligible for voting, however; they will stay away to cast their votes for those all tested candidates who never turned their heads to help us developing our lives from the bottom to the top.

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)

PML(N) is headed by Mian Nawaz Sharif a businessman whose intention is to be more powerful, and this has compelled him to jump into the politics of Pakistan. Pakistan was already sick of having ruled by the so-called military dictators and civilian dictators too. He was twice given premiership of this beloved country but he didn’t prove anything in favor of public. He upgraded former military chief of Pakistan Parvez Musharaf who is under the custody of military in trial of assassination of former PM Benazir Bhutto.

Nawaz Sharif failed to run the business of this state in an unbiased way. He only preferred Punjab as compared to the rest of the country and that attitude failed him to sustain his government.

Role of Politicians in Development of Society
Social scientists say that political organizations are the major actors in reforming societies, and it is practiced in most parts of the world whereby social deviancies were turned into conformity. After World War II all countries which were major actors in the world war are now fully developed. These states adopted the cooperation policy within its circle and foreign policies as well because they sought that war has no any solution but losses of uncountable innocents’ people remained the outcome of these wars.

However, war has not ended yet but is alive in an innocenct form. Old adversaries are still on the battle fields to gain power and the dream to have dominancy over the world.  Pakistan is focusing on its defense policy and has deserted the domestic issues which have gained much ground. Political parties are ineligible to reform the society.

In my constituency the concerned MNA is elected in every election but he has failed to give long lasting development program for his constituency because after wining the election, he used to live in Islamabad and paid random visits his constituency. Many a times he was approached to have formal meetings about the grave problems of the city Shikarpur and its vicinity but he turned a deaf ear to these appeals.

People are really reluctant about their behavior towards political organizations. Same is the case in every constituency of Pakistan where only a single powerful class has the power to make decisions about the people living there while people who are pressurized by them are unable to swim against the tide.

Therefore, the tradition of might is right is running in the veins of the people of Pakistan. Slavery is still alive in Pakistan where people are enslaved by powerful entities. All politicians are selfish in their nature, so how is it possible that they would serve the people of this country? They have violated the constitution of this state from the very day of its inception. Not only military dictators but the civil dictators too deserve criticism and are not doing much to go against the social order.

Prevalence of Modified Slavery System
Slavery is still alive in Pakistan but in well furnished and in modified system where people are enslaved by landlords who are major power holders in governments. In Sindh where people are still paying homage before the landlords and in reward the same people are not allowed to live their lives at their own will. White collar criminals are fully fledged to have all authorities to do whatever they want to do. People are slaves of the landlords, business men’s.

Social inequality is still there where prevalence of dual education system is an eye witness for those who claim for a provision of an equal educational system, whereas the constitution of Pakistan ensures that all citizens who live in the territory of Pakistan will be treated equally. This is an age of information which plays vital role to justify the living slavery system in Pakistan. Son of hari (farmer) cannot afford to send his children to the schools yet owing to insufficient income. The landlords of this state are privileged with all amenities of life, while a farmer/laborer has no such facilities as he was promised. It can be concluded that there is little hope for positive political change till these traditional businessmen rule, and land feuds exist in political arena. 

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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