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Empowered Judiciary plays a breakthrough role in making bureaucracy efficient and government's functioning transparent
Corruption and inefficiency are nefariously coined with functioning of governments and bureaucracy in India. It is needless to point out that most of the politicians, civil servants, and police personnel run governments and carry out duties for fulfilling their hidden purpose of personal monetary gain and for settling vendetta also.

The colloquially famous saying is that out of every 100 rupees meant for public welfare, 60-80 rupees are consumed (or defalcated) by politicians running governments, bureaucrats, project staffs, contractors, and middlemen.

As far as government and administrative works are concerned, corruption, inefficiency and dereliction have become chronic terms. Protection of people involved in corruption and crime by the system of India is well-known whereas investigating departments of government are notorious in giving clean-chit in most of the cases of corruption and crime in which high profile people are involved.

Recent reports have revealed that around 25 million lawsuits are pending in Indian courts which include thousands of corruption cases on politicians and government staffs. Regular tax-evasion, corrupt practices, and high-rising crime rates in India are resulting as direct consequences of a pathetic administration and judiciary.

In a democracy like India - which is also termed as Banana Republic due to defying of laws and regulations mainly by public representatives and government authorities and also by wealthy and influential class - it becomes important that functioning of governments and bureaucracy must be regularly scrutinized by competent authority.

So far, it is believed that although justice is delayed in India, judiciary of India maintains its integrity and respectability. Besides, judiciary of India abides by the Constitution of India and objectively takes affirmative actions to protect the authority of the Constitution above bias, favoritism, and interests of government, persons, and communities.

It is high time that judiciary must be endowed adequate authority to scrutinize government functioning. Judiciary of India must have its own well-equipped investigating department and other departments for monitoring, evaluating, and inspecting functioning of government and bureaucracy apart from analyzing nature of legal cases.

Each court in India must be enabled with overflowing number of judges who should be strictly heading the charge of each department. Every district and block should have a full-fledged court and must have massive support staffs of legal experts and skilled personnel to perform various responsibilities in monitoring and evaluating functioning of local administration besides that of governments.

The courts of India must have sufficient budget and advanced facilities for carrying evaluation and every investigation required in the process. Courts ought to follow well-defined charters, guidelines, and deadlines in executing their responsibilities so that courts could curb not only their inefficiency and dereliction in performance but also those in government functioning.

Administration and bureaucracy must be brought under authority of courts and they should be least controlled by government. Administration, bureaucracy, and governments, not literary but in reality, must deliver in the interests of the country and of the people than pursuing their hidden ambitions.

The role of administration, bureaucracy, and various departments of government should include only extending support to government in its functioning whereas they must submit their reports on quarterly and annual basis to the respective apex court of the country and high courts of each state for further evaluation.

Personal interests of politicians in government and nexus of politicians should not encumber administration and bureaucracy while performing their duties. The judiciary of India with its autonomy and impartiality can significantly be able to monitor administration and bureaucracy by curbing their corrupt practices and undue nexus.

Recruitment and training of every staff in court must involve rigorous processes. A person taking any charge in a court must qualify tests which prove moral uprightness and high level of prudence of the person. Each court should have a department which in turn must check probity in functioning of the court and those of authorities of the court who handle various responsibilities.

Court and its various departments must maintain that well-defined charters and deadlines are strictly followed whereas competent authorities should also take onus to advance knowledge and skills required for expedient delivering of various responsibilities.

The country requires great deal of judiciousness, reliability, and integrity in functioning of governments and bureaucrats. Recklessness and corrupt practices by governments and bureaucrats through vested interested must be curbed.

It is, thus, duly anticipated that the seventy years of bad governance, malpractices, and immense plundering of public wealth can be rectified and rescued by the full-fledged independent judiciary only that can make governments and bureaucrats responsible and accountable in performing their duties.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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