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Eve teasing and male dominance
Why are women treated with such disrespect? Are Indian males prone to harrassment or have they made it a way of life?
Eve teasing… does it ring a bell? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Probably yes, if you are a female. The issue of eve teasing has gained immense attention from people all over the country in the past few years. Women are subjected to this social evil irrespective of the fact that they might belong to any caste, race or creed. Some say that eve teasing is a euphemism used in India and Pakistan to describe sexual harassment and molestation.
Arundhati, 11, is a school going kid who confesses of being subject to this foul treatment several times. “Ugh! What the hell are these men made of?” A rather unpredictable question, I guess. Someone just asked the other day that why on earth do Indian men behave like…you know what, or start singing whenever they spot a female! I was speechless. Eve teasing is victimizing most of the women in our country. What the hell is this concept? Some say it’s a prank, for others it is a phenomenon carried out for fun.
Is it all about some sadistic pleasure that men try to derive out of a woman? And why? No answer can justify this horrendous crime. It is in fact almost sinuous to be part of a joke that pushes you to disrespect women in any way whatsoever. According to Karuna, 24, eve teasing has become a way of life for most men. It was a sure hell to take a bus ride to college everyday. Some boys gathered around just for the heck of it trying to cling on to her. And just in case they ended up touching here or there, it was termed as an accident. It can happen in a bus…right?
What about the evils of harassment? Does every single guy touch a girl unnecessarily? Some of them go beyond diffidence and play on their pranks to have a feel of anything on which they can lay their hands. This might sound obscene but this is the ground reality. The bottom-line is the number of women who raise their voice against such crimes. Some of them just feel uncomfortable and adjust themselves. While others just let it happen. There are a few instances wherein they raise their voice and complain.
 The enormity of eve teasing is far venomous than other social crimes. Neetu, 20, complains that whenever she is crossing the street or in a crowded area, a lot of guys come up with weird phrases like mirchi, pathaka’ or ‘bomb’. She is in no way able to react.
What inculcates men to eve tease? Is it a tradition or social evil? Why must women suffer? No doubt a lot of guys complain about Adam teasing. But is the concept all that surreal and dominant? Do women end up behaving in a vulgar and insane manner?
Asking someone out for coffee is one thing whereas pestering someone to dine is another. There are various means of defining eve teasing. What is the solution? Women must learn to raise their voice. It is a matter of integrity. Are you ready? 

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Dr. Vikas Saxena
Dear Rachel, It is a nice discussion panel. I read some of comments, and found some agree and disagree and everyone suggest some things should be done in this regard. But what? no one say. I have a small suggestion, Just don't do it by yourself. And if you see some one doing it, tell him too, not to do this. I can tell it for myself. This is not related with class or genre, or the education level, but it is just coz no one tell us that its not good, and it always give pleasure. The way girls dresses, should not be come under scrutiny, they are also the citizen and have their life to live as they want. Why do it FUEL OUR MANHOOD? We must know how to behave in society. Should not look for excuses for everything wrong we do. JUST LEARN TO BEHAVE OURSELF. Think, before doing anything, if it would have been done with me or my relative, then how would i feel. I know its a very old saying, but so far I know, this is the only thing that could work. Coz, since i got to know that I must respect the woman, I do just follow this rule, and I think, I am doing fine. We need not to have any MORAL or SPIRITUAL CENSOR or LEADER, Be your own LEADER, try to know that what society we want, and how we are contributing to it. We dont need a big contribution, we dont need a GANDHI JI in every man, but what we need is just BEHAVE YOURSELF. Make your self right. and that will be enough. to my our country a beautiful one. I am living aborad, and here i learn how to make your country a good one. Ok, may be some one break the rule, but we should not follow him, we should define our role in the society by acting rightiously. and it could be the only solution for any problem. so, keep in mind, the society is made up of many of ME. so IMPROVE ME, and thus improve the society. no one else can improve ME. this is your country, feel it, live in it, and make it as you like to make it. JAI HIND.
my fingr in ur cunt
I am ready. are you?
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