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From Prince to Akshata: We as a society are to be blamed
It has been long time since Prince (of Kurukshetra fame) who was holed into an abandoned borewell in 2006, received 24X7 media coverage. Thankfully Prince was saved after around 48 hours because of the efforts by many agencies including that of Army. Eight years later, have we learnt our lesson? Simply nothing! There were many cases of pitfalls where 80 percent of the victims lost their life despite efforts by dedicated agencies.
The present case is of Akshata, a four year girl from Nagathana of Bijapur district of Karnataka. She is four years old, daughter to a labour class family, simply fell down into an open dry borewell. I am really confused who is to be blamed? Is it the government or the civil society?

It?s natural that both people (society) and governments learn lessons from an accident or unintended faults. Thus, Prince's should have been an eye opener for everyone.  Had the government been serious, they would have ensured that there were no abandoned open pits (in form of abandoned bore wells or otherwise). They should have taken steps even at the Panchayat level to ensure that there were no pits.

Unfortunately administration or governments are always context specific. Once the case is over, they tend to treat it as history.

But what about the civil society? Din?t they learn from Prince's case that there should be no hole around the area where their kids may roam? But who cares? The civil society also had generated a generic solution - blaming everything to the government.

You didn?t qualify in an entrance examination. Blame it to the government or establishment! Patient dies, blame it to the doctor and vandalize the hospital. Some vehicle rundown your relative/friend/unknown but from area/at least human/holy cow etc! It?s because we are in a democracy!  Democracy means rule of majority! And yes mob always has the majority!

But is Mobocracy Democracy? Definitely not! Democracy makes every citizen as masters. All masters have their authority, at the same time they have the responsibility and accountability. If you think that you are the master of this democracy yet you don?t have any responsibility and accountability, then you must be thinking of dictatorial wishes in a democratic system.

Had you been truly democratic, instead of blaming the elected governments, you would have blamed yourself for it is you and me, who in reality elects the government.

Coming back to Akshata case, the four year old girl, who even didn?t exist in Prince?s tyranny still faced the same problem? Who?s responsible? It?s easy to say - the government and administration.  I too agreed that the government at the Panchayat level should take care of such things, not allowing our kids, the future of this nation to risk the horrifying situation. First action is to fill all pits to avoid pitfalls.

But my question is different, where is the civil society? Isn?t Prince's episode enough to alert you regarding the problems your kids may be undergoing?  I don?t think we never progressed from the line of blaming government and entering owning the democracy! Had we done that, there would have been no holes.

In Akshata's case, irrespective of blaming the government, we have to agree that as civil society, we also have to be responsible and accountable. I really wish for safe rescue of Akshata. In any case I would recommend that irrespective of the fate of kids facing pitfalls the parents should be booked for neglecting future of Indian citizens. I am sorry, but some of my friends tell that many parents are so interested in gaining media's limelight that they would not mind their child fall in some pit.

By character I can?t agree to this logic. I feel that all parents whose child is trapped in a hole must be booked for more than 15 years!

This recommendation would help the kids. Forget about governments, the parents will start searching the holes that can put them in jail. If they don?t find any holes, they would post the matter to government that we did our job of searching pits, it?s your job now to ensure no more pitfalls. Believe me this would be the best way out.

We are a democracy, that doesn?t mean that we are at par with mobocracy. Our democracy would be as pure/mature/decent our society is. When will we understand this simple fact?

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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