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Ganesha speaks: List of Indian athletes to shine in London Olympics
2012 London Olympics are underway and so far, Indian athletes, save Gagan Narang for his bronze in shooting, have only disappointed the fans. With the help of Ganesha, we are predicting what is coming Indian way. Read on.

LOOKING AT the overall planetary picture, it may be surmised that the Indian sporting squad in London Olympics looks set to perform pretty well, and may bring home medals and glory. If not much, then the medals and performances shall at least match up to the Beijing Olympics, promises Ganesha.

Venus is placed with Saturn in the 11th House of Navmansa chart in India's country chart. This is the signifier of women's team events, and it indicates a splendid performance from women participants, which may bring glory for the country.

Now, let us take a look at the athletes who are in the limelight and from whom people in India expect medals.

MC Mary Kom

She may have to face planetary hurdles, before she achieves  the Olympic glory, feels Ganesha. MC Mary Kom is the only Indian female boxer to qualify for Boxing category in the London Olympics.

On looking at her natal chart, it can be ascertained that she has her natal Moon placed in the Earth Sign Virgo. Mars is aspecting the natal Moon. Note that Mars in this placement is strong by exchange with Jupiter. Mars is the planet that rules the athletic endeavours like Boxing. The red-warrior planet Mars conjunct with the exalted Venus in Mary's natal chart shows that she possesses an extraordinary talent as a woman Boxer.

However, despite the apparent positive chances, Mary's path may turn out to be more difficult than expected. There are chances that she may lose her concentration, specifically during the middle of the tournament. Her performance in the Quarter-finals will be crucial to her success, and it will decide her fate. While a favourable transit of Jupiter looks set to help her, the transiting Moon would demand anger management on her part. If she survives this crucial phase, she would easily be able to leave the others behind, and may win a medal for India.

Abhinav Bindra

To let credence to our predictions, let us bring what ganesha had predicted about Abhinav Bindra, who failed at the qualifying level at the Olympics. During the London Olympics, the transiting Jupiter and Venus in Taurus will be in Trine with Mercury, Venus, Sun and Saturn. It will make him capable enough to handle any kind of adverse situations. But, the transiting Saturn in Virgo may cause few problems for the champion.

Also, the transiting Moon on the event date doesn't look set to be very favourable for Abhinav Bindra's endeavours. Some disruptions may shift his focus or some constraints may hamper his progress, foresees Ganesha.

Lack of focus at such a crucial moment may lead to problems, and as a result, Bindra might not be able to achieve the desired results. He may not be able to live up to his standards. To sum it up, Ganesha feels that Bindra may end up missing the target, and may not be able to repeat the history.

Vikas Krishan

Well, Ganesha does see a hope for Vikas Krishnan Yadav, and sees him as India's best bet in Olympics this time. Vikas Yadav, a boxer from Haryana, India, had won a gold medal in the 2010 Asian Games. Ganesha peers at his Kundali to find more.

He has four planets posited in the Earth Sign Capricorn. The Earth Signs are the toughest, and are considered as the best for Boxing. This also indicates that Vikas is a person, who willing to slog it out, work hard and improve his skills. It should be noted that the best fighters from across the world, including the great Muhammed Ali, Foreman, Hopkins, all belong to the Zodiac Sign  Capricorn. Plenty of Earth element in Vikas' chart is, thus, a good indication. This is also indicative of the fact that he has been blessed with the potential and stamina to deal with pressure that comes attached with an aggressive sport, and would be willing to go all out to secure an Olympic medal.

Mars is the planet of aggression, war, and battle, and is very significant for a sport like BOXING. Vikas has an exalted Vargottama Mars in the Earth Sign Capricorn. The strong Mars is a boon for a professional boxer. It shall bring him great physical prowess, energy and aggressiveness, as well as quick retaliation ability. The strong Saturn conjunct Mars makes him pragmatic and unemotional, and this should help him guard his energy reserves and prevent recklessness. It is likely that he is a person who is not excited or rattled easily.

The transiting Saturn will change the Sign, travelling through Libra from 5th August 2012. It (Saturn) will aspect Vikas' natal Moon, and shall form a Square aspect with the trio of Sun-Mars-Saturn. This indicates that Vikas' skills, experience and potential will be tested in the Quarter-finals. However, the transiting Mars and Jupiter will continue to act in his favour throughout the tournament. So, there are strong chances that he may be able to secure a medal for India - maybe not a Gold or Silver, but at least a Bronze!

Saina Nehwal

Indian badminton sensation, Saina Nehwal, will put her training, hard work, patience and talents to the test at the London Olympics 2012, her second appearance at the prestigious International Tournament. But, the question is whether she will be able to beat the best, and come out the tops this time around.

In Saina Nehwal's natal chart the Atmakaraka Saturn is placed Vargottama with Jupiter in the Karakamsa Kundali. This rare combination forms an extraordinary Rajayoga. Mars is exalted, and if we apply Karakamsa in Navmansa chart, it can be observed that the strong Mars is placed in the 5th House. Powerful Mars is always a boon for the sports-persons. The planetary position makes her aggressive, determined, and gives her the strength to stand against odds. It denotes the capacity to conquer over the rivals. This is a fitting picture of someone who has been successful in his/ her field right from a young age.

There are three planets in the zodiac sign Capricorn in Saina's chart including Mars and Rahu. The transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Capricorn during the upcoming London Olympics 2012. The strong influence of the zodiac sign Capricorn will make her resourceful, determined, methodical, tough and persistent.

The transiting Mars forms a Trine with the Natal Mars. This will give Saina the practical ability allied with the drive to get a medal for India. Since Saina is an organised person, she will be able to work on several aspects of her game simultaneously with all the skills at her command, coupled with her determination and conviction. Ganesha feels that she is set to reach the quarter finals at the London Olympics 2012. As the transiting Sun and Rahu are not in her favour, she might find it difficult to face stiff challenges during the important stages of the tournament. The gold metal looks set to be a difficult target for her to achieve. However, with her focus on victory, she may be able to bring at least the bronze medal.

Sushil Kumar

The pride of India, wrestler Sushil Kumar, is all set to woo many with his strength and determination at the 2012 Olympic Games. The expectations are huge, and his past performances have only strengthened people's belief in him.

The Indian flag bearer at the coveted London Olympics 2012, Sushil Kumar, has a strong Mars placed in the Earth sign Taurus with the Sun in his Natal chart. This indicates that he is very efficient, strong, powerful and not too emotional. The Moon is placed in the other fixed sign Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Moon conjuncts Jupiter and is aspected by the strong Mars, which endows him with intuition, stamina, courage, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. He is passionate, and will march ahead to achieve his dreams and goals. Also, he will get support from the transiting Jupiter in Taurus during the Olympics 2012.

The planetary configuration is revealing his vulnerability. His emotions, energy and reflexes will not match his potential. Although stars don't completely strike him off the medal race, securing a medal still will be an uphill task. Ganesha feels that Sushil Kumar will have to go through arduous labour to win the Olympic medal again.

Vijender Singh

This time around, the burden of expectations is obviously heavier than that it had been in 2008, when the ace-boxer Vijeneder Singh, a virtual new-comer then, had won an Olympics Bronze Medal at Beijing.

Vijender Singh has Mars placed in the Earth Sign Virgo in his Natal chart. Mars is strong by an exchange with Mercury. This indicates that he is an extremely talented and aggressive player with a definite goal to improve his performance.

The Moon is placed in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, and is also aspected by Mars. This planetary position bestows him with great reflexes, spectacular physical power, energy and aggressiveness. The strong Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio indicates his never-say-die approach. He may finish the job he had started at the Beijing Olympics, in 2008, at the London Olympics 2012.

However, stars also indicate that things may not be as simple and clear. The transiting Saturn and Mars will be moving over the Natal Mars till 5th August. Also, the transiting Jupiter will be in his favour. Therefore, he may be able to perform well till 5th August. But, the transiting Saturn may cause a few problems for him from 5th August onwards. Adding to this will be the transiting Rahu and its conjunction with his Natal Saturn, which will act against Singh's cause. He may feel awkward, insecure and self-conscious, and consequently less committed. This may also effect his spontaneity.

It also indicates that he will need to put his skills, past experience and qualities to the best possible use. Also, that he will have to get his act together in order to remain in the medal race. Conditions may remain difficult for him, during the latter part of the Olympics tournament. To sum it up, Ganesha feels that Vijender Singh will have to fight hard to win a medal at the Olympics.

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