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Political Play
CA Dr Sunil Gupta
Gen X - Are you prepared for Elections 2014? 21 March, 2014
There are approximately 1,00,000 first-time voters in every constituency- Shouldn’t political parties rethink their agendas? Uniting together of young faces over the issues of ‘Jan Lokpal’ and ‘Justice for Nirbhaya’ is an alarming state for the political family. Definitely, the digitally advanced and vibrant Indian youth aspires for all-inclusive participation and development. Security and employment are the expectations, which have superseded the demands of reservation and packages.

So, are the young blood prepared to mark a sturdy presence in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls? Though, many political leaders are paying extensive heed to this class of voters, their aspirations are rarely being noticed. The Government did not seem to be focused towards the implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill. Reforms in the Women Security measures could not bring any visible differences in the number of rapes and attacks in the country. Flying shoes, slaps, and showers of ink – Are the youths of the country protesting in an imprecise manner?

600 million young faces can surely bring in a change. The nation, which has witnessed religions and castes as the source of fetching support, now demands for what we can call ‘Unbiased prosperity’. The youth of India must realize that they can influence and shape the political environment of the nation by being vigilant and participative.

Participation in polls is definitely a necessity, however social and political awareness cannot be overlooked. Prior to deciding whom to vote, answer to the question ‘Why to vote for him/her?’ must be looked. Newspapers and TV channels are flooded with advertisements reflecting the contributions of distinct political parties in the development of society. These luring ads are sure to impress you.

However, analyzing and measuring the actual contribution is your task. Rather than being influenced by the projected development modules, the youth must endeavour to rate the candidates on the basis of their political capital. Internet and social media have brought in the ease of uncovering the actual facts and thus concluding to a wiser assessment.

The candidates and political parties must, on the other hand, focus on utilizing the young blood for the betterment of social, economic, and political environment of the nation. These youngsters are self-motivated, aware, and enthusiastic to build an enhanced tomorrow. Rather than luring particular castes/ religions with biased favors and schemes, candidates must look forward to capitalizing on the vibrant young blood.

For youngsters, awareness is the key in forming a developed nation. The diversity of India should in no way act as a hindrance in growth. The youth must seek reforms that can promise educational and infrastructural advancement, self-dependency, security, and mutual prosperity.

Voters, you must know the candidate you are voting for, and find answers to the questions, ‘What reforms are you expecting?’, ‘What differences can your vote bring in?’, and above all, ‘How will the nation benefit with your participation?'

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
About The Author
A Chartered Accountant by profession and Director on the board of Punjab National Bank (PNB), General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) and Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC). Dr. Sunil Gupta is working flawlessly for the economic and social prosperity of India. His Linkedin and twitter handles are @cadrsunilgupta. Facebook page is CADrSunil.
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hemen parekh
Myopia Magnified !It seems Election Commission ( EC ) has issued a notification , banning advertisements by political parties on " Social Media " websites such as Wikipedia / Twitter / YouTube / Facebook and online Apps ( mobile too ? )With a proviso that the political parties may do so , after getting for their ads , a " pre-certification " from competent authoritiesBut what about content ( camouflaged ads ? ) posted on internet by general public ?EC is in consultation with the Ministry of Communication and Technology , on practical ways to deal with such postsWhoa !What a gumption to dare monitor a trillion daily posts on a billion web sites !Apparently , neither EC nor the Ministry , seem to have heard about the,INTERNET OF THINGSUnder upcoming internet protocol ( IP V 6.0 ) , each grain of sand on approx 100 earth-sized planets , would have its own unique IP address !That would be billions of IP addresses for each human being on our Earth !Come 2019 Lok Sabha elections , Congress / BJP / AAP and umpteen other political parties would be delivering their election campaign advertisements ( or donation requests ) , on our ,* Toothbrushes / Nail-cutters / Wrist-watches / Table cloth / Kitchen wall etcIncluding on plastic lenses in our eyes ! And , of course , Google glasses !Unless , EC bans use of these items by us , Indians !40 years ago , in his seminal essay , " Marketing Myopia " , author Theodore Levitt wrote ," If you don't make yourself obsolete , someone else will "May be EC need some advice from our very own Prof Jhunjhunwala , who has succeeded in delivering internet through each and every , humble domestic electric socket ! Watch out , Internet Service Providers !It seems to me , EC is headed for the " Internet Cloud " ! No doubt , against its will !If a tiny country like ESTONIA ( population = 1.6 million ) can elect its entire parliament ( may be 20 persons ! ) , ONLINE , without a single physical booth , why can't we ?The pessimists among us , will argue :" It can't be done when you have 814 million voters "It is this kind of people who are obstacles to India's progress !Left to do their thing , they will take India back to 18th Century !I urge , Pitrodas and Nilekanis of beloved India , to muster courage and tell EC ," Sir , internet is unstoppable / un-controllable Don't even try ! "* hemen parekh ( 20 March 2014 / Mumbai )
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